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World Wide Disasters Connecting The Dots • • • • • One at a Time!

Updated on August 12, 2013

Got Flippers?

I suspect that most of the flooding is due to tsunamis and earthquakes, combined with erratic weather.
I suspect that most of the flooding is due to tsunamis and earthquakes, combined with erratic weather. | Source

Critical Thinking

This article is designed for those of us with open minds willing to use critical thinking to connect the dots and draw our own conclusions.

In a day and age when disinformation is rampant it can be difficult to discern the truth from the false. To do so requires that one understand the reasons disinformation is spread in the first place, its purpose and goals.

Many World Governments know the Poles are Shifting and the reasons why. They also understand that as more and more of their populations become aware of the events caused by Polar Shifts and why they are happening, it will become increasingly difficult to continue their disinformation campaigns.

At the moment it is easier to discredit those who are awake as much confusion is still a big part of our societies view and opinion. To effectively spread disinformation a little bit of the truth must be revealed to make the stories believable, so often governments officials state the obvious but use various scenarios to describe why these events take place. They will change the story from one day to the next being careful to always state the obvious.

This tactic is designed to divide the public's opinion and keep them arguing amongst themselves. Another tactic that is very effective is to agree with those awakening to the truth but add a slight twist to their arguments, this allows for those that have awakened to question their own beliefs while becoming confident they are right.

I have found in much of my research that many people would prefer to be right than to discuss the truth intelligently and so many people of the same mind set end up arguing amongst themselves over semantics.

I do not claim to have all the answers and reserve the right to change my mind as more information is revealed. What I do claim is a basic understanding of what is happening to the Planet we live on, the reasons it is happening and why the truth is being purposely hidden from the public.

I write these articles as a way of revealing what I know, how I know it and anything new that I have learned. I ask my readers to keep an open mind, widen their perspectives and engage in useful debate. If readers wish to attack me that is their choice, however as my Mom likes to say you get more bees with honey, than vinegar.

Earthquakes, Flash Flooding, Typhoons and Tsunamis

Countries in the Ring O' Fire have been having more than their fair share of disasters in the weeks leading up to the new year and yet the American public is still unable to connect the dots one world disaster at a time.

Flooding in the Philippines this week were initially blamed on flash flooding in the mountains. These stories were replaced the next day with news that a typhoon on the coast was responsible. Now days later there are reports that most of the damage looks like it was done by tsunamis.

What is not being mentioned is the large earthquakes that occurred before and after the flooding in the Bay of Mindanao.

Today two large earthquakes rocked the town of Christchurch, New Zealand, which had experienced earthquakes and flooding on a grand scale 11 months ago. What is not being said is that much of the flood water from 11 months ago have yet to recede.

Indonesia has been experiencing earthquakes of its own, coupled with Volcanic activity and flooding. They also experienced two large earthquakes in the last twenty-four hours. One in the Java region and the other in the Nias region.

The West Coast of South American and America to a lesser degree have had their fair share in the last two months and yet these disaster rarely make the evening news.

By reporting the reasons for the disasters on different days, Government officials are able to continue their campaigns of disinformation and divide public opinion. One day it is flash floods from heavy rains, the next day it attributed to a tropical storm and then it is due to high tides.

However when all of these events happen simultaneously it becomes much easier to spread the lies and keep the World and their own citizens in the dark. We must learn to read between the lies and pay attention to what is not being said as much as to what is.

Often the truth is revealed as speculation, for instance, recent articles on the Philippine flooding is being reported as tsunami like destruction and four meter high like waves. Of course they fail to report the source of these waves allowing the public to draw their own often conclusions. This makes it difficult to connect the dots one world disaster at a time.

The Global seismic activity and earthquakes are purposely being withheld to keep intelligent people from connecting the dots. Meanwhile various explanations are being spread as to the true cause of these tragic events. I have provided a link to a site that reports up to the minute USGS seismic activity Worldwide and when these events take place should be consulted to determine the truth for yourself.

This site is called QUAKES Live Earthquake Map and is very helpful when looking for up to the minute answers to events that make the reader question their validity. However in only the last ten years the USGS has downgraded their richter scaling system by one point to keep the public from realizing how many large earthquakes are happening.

