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A Comparative Review of Apple v/s Sumsung

Updated on June 23, 2022
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Nyamweya is a global researcher with many years of experience on practical research on a diversity of topics


Apple Inc. is an American multinational enterprise that outlines and makes purchaser hardware and PC programming items. The company produced popular consumer electronic items including Macintosh PCs, the iphone and the iPad. Apple programming incorporates the Mac OS X working framework, the iTunes media program, the iLife suite of sight and sound and inventiveness programming, the iWork suite of profitability programming, Final Cut Studio, a suite of expert sound and film-industry programming items, and Logic Studio, a suite of sound devices. The company established in Cupertino, California on April 1, 1976 and consolidated January 3, 1977, the organization was called Apple Computer, Inc. for its initial 30 years, however dropped "PC" on January 9, 2007 to mirror the organization's progressing venture into the customer hardware market not withstanding its conventional spotlight on PCs.

The organization works more than 250 retail locations in nine nations and an online store where equipment and programming items are sold.

Whereas Samsung Electronics was made in 1969 as a division of the mammoth Korean chaebol Samsung Group. The unit was built up as a method for getting Samsung into the blossoming TV and marketing gadgets industry. The division's first item was a little and straightforward high contrast TV that it started offering in the mid 1970s. From that item, Samsung Electronics step by step added to an assorted line of shopper gadgets that it first sold locally, and later started sending out. The organization likewise started fanning out into shading TVs, and later into an assortment of purchaser gadgets and apparatuses. By the 1980s, Samsung was assembling, transporting, and offering an extensive variety of machines and electronic items all through the world.

Despite the fact that the quick development of Samsung Electronics during the 1970s and mid 1980s was noteworthy, it didn't surprise the consumers who were with the Samsung Group, which was established in 1938 by Byung-Chull Lee, an observed Korean business visionary. Lee began a little trading organization with a $2,000 savings and 40 workers. He called it Samsung, which signifies 'three stars' in Korean. The organization appreciated moderate development before the Communist intrusion in 1950 constrained Lee to renounce his operations in Seoul. Plundering warriors and legislators on both sides of the contention decreased his inventories to nothing. With investment funds contributed by one of his supervisors, Lee began once again in 1951 and inside of one year had developed his organization's advantages 20-fold

Product Line


  • Compact Computers – including Mac items, for example, Mac Book Pro, iMac, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, Xserve
  • Servers – including Xserve, Xsan, MacOS X Ser, MobleMe.
  • Accessoriess – including MagicMouse, Keyboard, Led Cinema Display.
  • Wi-fi Based Stations – including Airport Express, Airport Extreme, Time Capsule.
  • Developerss – including Developer Connection, Mac Program, iPhone Program.
  • iPod – including iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, ipod Classic.
  • iPhone – including iPhone3GS, iPhone3G, iPad.
  • iTunes – including motion pictures, TV appears, book recordings, diversions.

Periphal items – including Printers, Storage gadgets, computerized recording


  • Apparel
  • Chemicals
  • Customer hardware
  • Electronic components
  • Instruments related to medicine field
  • Semiconductors and ships
  • Telecommunications software

MGT Actions

As we all know, Apple has overwhelmed the versatile media industry since the presentation of the iPod. From that point forward, Apple has presented numerous new items, for example, the iPhone, macbook, and the iPad; all which are sold all through the globe. Apple international methodology is a Global system of institutionalized items. The main adjustment that Apple modifies in their items is the force source in light of the diverse force voltage in distinctive nations. Other than this, Apple items are definitely institutionalized all through global markets. Macintosh's building, plan, and production is controlled by one source, which is the reason it separates from other PC producers. On the off chance that Apple took after a multi-residential methodology, they would have overabundance overhead and administration would free control of the organization, all this shows the picture of front line and propelled innovation, items, and promoting can be harmed. Apple's designing and plan engineers having different thoughts for the items in the U.S, yet the complete manufacturing of Apple's items is finished by two extensive IT arrangement brands makers named Foxconn and Inventec, which are situated in China

Similarly the Samsung has received an open administration in the time of faculty administration. Open administration alludes to regard the independence and innovativeness of representatives and uprooting obstructions in frameworks and practices to improve proficiency and aggressiveness, while advancing straightforward administration to develop in harmony with their clients. The way to Samsung's Open HR is human asset administration that advances parallel open door, put aptitudes in the first place, and acknowledge human potential. It keeps up that open doors ought to be accessible to all without segregation and limitations. Remuneration and advancement ought to be intensely separated in view of aptitudes.

The company makes it sure that all opportunities should be available to all people without any limits. The most essential thing is that individuals are significant to Samsung's achievement. With the presentation of New administration, Samsung has advanced further its objective of worldwide to begin with class organization in view of its "Kin first" administration rationality. New HR encouraged new administration framework by building capital in HR what's more, changing the mindfulness what's more, and activities of workers.

