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Contact With Spirit, Guides and Angels Is Our Birthright

Updated on October 20, 2011


Channeling spirit guides, angels, benevolent Et'S, Star Family, Ascended Masters, Native American Shaman Ancestor Spirits, Faeries, Renowned Earth Personalities, and personal spirit guides has been a part of my spiritual/psychic work since 1990.

What a joy and honor it is to make the connection to greater more spiritualized 'energies' 'gestalts' 'personalities or whatever names we wish to give these grand beings.

As a very lonely child in a troubled home, at an early age I became attuned to the inner realms and to spirit. I was talking to God at the age of five and asking him to please get me away from my monster father. I wanted to go to college and learn. I wanted to help people. I prayed for my anxiety, deep rooted fears and constant nightmares to go away.

As the old saying goes, God helps those who help them selves. With much struggle, prayer, work, and undaunted determination, after four years of being tossed from one foster home to the other, I was able to attend Berea College, in Berea, KY, enter a work study program and pursue my dream of studying Psychology, Philosophy, Opera, and Foreign Languages.

I also entered therapy and worked with many psychologists, therapists, ministers and various healers, psychics and shamans in the metaphysical realm. Healing did occur and my creative and spiritual gifts unfolded.

In time I realized that the 'kingdom of God is within' as Beloved Jesus, Lord Sananda, says. In meditations, reveries and dreams I began receiving messages from angels, benevolent Et's and other guides. These wise loving guides helped me heal and move forward on my spiritual journey. Their teachings became the basis for two of my metaphysical books: Morning Coffee With God, and God's Many Mansions.

Over the years I have been blessed and honored to publicly and privately channel esoteric metaphysical teachings and personal guidance to many people at various Spiritual Events, Psychic Fairs and Festivals.

I often wake up feeling the loving presence of spirits, angels and other-worldly beings. This morning I felt the spirit of Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi. They said, "wake and rise and shine, little one. There is much to be done. There is light and love to be given and thoughts to be shared on your little writer's forum.

I realize that some people may think me deluded, misinformed or even downright crazy or schizophrenic to make such claims. I perfectly understand, and believe, you me, I have spent countless hours, doubting and questioning my claims, spiritual abilities and even my sanity. At one point I finally decided that since my 'voices' always come in love and light, and speak only uplifting, encouraging, loving and wise words, I have chosen to allow the voices to speak and to offer their messages to the world.

There is so much imbalance, sadness, sorrow, and hurt in this world. Some people use words and violence as a pathetic means to hurt and manipulate others. Reading the daily news breaks my heart. I weep rivers of tears for the suffering sorrowful ones who have borne the brunt of cruel words- words of bigotry, prejudice, condemnation, judgment, hatred and non-acceptance.

I do not agree with the saying "sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me." They can and the recent outbreak of gay teen suicides due to bullying and cruel hate words, proves that words can indeed hurt and even kill.

So, out of love and honor to those teens (and all people who feel lost, abandoned, alone, misunderstood, unloved, and not accepted,) I shall be offering words, stories and anecdotes of love, healing, acceptance and hope in my upcoming books and hubs.

For any who would wish to degrade or criticize me I would invite them 'to live and let live, and not judge as Beloved Sananda asked us to do. I realize that when we put our self in the public eye we are vulnerable to attack, criticism and so forth. But it is worth it for the help we may give to those in need who would reach out to us for help. We've all been down and out and needed help. We all need help. The song "Lean on me when you're not strong" is one I listen to often. I love the lyrics. "You just call lonely brother (or sister) when you need a hand. We all need somebody to lean on. I just might have a problem that you'll understand.

My father was a monster bound and determined to break my will and destroy my dreams. I was willful and stood up to him, even as a child. I now say that I have beheld pure evil in the face, not once, but many times, and may do so again. My guides and angels, and a lot of help from beloved Arch Angel Lord Michael of the blue flame, has saved me many times. I constantly encourage clients and friends to call upon him and the other angelic beings and guides.

Suffering, sorrow and depression is a valid mode of learning but a very difficult one. Were we able to see that we actually choose our lessons to learn before we are even born and the people we meet and have relationships, some people may be shocked at such a claim. But it is something that I have learned via the school of many hard knocks. It takes more than one lifetime for the soul to heal and be ready to return to God/Creator Source where all is peace, joy, love and light.

