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Common Uses for Ultrasound Doppler Devices

Updated on August 29, 2014

Other Applications of Ultrasound Technology

Ultrasound can also be used therapeutically, to break up gallstones, kidney stones, and scar tissue. Similarly, ultrasound can provide much relief for persons suffering from sports injuries, and physical therapists ultrasound technology to break down scar tissue that has formed after an injury.

Ultrasound technology is also great for creating accurate representation of anatomy of a three-dimensional region, more specifically, in detection of cancerous cells. Since it makes it easy to measure he stiffness of tissue, or the anatomy of a three-dimensional region, ultrasound is widely used throughout the medical community.

What are Ultrasound Devices Used for?

Ultrasound-based diagnostic imaging or in technical terms, diagnostic sonography (ultrasonography) is a technology commonly used for creating images of internal body structures such as vessels, tendons, muscles, and joints. Most often ultrasound devices can help diagnose issues with organs including pathology or lesions and play an integral role in examining pregnant women.

All kinds of images can be generated using diagnostic sonography. B-mode images are the most common use for ultrasound devices. A B-mode image creates a two-dimensional cross-section of the tissue being examined. Other types of images can visualize internal blood flow, tissue growth over time, and the presence of specific molecules.

Example of Doppler Ultrasound for Medical Diagnostics

The 10-minute video below shows how doppler technology can be used to understand what is happening on internal parts of the body.

The medical practitioner in the video explains doppler images from a patient's abdomen.

Watching the video will give you a much better understanding of how the technology works and allow you to see what opportunities for understanding the internal organs of the body, especially the vascular system, have been made possible to view and understand because of Doppler technology.

Ultrasound Examination of the Abdomen

Different Types of Ultrasound Devices and Diagnosis

Most diagnostic ultrasound procedures are performed with a transducer placed directly on the skin. On other occasions, Doctors and technicians achieve a better diagnostic image by inserting a special transducer into one of the body's natural openings:

  • A transvaginal ultrasound requires the transducer wand to be placed directly into a woman’s vagina in order to generate images of her uterus and ovaries.
  • For men, a transrectal ultrasound can be used to diagnose prostate conditions.
  • A transesophageal echocardiogram places the transducer probe into the esophagus to obtain clearer images of the heart.

Additionally, ultrasound technology has been developed to aid many different types of imaging:

  • Ultrasound dopplers are a special type of device which creates images of blood flow through vessels.
  • Doctors can diagnose osteoporosis via bone sonography techniques
  • Echocardiograms are used to image the heart.
  • Modern uses of technology have allowed Dr.'s to create three-dimensional interpretations rather than the flat two-dimensional images that are common among traditional ultrasound
  • Even more advanced are the 4D ultrasounds, which show 3D images in motion.

Ultrasound Devices for Home and Hospital Use

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LifeDop L250 uses Doppler technology to examine fetal heartbeats and blood-related conditions.
LifeDop L250 uses Doppler technology to examine fetal heartbeats and blood-related conditions.
LifeDop L250 uses Doppler technology to examine fetal heartbeats and blood-related conditions. | Source


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