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How to Compress Word Files for Emails

Updated on November 11, 2010

How to Compress Word Files for Emails

A lot of people send documents to each other through email as the person you are sending the email to receives it instantly, saving both of you valuable time. However, there are some instances wherein you will need to send several documents which have a big size, and this may pose as a challenge for some. Since most email providers have a size limit in reference to the attached file in the email, how do you go about in sending all of your documents via email? Do you send multiple emails? This is where compressing comes in.

Compressing is actually a very simple process wherein you can greatly reduce the size of a word document you are sending, allowing you to send several documents all at the same time in just one email. If you have a document that has plenty of graphics in it and other advanced features, this document when saved will definitely be of a considerably big size, and you can compress it to make it smaller and easier to send.

Items Needed:

* Microsoft XP Operating System or higher

* Microsoft Office Program/Application

* Documents that need to be compressed

1. Before you begin, this guide explains how you can compress Word files for emails, so you need to have Windows as your computer’s operating system, specifically Microsoft XP or higher. There are other ways you can compress Word files, like installing WinZip or 7 Zip, or another third party application to compress the files. This guide will explain how you can compress the files without the use of the mentioned applications.

2. As stated earlier, you also need to have Microsoft Office so that you will have the Microsoft Word program. Although you can create your documents on Notepad or WordPad for example, we will be using Microsoft Word as an example for this guide.

3. In order to begin compressing files, you need to have several files ready for compressing. You can compress other files like images, MP3s, and other files, but we will stick to Word files for the meantime.

4. In order to begin, you need to go to My Computer or My Documents, or simply the drive where the Word files you need to compress and send in an email are stored. Once you have the files you need, select and highlight them using your mouse. When you have highlighted every file you need, press the right button on your mouse. There will be several options available, and you need to choose the one that says Send To, which will take you to another list of options. Choose the one that says Compressed (Zipped) Folder and voila! The files you have selected will all be contained in a folder that has a zipper on it and you can rename it just like any other file if you want to.

5. To send the compressed files in an email, open your email account and create a new message. Click on the attach link or icon found in your email screen, and choose the compressed folder as the attachment. Include a message of your choice with the file, add the recipient’s email address, and click on send. You’re done!


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