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Communication is the ONLY medium in which you can have something disappear

Updated on June 17, 2009

Yes. He IS Batman

ready or not... here he comes
ready or not... here he comes

Written March 30, 2008

How many times have you told somebody that they can´t do something because of your own experience or story about that thing?

How many times have you talked yourself -out of something you wanted to do- that others told you that you couldn't do? (because their reasons seemed "logical" or they have "more experience")

People believe you when you tell them they aren't good enough, more times than not. Have you ever considered the impact you have on the other person? How about the impact on the world?

What if someone told Dali, or Diego Rivera that they couldn´t make money selling their art and they believed it..

or better yet, what if someone told Mother Teresa that she couldn't make a difference [and they did] and she believed it? She touched and impacted so many lives world wide. How do you know that who you are talking to isn't the one person that is meant to be doing the very thing you just convinced them they couldn't do?

Are you really willing to take that from the world?

Are you willing to continue being the person that kills off aliveness in others?

I invite you to listen to people like you've never listened before. No matter how unrealistic or ridiculous something may seem to you... They could be the one person in the world that is meant to do it. Don´t dis-empower people. You have no idea who you are talking to.


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