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How to Compress Microsoft Files using WinRAR

Updated on April 3, 2010

How to Compress Microsoft Files using WinRAR

A lot of people, whether it be students or businessmen and women, share several files and other data over the internet, and often as attachments in emails. If you happen to have a lot of files to share or send online, there are plenty of compressing software out there which can help you send your files easily, and one of these applications is called WinRAR.

WinRAR, as mentioned above, is a program that allows compressing of files and creating archives that was first released in 1995 and was developed by Eugene Roshal. This application is able to create RAR archives and is also able to handle ZIP files, plus other files which have been compressed using other compressing software.

WinRAR is also a leading favorite among users who frequently store and compress files as you can not only archive your files, you can also create archives that extract themselves without the need for other applications, so that even if the person you are sending a compressed file to does not have WinRAR, they can still open the compressed file you created.

Items Needed

* WinRAR application

* Files to be compressed

1. Before you begin compressing files, you need to allocate either a certain file or a drive where you will be storing your archives so that you can access them easily. It would be a good idea to create a folder where you can store your compressed or archived files.

2. To create your archives, you need to install the latest version of WinRAR on your computer or laptop. This product is available for download and purchase on the official website, and you can try it out before you decide to purchase it.

3. Have the files you need to compress handy, and then select and highlight the files. You can either click on the File option on the WinRAR window or simply click the Add icon that looks like a stack of books tied together and that’s it!

4. Of course, WinRAR would not be as popular as it is if that’s the only thing you can do with it. As mentioned above, once you compress files so that you can send it over to someone, you can also create a self-extracting archive so that even if the person you sent your WinRAR compressed file to doesn’t have WinRAR, he/she can still open your archives.

5. When compressing files, you can also choose between how much percentage you want it to be compressed. This gives you an idea if the compressed files can be emailed as an attachment, or if you need to split the archive you’ve created.

6. WinRAR also has a pretty neat feature that instantly allows you to compress any file of your choice and send it in an email. All you need to do is to enable the Compress and email feature if it is not enabled yet. You can check if it is by going to Options, then Settings, then Integration, Context Menus, and tick on where it says Compress and email if it doesn’t have a check mark on it yet.


WinRAR is a great software to have and use which goes beyond your normal compressing application. To maximize the use of it, make sure to read the Help guide available on the website or email support as this is available for customers who have purchased the product.


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