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Community Assessment Sample Part 1/3 Spokane Washington

Updated on January 29, 2020
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Sheila is a Registered Nurse with her Bachelors Degree in Science. She is currently working from home as a Nurse Consultant.

The Assignment

Attention Nursing Students!

The writing of a Community Assessment was one of the major assignments given to me as a BSN Nursing student. I thought this might be helpful to share with others who need an idea of where to start and how to assimilate a Community Assessment. The entire assignment is 8000 words long , therefore, I have broken it down into 3 sections. I hope you find it helpful.

Spokane Washington
Spokane Washington | Source

The Beginning of the Community Assessment

Table of Contents

1. People

1.1. Location and History

1.2. Vital and Demographic Statistics

1.2.1. Population Density

1.2.2. Population Composition

1.2.3. Population Characteristics

1.2.4. Mortality Characteristics

1.2.5. Morbidity Characteristics

1.3. Values Beliefs and Religious Practices

2. Physical Environment

2.1. Physical Elements

2.1.1. Natural Resources

2.1.2. Housing and Zoning

2.1.3. Open Spaces and Parks

2.1.4. Boundaries

2.1.5. Common Areas- Hang Outs

2.1.6. Shopping Areas

2.1.7. Churches - Places of Worship

2.2. Environmental Inspection of Logan Elementary School

2.2.1. Grounds, Walks, and Entrances

2.2.2. Building/Corridors

2.2.3. Classrooms

2.2.4. Restrooms

2.2.5. Kitchen/Student Lunchroom

2.2.6. Boiler/Air Conditioner Room

2.2.7. Custodial Service/Supply Room

3. Systems

3.1. Health and Social Services

3.1.1. Hospital

3.1.2. General Practice Private Care Providers and Specialty Providers

3.1.3. Public Health Services

3.1.4. Home Health Agencies

3.1.5. Long Term, Extended Care and Continuing Care Facilities

3.1.6. Special Services for Specific Groups

3.1.7. Pharmacies

3.1.8. Social Services Facilities

3.1.9. Mental Health Services

3.1.10. Health Education

3.2. Economics

3.2.1. Financial Characteristics of Households

3.2.2. Business/Industries

3.2.3. Labor Force

3.2.4. Major banks, Savings & Loans, Credit Unions

3.3. Safety & Transportation

3.3.1. Fire & Police Protection

3.3.2. Sanitation

3.3.3. Air Quality

3.3.4. Private and Public Transportation Services

3.3.5. Roads

3.3.6. Air and Railway Services

3.4. Politics & Government

3.4.1. Type of Government

3.4.2. Elected Officials - Location of Offices

3.4.3. Community Leaders

3.4.4. Politically Active Community Organizations

3.5. Communication

3.5.1. Formal

3.5.2. Informal

3.6. Education

3.6.1. Educational Status

3.6.2. Educational Sources

3.6.3. Educational Services for Specific Populations

3.6.4. Programs for Special Populations

3.7. Recreation

3.7.1. Public and Private Facilities

3.7.2. Entertainment and Cultural Events

3.7.3. Recreational/Leisure Activities

3.7.4. Programs for Special Populations

4. Strengths

5. Prioritized Nursing Diagnoses

6. Planning and Interventions

7. Evaluation/Reassessment


A. Morbidity and Mortality Statistics

B. Map of Boundaries

C. Logan Elementary School Assessment

D. Hospitals and Public Health Services

E. Public Transportation Schedule for Logan Neighborhood

The Logan Neighborhood and Logan Elementary School, in particular have a lot of sentimental strings firmly attached to my heart. As a child I lived in this neighborhood, attended Logan Elementary, and made a lot of great memories with my childhood friends. Coming from a family wrapped up in the poverty cycle was difficult but with the mentorship of a wonderful school nurse I was able to see a brighter future. The positive things Mrs. Martin, the school nurse at Logan some thirty years ago, did for me left a life long impression on my soul. I am now the school nurse at Logan and I can only hope to help these students half as much as she helped me. God Bless you Mrs. Martin wherever you are.

1. People

1.1. Location and History - based on the 99207 zip code area.

Logan Elementary School 1001 East Montgomery Ave. Spokane, Washington, 99207. The original school was constructed in 1889 and at that time it was one of the largest buildings in the Spokane area. The current school was built in 1993 with a student capacity of 600. The Logan neighborhood is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Spokane Washington. Many of the homes surrounding the school are run down and neglected. Many of the students who attend Logan Elementary School live in these homes. (Spokane Public Schools, 2006)

1.2. Vital and Demographic Statistics

1.2.1. Population Density

There are 487 students currently enrolled at Logan Elementary School according to Sheri Charbonneau secretary at Logan. According to the 2000 U.S. census data there are 38565 people living in the 99207 zip code area. (Sheri Charbonneau, Logan Secretary, 2006)

1.2.2. Population Composition

The following information is from the 2000- U.S. census data for 99207 zip code: Residents identified as White, 33,623 or 87.2%, residents identified as Black, 980 or 2.5%, residents identified as American Indian, 991 or 2.6%, residents identified as Asian, 885 or 2.3%, residents identified as Native Hawaiian, 71 or 0.2%, and residents identified as Other race, 374, or 1.0%.

