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Commerce Field Nowadays

Updated on June 27, 2011

Aspire For More

Being a commerce student myself, I know its true value. But as it is, in my whole school, there were 38 bio students and only 10 commerce students. I want to tell the world the value of commerce stream through this article.

Firstly, I want to tell that, many people have naturally creative nature, very good spoken skills usually opt for bio, but they are denying themselves a great advantage. Commerce should be understood, but more importantly, commerce is an ever evolving field, unlike science, there are no inventions in commerce group, there are only discoveries, knowing and explaining and giving value to a common practice which already existed. So in commerce, creativity is needed a lot.

We cannot run our nation without it, you can't even run a household or your personal finance without it. Why settle for already been tread by many, why walk on the beaten track, make your own destiny with commerce.

As everyone, wants to be a doctor or an engineer or run to some professional course like that, only the toppers in that field have any chance at survival. Commerce is a forgiving field, you don't need too much self denial or torture, you can be calm and creative in commerce and reap the best out of it. We need bankers, we need young clerks, we need probationary officers, why don't you be that. Just stay focused, and you will win the world with your patience and trust in commerce.


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