Ring O Fire

Recent earthquakes in the Pacific Rim, December 23, 2011 CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE.
Recent earthquakes in the Pacific Rim, December 23, 2011 CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE. | Source

Disinformation Is A Two Lane Highway!

Because knowledge and public opinion flows both ways, Government Officials and Conspiracy Theorists or Nutards (the term I prefer) often only get some of their stories right, some of the time, this includes me.

I wish I had the truth of everything all at once, of course it would kind of take the whole purpose and fun out of living a mortal existence!

So I endeavor to look at the truth of any event from as many different perspectives as possible, because only by using a 360 degree perspective can we hope to discover the truth on our own. This is where critical thinking comes into play Analyze, Infer, Evaluate and Deduce, while above all else, keeping an open mind at all times.

This kind of thinking requires a lot of reading, however discussion is also a very relevant tool, this is why the internet has played such an important role in the World's awakening. No longer is it necessary to personally discuss many concepts and theories in a public setting. Now we are afforded the luxury of posting our thoughts without instant ridicule and derision.

Contempt prior to investigation is becoming a behavior of the past, as we now have the answers right at our fingertips, Google is your Friend!

There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance. This principle is, contempt prior to examination.

Although this quote is often attributed to Herbert Spencer on page 380 of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, upon further research it was first attributed to William Paley, in Anglo-Israel or, The British Nation: The Lost Tribes of Israel (1879) by Rev. William H. Poole:

This is why keeping an open mind and not accepting the first explanation that is presented as the truth is so important. Considering all of the people that have lived on this Planet, I seriously doubt if the current population of 6 or 7 billion has had a truly original thought. History or the truth is often written by those in the position to do so.

This why I offer so many links in my stories, to other sources of information. I have often heard from other internet writers that this can be detrimental to your articles as most humans have a short attention span. My argument to that is if your article has a point to prove and is thought provoking it will keep the reader there or going back to find out what it is.

That is why I'm willing to take a stand right or wrong and share my opinion, after all the worse that can happen is that someone will prove me wrong and I will learn something new . . . gee what a novel idea!

Two Moons, Who Knew?

Photoshop is so much fun . . .
Photoshop is so much fun . . . | Source

A Perfect Example of Disinformation

A recently published article on Yahoo News is the perfect example of disinformation.

Earth has more than one moon, astronomers confirm

This article goes on to claim that many one meter asteroids share the Moon's orbit on any given day and so in essence we have more than one Moon.

Disinformation such as this, while although true, can be very misleading. Often readers get no further than the title of the article and so these absurd theories are easily spread.

So for those unable or unwilling to connect the dots, I offer this explanation. Governments World Wide that are aware of the reason for the Polar Shift in the form of earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and erratic weather are revealing now that it is possible that we have more than one Moon.

So when another Planet becomes obvious to us all, night or day, in our Earthly skies, it will be easier to dismiss as another Moon. Of course as this Planet (Nibiru Planet X) grows in size and becomes clearer to the naked eye, the deception will be revealed as the connection is made.

The Powers That Be hope at that point it will be far too late for most people to do anything about it, as travel will probable become a physical impossibility, besides walking or wading as the case maybe!

And My Point Is . . . ?!

My point to this article is that the Polar Shift is causing much of the erratic weather, flooding and disinformation currently happening World Wide. That as these events unfold at an ever increasing rate it will soon become obvious to all that we are not being told the truth.

However to help my fellow man become aware of these events without causing panic and fear, I have endeavored to reveal this knowledge now in order to encourage debate, offer solutions and gain wisdom.

In conclusion I will say that I believe the recent events in the Philippines, Indonesia and New Zealand are all the proof one needs to realize we are NOT being given the complete story!

However if one is provided the complete picture by visiting relative sites, using critical thinking and keeping an open mind, that the truth can be obtained and this can be shared with each other . . .

. . . and the real cool thing about it, is it's free!

I encourage comments and am always looking for subjects of research, so if there are any questions about connecting the dots one world disaster at a time, feel free to ask.

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