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Consummation Worship toward Physical Eternal Life

Updated on March 15, 2015

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life
The Tree of Life | Source

Fast Ecodetoxicology - Relative Eternal Life

Although smoking of tobacco products has long been on the "drawing board" as to how to "smoke" without the trigger of body decomposition (cancer). In fact, "smoking" of "tobacco products" is truly the MOST RELIGIOUS type of WORSHIP that could ever be found on Planet Earth.

Previous Publication:

This author did previously publish an article relative to "Smoking," relating it to Worship use by American Indian Orthodox. I do not renig anything stated. However, furtherance of study has drawn the following conclusion:

Most Effective "Combination:"

The most effective "Human - all religion" consummation of "smoke" is in combination with a carbonated beverage: DIET soda, to taste, or Beer (no 'alcohol.")

Upon inhale of a cigarette, one should 'SUCK IN' the checks, drawing in the smoke, then "opening the mouth and nasal cavities simultaneously," say "PAH." gently drawing the smoke into the lungs. Opening of the mouth should be "gentle." You can self-inflict "lock jaw" if done improperly. To exhale, "shape the lips" by "pushing" the facial mask outward, shaping the jaw bone. Every effort should be made to say "WHO," without smacking your lips or bringing the lips completely together, forming some other word.

To "consume" GOD, following PRACTICE of saying "Pah - Who," one may say "Pah - WHOM." Effort toward slow and gentle and respectful pronunciation IS ABLE to be mastered. Once "Whom" is VERBALIZED, it constitutes a Consummation of God, Himself. With the jawbone, BITE HARD and SWALLOW while internally pronouncing "GOD." This should immediately be followed by a natural liquid - even if "chemicals" are disclosed as additives. Gently bring glass to lips and take at least three sips, pronouncing "YELP - YELP - YELP." Again, bite and swallow, internally pronouncing "GOD." Then the lips should be tightly "swished outward" and wiped with any paper white "napkin." Then breathe deep without opening your mouth. If you CAN'T BREATHE - Well, "God Blessed You."


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    • yupperclub profile image

      Patti Markow 2 years ago from Port Saint Lucie, Florida

      I take your comment validly. Worship...toward...

      Thank you for taking my Hub seriously.

    • Larry Fields profile image

      Larry Fields 2 years ago from Northern California

      A little-known fact about tobacco: The nicotine contained therein can slow the progression of a debilitating neurological ailment, Parkinson's Disease.