As a key push to encourage long haul ability to enter worldwide markets, provincial specialists are dispatched as heads of abroad branch connected with the worldwide encouraging track. More than 4,700 territorial masters have been posted in 80 nations since 1990. Local experts additionally take a part in evolving new ideas rising markets. Moreover, these local experts give business chances to accumulate immeasurable local information around the globe. Samsung has announced a reward based methodology both by promotion and payment on good performance to i an execution based prize framework both pay and advancement. While stressing singular performance more than most Asian Companies, it at the same time underlined individual and organization performance

SOWT Analysis


While at first Apple's shut environment was a soft spot for the business, this has now changed. To begin with, Apple now has a full scope of applications, programming and items that are interlinked and backing one another. Second, new items and supplements will be discharged soon (iTV), consequently growing the biological system. Third, Apple has an in number client dependability, which increments because of Apple's shut biological community, which, thusly, is bolstered by client faithfulness. So the blend of Apple's extending shut biological community and clients' dependability builds association's upper hand.

Apple is a main trend-setter in cell phone innovation. Apple has been picked as the most creative business on the planet for the third time in 2012. Organization's center competency of delivering creative items is the quality the organization expands upon and has the capacity convey the most imaginative items to the business sector.

Solid money related execution ($10,000,000,000 money, gross net revenue 43.9% and no obligation). Apple's money related performance is one of the best among numerous organizations. Organization at present (end of 2012) holds about $10,000,000,000 in real money, which can be utilized for acquisitions, purchasing back organization shares and different matters. It additionally has higher gross overall revenue than its principle rivals, which is equivalent to 43.9%. Organization has no obligation and is not specifically influenced by loan fees or credit markets. Apple has a popularity of profoundly imaginative, very much composed, and well-working items and sound business execution. Apple brand is esteemed at $76.5 billion and was the second most significant brand on the planet in 2012.

Apple's retail locations guarantee great client experience; furnish direct contact with educated staff and builds brand mindfulness. Moreover, Apple's stores are a standout amongst the most gainful as far as deals/ft2.


Apple's items cost a great deal more than its rival’s gadgets. A few commentators contend that the cost is not legitimized. At the point when there is such a savage rivalry, Apple items cost turns into a shortcoming in light of the fact that purchasers can without much of a stretch settle on comparative quality yet lower value items. The iOS and OS X are very unique in relation to different OS and uses programming that are dissimilar to the product utilized as a part of Microsoft OS. Because of such contrasts, both in programming and equipment, clients regularly decide to stay with their usual programming and equipment (Microsoft OS and Intel equipment).

The less piece of the overall industry Apple has, the less it can impact its potential clients and convince them to hop into utilizing Apple's shut biological community items. The firm is frequently blamed for encroaching other organizations' licenses and has even lost a few trials. This harms Apple brand and its money related circumstance.

Current Apple's gross edge is one of the most elevated in the tech business yet examiners expect that because of expanding segment costs and rivalry current edges won't be supported.


Samsung, the principle Apple's rival, is additionally the main supplier of use processors for Apple's items. Apple needs to locate another hotspot for the segment however could not locate a suitable one yet. In any case, new producers with prevalent designing capacities are emerging and it's simply an issue of time, when Apple will seize upon the chance of being less subject to its immediate rivals. Development of tablet and cell phone markets is a decent chance to grow association's offer in these business sectors.

Apple absences of a few licenses to support its development and the most ideal approach to get those licenses are to secure the organizations holding them. What's more, Apple could grow new aptitudes and abilities. Apple licenses are frequently infringed by its rivals. Along these lines, Apple can go ahead with new skills of experts.

Mac has created iAd promoting stage, which permits publicizing on Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The development of versatile publicizing business sector is an open door which could be further seized upon.


A standout amongst the most extreme dangers Apple and the other tech organizations are confronting is quick innovative change. Organizations are under the weight to discharge new items speedier and quicker. The one that cannot stay aware of the opposition soon comes up short. This is particularly hard when a business needs to present something new, creative and effective. Apple had the capacity convey exceptionally creative items to the business sector so far however for the occasion, even Apple has not disclosed any arrangements for the new items (aside from iTV) and may need new acquaintances with stay aware of rivalry. Assessment increments in USA in 2013 will adversely influence Apple. Pay levels for Foxconn's laborers officially climbed 3 times from 2010 to 2012. Foxconn is the fundamental maker of Apple items and the rising pay level for Foxconn's specialists will probably raise the costs for Apple items. The organizations that break Apple licenses would not be found soon and may profit by it, while debilitating Apple in the meantime. Samsung has, as of now approached Apple to pay higher cost for its application processors. Because of extreme rivalry and no feasible substitutes, Apple may be requested that pay much more

Samsung Company


Samsung is centered on creating gadgets which can be incorporated with the greater part of the product and OS. This gives Samsung items an edge over Apple's (its chief opponent) gadgets, particularly as Android and different OS are picking up piece of the pie when iOS and OS X are losing it. Samsung is the number 1 by piece of the pie in TVs and cell telephones deals and a percentage of the equipment parts (processors, memory chips, and so on.). This was to a great extent accomplished because of fabulousness in designing and both proficient and successful creation. In 2011, Samsung positioned second on the rundown of US top patent appointees. More licenses reinforce Samsung position among its rivals. The firm likewise won numerous recompenses for the outline of its items, demonstrating the better advantage over the contenders. Samsung concentrates on delivering environment well disposed items that are free from PVC and BFRs (at present just MP3 and cellular telephones). It likewise creates different reusing projects that are recompensed for their prosperity. Along these lines, Samsung's emphasis on environment gives it an edge over its rivals according to its clients.


