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Compelling reasons to study online.

Updated on August 13, 2016

Storelvi with Austerdalen (right) and Langedalen (left)

Storelvi with Austerdalen (right) and Langedalen (left), Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
Storelvi with Austerdalen (right) and Langedalen (left), Sogn og Fjordane, Norway | Source


Due to time constrain most students are today finding themselves taking online courses as opposed to on-campus mode of study. This has greatly widened the reach for various universities all over the world. Studying online can be quite cheap as compared to its on campus equivalent. A student is also able to complete their course faster due to the less number of constrains involved. The comparative cheapness of running online programs is making universities to increase variety of courses available online. There is a lot of flexibility involved in online mode of studying. Studying online allows you to study at your own free time. You will be able to attend work and at the same time study. This is because scheduling of your study time is allowed in this mode of learning. Most online students prefer evening time when it is all quiet. If you have time you can grab a lesson or two in between daytime work breaks e.g over the lunch hour.

Summer field

The blue flower is cornflower and the red one a corn poppy.
The blue flower is cornflower and the red one a corn poppy. | Source

Wiz Khalifa - See you again ft. Charlie Puth [Official video] Furious 7 soundtrack

Well supported programs

Online programs are well supported in most colleges. Students have access to college staff at designated periods of the day, over the internet. You also can communicate with other students via forum platform where you try to bring a semblance of a physical class over the internet. Any queries can be discussed here as long as they are not directly related to the assignments in progress. To be able to express yourself clearly you will need to have some command in English or the main language of study in that particular college of your choice. It is not a one on one encounter and therefore you have to be conversant with the language so as to clearly bring out what you need to express. The clearer you are able to articulate your queries, the more chances of getting timely help from college staff and your peers.

Bussaglia beach in Serriera

Bussaglia beach in Serriera, Southern Corsica, France
Bussaglia beach in Serriera, Southern Corsica, France | Source

Quality of programs offered

The courses offered online by various colleges are usually as a result of effort from a pool of professors, lecturers and other technical stuff from the university. It therefore results in a high level of quality than if a program is run by a single person. The college assumes that the student will work as per instructions. That is they are expected to complete their homework in good time and also go through the set video lectures and accompanying study materials. Failure to this, the program might not be of great benefit to the student in the long run. Quality has to be a notch higher than programs of on-campus students considering that human contact will be minimal in this case.

Choice of courses on offer

For online mode of study, the fact that it is cheaper to run such programs than it is for on campus programs means that variety can be extended. Colleges offering online course are known to run a variety of courses which are not available to on-campus students. Some well-organized universities even offer courses involving practicals online. This they do in corroboration with manufacturing companies that make the necessary equipment and material available to the students on timely bases and at affordable prices.

Lake Schermützelsee

Lake Schermützelsee as seen from the garden of the Brecht/Weigel Museum in Buckow (Märkische Schweiz), Brandenburg, Germany
Lake Schermützelsee as seen from the garden of the Brecht/Weigel Museum in Buckow (Märkische Schweiz), Brandenburg, Germany | Source

Online courses take less time

Most of the courses are offered on a two 12 weeks semesters per year basis. This means that you will be able to complete your program faster than on-campus students. While on-campus courses have to take vacations and other holidays into consideration, online courses take place regardless of normal calendar and seasonal schedules. While for example on-campus students have to take a winter break, online students continue with their normal schedule meaning they can clear their programs faster. In some cases online students are offered an option to take their courses at their own pass. In this case you don’t need to follow a strict schedule as in normal cases. This is conducive for students who have a tight job schedule or maybe are unable to adhere to tight schedules due to one reason or another. Especially where there is the option of taking courses at own pace, you will be able to balance work, your family and any other commitment you might have, easily.

Open course ware

Today some universities participate in a program to offer their courses for free through open course programs. Students are only required to have internet accessibility to access these free courses. Personalized certificates are issued to successful candidates. If a student would like a verified certificate to be issued at the end of the course, then they are required to pay some nominal amount of money which actually is considered as a gift to the participating university rather than tuition fee. Courses last from six to twelve weeks. The fact that there are a number of participating universities in any open course initiative means there is a variety of choice of courses on offer. The participating universities are encouraged by the organizers to as much as is possible mimic their normal online programs into this platform. Therefore video lectures, set readings, posted questions; discussion forums, online quizzes and projects are offered to the participants of the open courses, giving them a preview of what is actually taught to online and on-campus students of participating universities. However the participating universities always insist that privileges enjoyed by their online and on-campus students cannot be extended to open course ware participants.

You can still take online course in remote locations

As long as there is internet connectivity and electricity, remote villagers can also take online courses.
As long as there is internet connectivity and electricity, remote villagers can also take online courses. | Source

In conclusion

Online mode of study seems to be the future mode of learning in institutions of higher learning. Universities are able to share materials among each other over the internet further making this mode of teaching cheaper and more trusted by employers. Students can access study materials easily through online libraries and other pool of study materials assembly points. Discussion forums are good avenues for online students to meet their peers and lecturers so as to discuss freely on issues related to the course, as long as this does not involve soliciting for answers for homework, tests, quizzes, labs and projects issued to the students.

Choice between online and on campus programs.

If an opportunity was to present itself which mode of study would you prefer?

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Online courses are available worldwide.

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There is no single country in the world where online courses are not viable.


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