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Connecting to the Creative Stream

Updated on January 1, 2013
The Allegory of Philosphy Source:
The Allegory of Philosphy Source:

Connecting to the Creative Stream

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Any creative art is a trigger to unleash thoughts and emotions not previously addressed together. Unlike oral conversation, what is triggered through observing any art form is less conscious and more creative in its response. The flow of thoughts and feelings are a real connection to the artist’s intent and therefore a far more valid and meaningful connection.

Music is probably the most effective form to imbue the feelings and emotions of the creator, and in doing so stirs often more than the creator intended. How we respond to these kinds of stimuli is dependant on our experience and sensitivity. Memories and indeed emotions are connected and when brought to the forefronts of our consciousness are expressed in a completely individual way. What we hear or see or read can become part of a long train of connections that interrelate and provide a new and individual experience.

It’s like having a special song that you relate to a lost love. Every time you hear it, your mind is lost in emotions and thoughts of the past. It has a special and direct meaning connected to that relationship.

Of course pain is not the only memory re-experienced by art, simply a poignant one. When observing an art form, the mind searches for connections and as the memories and associations come to mind, the thoughts and emotions build into a response to that art. Whether music, or painting or poetry, sculpture or any creative form of expression, this is how we relate to it, by a chain of sensory connections that create emotional response.

This experience can indeed be overwhelming and the beauty of such experience one of the blessings of life. I have learned to surrender to that process of appreciating art in all its forms, the experience exhilarating and uplifting. I often watch those talent shows on TV and occasionally one comes across a young extraordinary talent that triggers this stream of emotion. The beauty of such natural expression brings me to tears and I blubber like a baby, my sons thinking the old man has lost it. But this appreciation for artistic expression is overwhelming and I believe it to be akin to the feelings of love.

We are given this capacity to feel and express emotions and love in all its forms is the greatest thing we can accomplish in life. Creativity, I believe, is an expression of that capacity and therefore that is how I connect to it.

Art is the collective soul of mankind, the potential of expression through many forms. How we respond to it depends on our sensitivity and understanding of the creative process and the artist’s intent. When one surrenders to the possible responses to art, we expand our experience of the world to a different level.

Every time we choose to observe any art form in this curious and sensory way we connect to the creator profoundly and allow ourselves to explore how we respond to the world. The potential experience is often unexpected and with all its connection within us can allow us to better understand the world and our reponse to it.

Personally, I could not live without creative expression and appreciating all forms of art. It develops both understanding and intuition and much improves the quality of our lives.


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