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Commercial Restroom Cleaning Procedure- Detailed

Updated on November 6, 2010

Restroom Cleaning Procedure-Detailed

How to clean restrooms-Detailed using green cleaning methods

Note: Always wear gloves for protection.

Use safety glasses if handling strong chemicals.

Wear dust mask if you are sensitive to dust or strong scent of cleaning solutions.

Normally you would work from high places downwards.

Use separate microfiber towels or rags- if you have a designated color for restroom cleaning only- use this color only.

Monthly or as needed:

1: Dust or vacuum (use HEPA vacuums, if you have it) edges, corners, high places, light fixtures, other dispensers (deodorizers or other dispensers) on high walls, etc. Vacuum the air vent. Clean the fans. Clean the windows, if needed. Clean the walls-dusting and removing cobwebs. If the wall needs scrub cleaning, the entire wall must be cleaned. If you need a spot cleaning, make sure that your cleaned spot will not leave clean area marks.

Do not touch water sprinkler system (Only remove cobwebs carefully).

Painted walls: For light cleaning- use duster and dust off the walls, corners and edges and remove any cobwebs. If it needs spot cleaning of finger smudges or other spotted areas, use green all purpose cleaner. Spray the area and gently scrub with either magic eraser or microfiber cloth. If needs extra scrubbing, use either walnut or white color pads. If that doesn’t work, the last choice would be the green* scrubbing pad. *Caution: do not rub too hard. Make sure that it will not damage the surface.

Ceramic walls: Same procedure as listed for painted walls. Ceramic tiles are polished stones so extra care is needed in wiping clean to avoid any streaks. First clean the surface with damp wipe with very lightly diluted cleaning solution and use clean microfiber towels to dry off the surface.

Check the shine reflected on the walls with the light to see if any streaks need to be removed.

Dust the tops of wall dividers or damp wipe as needed. If the wall dividers need cleaning, damp wipe with disinfectant cleaner.

Note: Always test a small area first before going full blast with any cleaning procedure and using cleaning solutions that are new to you.


2: Refill all papers and liners, soaps, etc. Tissue, hand towels, seat covers, sani-naps, hand soaps, sanitizers, etc.

Empty all trash cans and reline them. If the trash bins are dirty, clean it both inside and outside.


3: Spray disinfectant cleaner over the following areas and let it sit for 7 to 10 minutes for full disinfecting process.

Note: Manufacturers recommend 7 to 10 minutes to completely kill all germs.

Sinks, counter tops, toilets-top of the faucet to all the way down by the base area.

Urinals- top of the faucet to all the way down by the base area, wall and wall divider facing the urinals up to 3’ up from the floor. Pay attention to the base of the urinal.


4: Spray the following items with Green Neutral disinfectant all dispensers and wipe with clean towels.

Soap dispensers-wall mounted ones, sanitizers dispensers, tissue dispensers (if tissue is exposed, do not spray directly over the dispenser. Spray disinfectant on to a clean towel and wipe down), sani-nap dispenser, towel dispensers, other dispensers in the restrooms.

Use another clean rag or microfiber towel and spray disinfectant cleaner on to the towel and wipe off all door handles, handle bars, other items that are regularly touched by people daily.

Note: If any faucets, metal handle bars, other metal dispensers are tarnishing, you can scrub it down with metal cleanser (metal cream cleanser) with either white pad or walnut pad first. After scrubbed clean, then polish with stainless steel or metal polisher (either aerosol cans or clear liquid polisher in quart or gallon bottles). Wet the towel and polish the cleaned metal pieces.

** Do not spray oil based aerosol metal polisher at a distance from the towel.

Put the spray tip head deep into the towel to make sure that nothing escapes and falls to the floor. Some chemicals could fall to the ground and it can be very slippery.

Check under the wall of hand soap dispensers and hand towel dispensers to make sure that there are no drip marks of water or soap. Clean it on a daily basis.


5: Clean all glasses and mirrors with green glass cleaner.


6: Go back to these following items that you have sprayed with disinfectant cleaner and clean first and wipe off or rinse off.

Sinks: Does it need scrub clean? If disinfectant has dried off, spray lightly again and agitate the sink with white or walnut pad. If it needs little bit more scrubbing, use creamy cleanser and scrub with white or walnut pad and rinse off with clean water.

This applies to the faucets and counter tops.

If the disinfectant has dried, spray lightly again and wipe the faucets, counter tops, soap dispensers on the counter tops, with a clean microfiber towel.

Note: If the towel is decently clean, you may use them one more time for initial wiping of urinals and toilets.

** Do not use the towels that you have used for wiping off the urinals and toilets first.

Toilets and urinals, walls and wall dividers around urinals up to 3 feet from the floor:

Walls and wall dividers facing urinals up to 3 feet from the floor should be cleaned daily.

If it needs scrubbing, use white or walnut pad and gently scrub and wipe off with microfiber towel. Do not use the towels again for other areas.

If disinfectant has dried off the toilet, spray lightly again. Spray little extra into the bowl inside and scrub with bowl swap or brush.

First, wipe the seat covers with a clean towel.

Then wipe the bowl rim with tissue to remove any matters on the rim and toss into the bowl and flush.

If you need a little bit of scrubbing, use cream cleanser and scrub with bowl swap or brush and flush.

If you have any hard water stains or toilet ring, use mild acid product to remove hard water stains.

First, shove the water with a cotton bowl swap several times to lower the water level. You can also lower the water level by pouring a bucket of water into the bowl quickly. You can also use a siphoning tool to suck up the water out of the bowl.

If the stains are heavy, you may need to use other tools to remove these first.

Your options are green pads or pumice stones. Use them carefully so as to not to scratch the surface.

Use clean microfiber towels to wipe off the surface. Pay attention to details of the base of the toilet bowl, corners, edges of the toilet and urinals. Do initial wipe and use another clean towel to do a final wipe.

** Do not use any used microfiber towels or rags for toilets and urinals for other parts of restroom cleaning. Once you used them, it should be in the dirty rag bags for laundry.

Use separate microfiber towel- if you have a designated color for restroom cleaning, use this color only.


7: Check to make sure everything is done ok before the next step.

Sweep the floor or vacuum the floor if it is not wet. If the floor is wet, you may use a dry/wet vacuum for this.

You should have a separate brush attachment for restroom cleaning. Do not use the same brush for vacuuming other areas of the offices, rooms, hallways, etc.

(If you don’t have a separate brush, disinfect the brush and rinse in the clean water and use it after it is dried).

Make sure to catch the corners and edges behind the doors.

Check one more time to make sure everything is done before the next final step.

Pour green disinfectant cleaner into a mop bucket and mop the floor and walk out.

** Do not use the same water and mop head for restroom cleaning for other areas.

You must have a separate mop head for restroom cleaning only.


8: Turn the lights off if necessary.

Weekly, monthly or as needed:

Floor should be scrubbed with floor buffer to remove built up dirt and grimes.

Use a brush attachment, if the floor is ceramic tiles.

Rinse clean after scrubbing.

Helpful video instructions website address

(How to remove hard water stains in the toilet and urinals)

(How to clean and polish metals in the restrooms)

For more commercial cleaning instructions and cleaning bid calculator software, please visit us at:


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