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Connecting the Dots of Our Past

Updated on April 1, 2012

No conclusion

From what I have come to find, connecting the dots from the past is not as easy as connecting the dots in a puzzle book. I have studied multiple time-lines and website sources. None of which hold any clicking information to why the Stonehenge was built. A timeline dating all the way back to 6000 B.C. could only tell me of agricultural changes. Of course, this knowledge leads to the belief of the Stonehenge being built for astronomical purposes. It is the farmers who need to know when the seasons are changing. This leads to another question. Was the Stonehenge really built by farmers? Perhaps, but that doesn't explain the bones of heroes and heroines buried there. It could have been one of the first churches built, or a place of open minded spirituality. From what little knowledge we have, the Stonehenge could have been used for anything. This leads me to suggest that this structure was started for a certain purpose but was finished by someone else's idea. Because no one ever really knew its original purpose, this great monument was just used for whatever purpose was seen fit by its wandering discoverers. Yes, there is more to the story of the Stonehenge, but no more that I can suggest. It saddens me to have such little knowledge of the Stonehenge. If only I were able to go to the Salisbury Plain and study it hands on and up close, I might be able to learn a lot more about the Stonehenge. Perhaps these mysterious sites from the past were meant for tormenting the minds of the future.


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