Samsung is infringed Apple's and some other firms' licenses, consequently, harming its own popularity and paying a big amount of money. Samsung Electronics is the biggest innovation business on the planet regarding incomes yet it has a low gross benefit and net overall revenues. Despite the fact that its cell phones business is entirely productive, Samsung's net revenue is low because of its semiconductors sales and forceful value cuts.

Apple, Sony, Dell, HP are the fundamental purchasers of Samsung Electronics items and additionally the company's principle rivals. Such circumstance would be positive to Samsung (if contenders couldn't discover reciprocal items and would make a decrease share Samsung's incomes) on the grounds that it could utilize its power of bargaining over contenders. Because of converse conditions (competitors can discover comments and they gain a generally high share of association's incomes) Samsung.


India's cell phone business sector is one of the slightest infiltrated among Asia/Pacific nations. Samsung has strong position in India's business sector and could utilize this chance to grow its sales. The organization could create publicizing stage for its cell phones and altogether profit by this lucrative business sector Samsung is one of the key makers of use processors for cell phones and tablets. The developing interest for these items requires all the more best quality application processors that just Samsung give.


Cell phones market in the created economies is soaked and the sales won't be developing at a high rate. The genuine danger that Samsung and the other tech organizations are confronting is a quick innovative change. Organizations are under the weight to discharge the new items speedier and quicker. The one that can't stay aware of the opposition soon comes up short. This is particularly hard when the business needs to present something new, inventive and effective. Samsung is the second biggest semiconductors maker where the overall revenues are slender, in this way the profit and sales of the overall company may be getting weak.


The growth of revenue has fallen down. Accordingly, it is suggested that there are competitors like Samsung did not have an effect on offers of an apple inc. produce. This can be interpret that the items are great quality, not the social worth. It can be seen that apple items are accessible at sensible costs contrasted with the quality and the social quality, is justified regardless of the high cost however later on nobody can let it know.

There are three main suggestions that should to be made to Samsung as to manage the issues of the claim and its client administration popularity. The initial two both manage the claim and the latter is about the organization's client administration division. To start with, Samsung mustput considerably more of its assets into attracting consideration regarding its items that is on diverse versatile working plans in the short term. On the off chance that the organization is banned from offering its Galaxy S Smartphone arrangement in the U.S., the piece of the pie that Samsung has as of late gained is in genuine danger of being retaken by Apple. Along these lines, it is of the highest significance that the Company has a genuine reinforcement arrangement, if the banning may occur. By marketing its cell phones that work under alternate stages, Samsung will have the capacity to minimize the potential misfortunes felt from its top offering items being banned. This will stay from definitely falling (however it would even now see an important misfortune that the Galaxy S arrangement should be banned). Second, the organization before any move is made, to boycott any of the items that Samsung as of now is offering; the company owners should make a vast push to get the same number of the endangered items out to its customers. Those that have the product/item before it is banned will probably be grandfathered in and have the capacity to keep their gadget after it get banned from being sold. On the off chance that, along these lines, the company was to offer some kind of extensive prizes for client's to purchase their items, they could get a good control over market before their potential top sailing item is removed

Basis for conclusion

The reason, that why the conclusion of this project has to be done. Why it is necessary to make a conclusion about the comparison of the two selected companies “Apple” and “Samsung”. The reason for making a conclusion is to evaluate that which company is good in performance, which is gaining higher profits and whose sales are falling down. In the conclusion the overall business condition of these two companies has been shown.


The fundamental conclusion that can be attracted is that the most intriguing about Apple is the way by which they are exceptionally imaginative and early connectors. Apple is normally the first organization to turn out with another product offering before any other individual. This is extremely dangerous yet it can be an attempt to Apples advantage. This demonstrates that may be taking risk break you and Apple has extraordinary potential and has a great deal to move forward. As of now, Apple is showing negative parts of TNCs, adding to universal obligation emergency through misuse of specialists. As it were, Apple is accessing so as to advance obligation emergency in LDCs their work and crude materials on the least expensive conceivable terms.

By using its worldwide qualities and significant business sector learning, Samsung has created three particular advertising methodologies to dispatch three just as innovative, however distinctive, products. Through effective, different ways to deal with individual markets it has kept up its corporate rationality - to dedicate its HR and innovation to the improvement of a worldwide society through ever better items and administrations


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