1.2.3. Population Characteristics

According to the 2000 - U.S. census data, the family characteristics of the 99207 zip code area are as follows. There are 4,814 males who have never been married, 6,444 males who are presently married, 5,884 with their spouse present, 560 with their spouse absent, 277 are separated from their spouse, 357 are widowed, and 2,204 are divorced. There are 4,111 females who have never been married, 6,578 females who are presently married, 5,817 with their spouse present, 761 with their spouse absent, 543 are separated from their spouse, 2,025 are widowed, and 3,043 are divorced. (U.S. Census, 2000)

1.2.4. Mortality Characteristics

In 2004 per the Washington State Vital Statistics report there were a total of 37 infant deaths reported for Spokane County. Rates are based on 1,000 live births and infant is considered less than one year old at time of death. The causes of infant death are broken down into the following categories:

· Maternal Factors = 7 deaths

· Hypoxia & Respiratory conditions = 1 death

· Other Perinatal conditions = 10 deaths

· Congenital Malformations = 8 deaths

· Sudden Infant Death Syndrome = 5

· External Causes = 3

· All Other Causes = 3

Maternal death information is only available on the state level. There were 22 maternal deaths in 2004 for the state of Washington.

(Washington State Department of Health, 2006)

Leading causes of death for Spokane County are as follows:

· Heart Disease - 24%

· Cancer - 24%

· Stroke - 8%

· COPD - 7%

· Unintentional Injury - 5%

· Alzheimer’s - 4%

· Diabetes - 3%

· Suicide - 2%

· All Other Causes - 23%

(Spokane Regional Health District, 2006)

1.2.5. Morbidity Characteristics

According to the Spokane regional Health District the number of reported cases of AIDS for August 2006 in Spokane County was 3 as compared to 12 cases in August of 2005. The following diseases were reported to the Health district for Spokane County for the month of August 2006:

· Campylobacteriosis = 9

· Chlamydial STD = 85

· Giardiasis = 6

· Gonorrhea = 6

· Hepatitis A = 0

· Hepatitis B (acute) = 1 (chronic) = 5

· Hepatitis C (acute & chronic) = 462

· Salmonellosis = 3

· Tuberculosis = 2

There were no reported cases of Rubeola, Mumps, Pertussis, Rubella, or Syphilis for this time period.

(Spokane Regional Health District 2006)

Spokane Washington has an unusually high incidence of Multiple Sclerosis. (See fact sheet - Appendix)

More information on childhood illness in Spokane County can be found in the Appendix.

Many of the students at Logan Elementary School are infested with Head Lice throughout the school year. The treatment is not always readily available for those with low income. The health room attendants tend to be callous and indiscreet when examining students for Head Lice, often leading to embarrassment for the student.

(Lorie Luber, School Nurse, Logan, 2006)

1.3. Values Beliefs and Religious Practices

There are several churches in the Logan Neighborhood. The denominations represented in this area include Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, and Nondenominational.

The Fourth Memorial Church is located approximately 8 blocks from Logan Elementary School. Each fall the members of this church raise money for backpacks and school supplies for the students who cannot afford to buy these items. The church and its members also donate funds throughout the year to facilitate roller skating nights and other such events for the students of Logan. (Sheri Charbonneau, Logan Secretary, 2006)

2. Physical Environment

The following information is based on my previous years of living in this community (during early childhood), working in the community for most of my adult years, the windshield assessment, and community and internet resources.

2.1. Physical Elements

2.1.1. Natural Resources

Spokane Washington has a seasonal climate with fairly mild winters and minimal extreme weather conditions at any given time.

(See Appendix). It has been my experience that there is usually a lack of precipitation leading to the threat of wild fires during the summer months.

There is a river running through the middle of Spokane that is easily accessed by those in the Logan Neighborhood. There are more than 15 lakes within a 30 mile drive from the Logan Neighborhood. There is a skiing mountain within 25 miles of the neighborhood. The terrain is very eclectic and has something to offer nearly every individual taste.

