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Condition of A State University in the Philippines

Updated on January 18, 2015

poverty situation

I went to a State University in a province last few months. I saw the resilience of students to attend classes despite the poverty and deprivation in facilities and the hardwork of teachers despite the inadequacy in resources.

There are rooms with just walls, some fluorescent lights, blackboard/white board, roof, window holes with no jalousy, and some no electric fan. The director said all the roofs were blown by typhoon Glenda last July so the roofs that I saw were new. They are not using/maintaining the library anymore. There is just a common area where students can buy. There are metal benches and tables but no roof above so no one is using them during lunch.

During my short stay lately I heard lots of stories of no budget to join competition, no budget for research study/laboratory, delay of stipend, delay of salary, etc. Thank God there are government agencies nearby that they can use and coordinate laboratory/field classes.

I feel the pain of poverty. I remember when I was in elementary and highschool we are always on promissory note just to take exams and a 10% will be deducted in our exam scores as a result of not paying on time. I also remember during college at the start of each semester I process the Student Loan (SLB).

I remember all the news of corruption. It is heartbreaking. If the taxes are allotted properly they can have good education. Despite all of these I saw students finding ways to be happy and focus. They stay under trees, play volleyball under the sun, etc.

I also feel blessed because I was able to finish college. Some of the classrooms have no aircon yet during that time and the computers in the library are not yet Mac.

I won't be posting the pictures because some of you might know the name and location of the state university.


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