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Updated on April 30, 2016


Competition from the word itself is a contest between individual or group, it is a major factor in education. Competition provides a goal, an aim for learners to aspire to. I believe that competition is needed to inspire learners to show their best work and achieve what they can do. It is also made up of a large proponent of extracurricular activities in which every students can participate. Students spontaneously seek competition with their peers. They seem to have an innate desire to compare themselves with others in every way, and to prove to everyone that they are the best.

It is one technique the teacher use in his/her teaching. It is good when it is used in a proper way wherein there is a positive and negative result in using it in teaching. It is where the students learn the valuable lesson of getting a failure as a positive step for further development. Teachers or mentors has the direct evidence of problem areas and can promote other methods of learning or even styles of learning.

School is an environment that has intentionally created to allow young people to experiment and to learn both from their teachers as well as from the others. The competition that is inherent in schools allows this to happen while protecting students from the real consequences of failure. Many student like the idea of having a competition in the classroom because it is one of the things where he/she can feel satisfied in his studies. Without competition the student will feel that everything they do is meaningless, as a student they need to compete to there peers in every way so that they can prove not only to other people but especially to themselves that there is something they can do by them alone.

They have different ability from the others because of the fact that not all students are able to perform at the same level in term of academics. They are all unique and special human beings with a hidden talent that we exposed or brought to the public eye only by competing with peers or classmates.


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