2.1.2. Housing and Zoning

According to the Spokane Neighborhood planning services department website - 47% of the houses in the Logan area were built before 1940; another 50% were built between 1941 and 1990. Only 3% of the homes in this area were built after 1990.

The windshield survey reveals that many of the homes that surround Logan Elementary School are modest older homes in need of upkeep and repair but the majority of these appear to be safe and reasonably clean. Most of these homes appear to be built prior to 1950.

Toward the southern portion of this area, near Gonzaga University, there are some beautiful, large, Victorian style homes that are very well maintained with park like yards to compliment the home.

Zoning is a mix of residential and commercial throughout the 99207 area.

(City of Spokane, 2006)

2.1.3. Open Spaces and Parks

There are three neighborhood parks in the area, Witter Park, Heath Park, and Mission Park. There are also two mini parks as they are called; these are Logan Peace Park and Foothills Park.

Mission Park has a swimming pool at one end of the park and play field, picnic areas and restrooms at the other end. The Park itself is 20.12 acres of beautiful flowers, green grass and trees. This park is less than one mile from Logan Elementary School.

(City of Spokane, 2006)

2.1.4. Boundaries

The boundaries of the Logan Neighborhood including the 99207 zip code are as follows. The north boundary is Euclid Avenue, the south boundary is Trent Boulevard, the west boundary is Division Street, and the east boundary is South Riverton Road.

(City of Spokane, 2006)

See map in Appendix

2.1.5. Common Areas - Hang Outs

One of the most frequented hang outs in the Logan Neighborhood is a small locally owned pizza parlor called Pete’s Pizza. It is approximately seven blocks south of Logan Elementary School. The student dorms for Gonzaga University are directly across the street from Pete’s Pizza and students are lined up outside the door at lunch and dinner time. Employees of Logan Elementary school know better than to plan on going to Pete’s for lunch, especially when their lunch time is only 30 minutes long!

2.1.6. Shopping Areas

Five blocks south of Logan Elementary School, on Hamilton Avenue there is a Safeway supermarket that serves the majority of residents in the Logan neighborhood. The next closest supermarket is outside of the Logan neighborhood boundaries and approximately three miles from Logan Elementary School.

There are several convenience store/gas station combinations on Hamilton. They sell gas, newspapers, magazines, and a wide assortment of “junk” food items.

2.1.7. Churches - Places of Worship

There are several churches and places of worship in the 99207 area. They are as follows:

Fourth Memorial Church (non-denominational)

Solid Rock Christian Center (non-denominational)

Faith Baptist Church
Living Hope (non-denominational)

St. Paul Lutheran Church

Mission Community Presbyterian Church

Salvation Army Sunday school

2.2. Environmental Inspection of Logan Elementary School

2.2.1. Grounds, Walks, and Entrances

The front grounds of the school consist of a large parking lot and side walk area. The area is kept clean and free of debris. The parking lot has 46 regular parking slots, 2 handicap slots, 3 visitor slots, and 1 designated slot for the principal. New lines were recently painted in the parking lot and they are offset from the old lines which are still visible, this may lead to confusion for parking guests. The parking lots are blocked off during drop off and pick up times to avoid congestion in the parking lot. There is ample street parking on three sides of the block surrounding the school. The sidewalks are clear, free of cracks and appear level and flat. There are well groomed, low growing shrubs along the walkway.

The remaining grounds are fenced off into one large play area with two smaller, separate play areas for the preschool and kindergarten students. The large play area is free of obvious debris. It contains a large wooden play structure that has wood chips underneath it to protect students if they were to fall. The wood chips are approximately 8 inches deep or more in most places.

The remaining playground area consists of a large grassy play field with a baseball backstop at one end and open grassy area at the other end. There is a section of concrete that has foursquare lines painted on it for those students who enjoy playing foursquare ball games. There are two tether ball posts with no balls on them at this time. There is a gate at the west end of the fence and a locked security coded entrance into the building on the east side of the play grounds.

The play areas for the kindergarten and preschool students are small fenced in grassy areas with animal shaped play sculptures for the students to climb on and use their imaginations. The only way in or out of these two play areas is through the classroom door or over the five foot tall chain link fence. There are no gates on these play ground fences.

The only public and student designated entrance to the school is located on the south side of the building just off of the parking lot. According to the acting Principal Sonia Ault, the reason for one entrance is to maintain a higher level of security for students and staff. This entrance opens into a small lobby area just off of the schools office. The exterior entrance is clean and free of large debris. The corners have dust buildup, the large rubber mats are clean and in good condition. The windows are clean with the exception of a few hand prints here and there. The lighting is adequate although the glass covers have bugs, dust, and other debris in them. The entrance is ground level not requiring stairs.


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