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CompTIA A+ and Network+ Certifications - CompTIA Network+ Certification Cost

Updated on January 24, 2011

CompTIA A+ and Network+ Certifications

CompTIA A+ and Network+ Certifications
CompTIA A+ and Network+ Certifications

CompTIA A+ and Network+ Certifications

CompTIA A+ and Network+ Certifications
CompTIA A+ and Network+ Certifications

CompTIA A+ and Network+ Certifications

CompTIA A+ and Network+ Certifications
CompTIA A+ and Network+ Certifications

CompTIA A+ and Network+ Certifications

CompTIA A+ and Network+ Certifications
CompTIA A+ and Network+ Certifications

CompTIA A+ and Network+ Certifications

Getting a job in the technology sector requires determination and persistence. The hardest thing to do is get your foot in the door. There's essesntially two ways to do this--have an extensive computer background that covers all the different computer technological areas, or have an extensive background in computer technology. Did I repeat myself?

Yes, it is true that having experience will get your foot in the door, but having your CompTIA A+ and Network+ certifications helps a lot also. You can usually find a job with an A+ certification, and you may be able to land a slightly better job with a Network+ certification, but the kind of jobs you may find are the help desk type jobs. Your ambitions will probably run higher than this type of job very quickly.

The Network+ certification test is difficult, to be sure. It's much easier if you study for the A+ test first. Even if you don't take the A+ exam, and go straight into Network+, there's a lot of material you should know before attempting the Network+ exam.

I highly recommend you find a friend or school that will offer some type of instruction, so that when concepts come up that ellude you, you can ask them to help you out.

Read the book first before taking the A+ or Network+ classes. If you do this, you will have accomplished at least two things: First, you will give the instructor a run for their money (not that you want to make their job any harder than it already is, but they appreciate someone who can ask well-informed questions). Second, you'll have a good understanding of the material so that you are not wasting your time.

Network+ certification jobs salaries are in the $30,000-40,0000 range in the United States. A+ salaries are in the low $20,000-$28,000 range, depending on that elusive experience. Once you land the job, however, the company will usually pay for further training. They want to know that you are "certifiable", in that you are trainable and have the mental capacity to pass an exam.

You can get Network+ certification textbook answers and training videos from a number of sites, most of which are free. Please do not use, and I am in no way advocating brain dumps, as they do no one any good. If you get certified via a brain dump, and you manage to land a job, they will quickly find out that you don't know anything, and promptly boot you out. Usually, however, recruiters and hiring managers will require you to take their own tests, which will weed you out. Do not take the certification process lightly. Always try to have someone help to explain how the topics relate to the real world.

What Is The Cost To Do The CompTIA+?

The cost to do the CompTIA A+ or Network+ exams differs, because there's two tests for the A+ certification, and only one for the Network+. The CompTIA A+ exams costs around $173 each, or around $350 for both. The CompTIA Network+ exam costs around $246.

Don't forget, just by taking one A+ exam will not get you the certificate that you want or need to land that coveted computer technician job. You may well have the knowledge, but to demonstrate your proficiency, you need that certificate. You need to take two A+ exams, one is called "A+ Essentials", and the other is called "A+ Practical Application". The first exam, "A+ Essentials", focuses on hardware identification and general technological understanding. "A+ Practical Application" focuses on troubleshooting and applying the knowledge learned in a practical (real) situation.

The A+ exam covers a wide array of information. Little of the content is difficult to understand, it's mostly just a lot to learn. Some of the more difficult concepts, actually, are the steps taken when troubleshooting a customer's problem or issue, including your demeanor and how you respond to the customer. Fortunately, this is usually covered in any book that you study.

Network+ Certification Practice Test

Network+ Certification Textbook Answers
Network+ Certification Textbook Answers

Recommended A+ and Network+ Books by Michael Meyers

Do You Need a Job First Before You Do the CompTIA A+?

So, do you need a job first before you do the compTIA A+? Absolutely not! Matter of fact, that's how most people land their first job in IT--they get their CompTIA A+ certification, then they climb the ladder to success. Don't stop at your A+ certification, however. Keep getting other certifications until you land the job that you really want.

The thing with certifications is that you want someone else to pay for them. Unfortunately, you need a job first, and then you need a job that's willing to pay for your continued education. Hopefully you get a job that's willing to help you succeed in your career, and is willing to help you grow with the company.

How To Include Certifications on Resume

Certifications are very important for getting your foot in the door of a technology firm, or any company that needs a computer technician.

Put your certification(s) in a separate section of your resume. Some people add color pictures of their certification logos to help the resume stand out.

Just because an exam has expired, doesn't mean you have to take it off your resume. You may want to indicate that it's expired, but the fact that you were once certified in an area shows that you had what it took to pass the exam years ago.


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