Floundering about and getting trapped in all kinds of brambles and briers is part of our learning and growth. Our ego, little me personality may not understand or believe this but our soul, guides and higher self know that there is meaning behind the so-called madness, and dramas and traumas of our lives. The good news is that we eventually get tired of struggle and we begin to surrender to our soul, God, our guides and angels etc and light begins to shine upon us, illuminating us through our inner darkness. This process may take several lifetimes to complete. The bad news, perhaps, is that when we are in the pit and in the middle of our drama, we often are unaware of 'the bigger picture' that our soul is totally aware of.

Speaking of the word pit. What is the saying if 'life is a bowl of cherries then why am I in the pit?" Most of us have been in the pit before. Some of us have been there many times, even to the brink of no return or madness. I have struggled with depression (chronic at times), loneliness, fear of madness and insanity and had suicide fantasies most of my life so I do understand what it's like to be miserable and desperate.

A few days ago I was reading the posted blog of Canadian 15 year old gay teen Jamie Hubley before he committed suicide. It truly made my heart weep. Jamie named his blog "You can't break when you're already broken and said things like, "I hate being the only open gay guy in my school. I really want to end it. I've been on 4 different anti-depressants and none of them has worked. People said, it gets better. It's f...cking bull. He said he was tired of life and could not take it anymore. A friend said he was a sensitive boy who just wanted a boyfriend."

Those of us who have been victims of brutal verbal attacks and such depression as Jamie Hubley, and others experienced, know what it's like to feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. If we are lucky enough (which I have been) to find that light and to get help, we are very humble, and grateful. Some of us have a burning need and desire to reach out to the lost, suicidal souls-our brothers and sisters as we are all Beloved Creator/God/Goddess/Great Spirit's children.

We are family. We are the world as the song many years ago, said. To think otherwise, is insane. To harm another is to harm our self. To love and embrace another is to love and embrace our self. The world is falling apart in a hand basket so to speak because we have forgotten who we truly are to our self and to each other. The great masters and adepts come to remind us and often we have tortured and killed them. I think of the blind Indian, No Eyes, in the Mary Summer Rain books who would say, "People be so stupid. People be so ignorant."

Yes, of course, there are wonderful loving people in this world, but there are also a lot of disturbed, twisted warped souls in dire need of therapy and healing. I could have become a monster, or a killer had I not gotten help. Unchecked rage and repressed anger, hurt and pain can turn us into monsters, self mutilators or those who wreak destruction and cruelty others. We all have a dark side, the 'shadow self' as psychiatrist Carl G. Jung, coined it. If we do not deal with and accept our 'shadow' dark side, it can destroy us or those we claim to love. In extreme serious cases, total strangers sometimes bear the brunt of untapped unchecked rage due to a rampant mad killing spree or some such atrocious act. I love Jung's quote:

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.

That says it all. I highly recommend his books and especially Man And His Symbols for more depth and understanding on our 'shadow self' and how to deal with it.

Look at the Holocaust. All the wars in the Middle East and other places. All the senseless murders, rapes, and crimes in our streets. In public schools, restaurants and other places. We are a people in need of major over haul, and Destiny, Mother, Karma, God etc. will shake us up via natural disasters, economic downfalls, and collapses of governments that no longer serve the common people in a spirit of goodwill, brotherhood, love and concern and respect for everyone. We all need money and deserve to live a prosperous happy life, but greed and excessive materialism contribute tremendously to an unhealthy unbalanced way of life.

Suffering is difficult and can be weary to the soul for those of us who choose to learn in this manner. We can also choose to learn from joy as well. We can even overcome and surmount our suffering as we deal with, befriend, and embrace our inner demons and skeletons in the closets of our subconscious and psyche.

To be filled with so much love from my beloved angels, guides, and ET Star Family compels me to share some of that love and stories with my fellow humans and beings and spirits who would wish to partake of my offering of WORDS OF HOPE AND LOVE.

Below is a channeling my spirit guide/muse Dresda wrote for a dear friend yesterday. I am sharing it because there is much useful, helpful, wisdom and information that can apply to many of us. Dresda has been my muse and guide for over twenty years. To know this wise loving spirit fills my heart and soul with deep humble gratitude. She came to me many years ago in a meditation with my spiritual teacher Mary. In my mind's eye I saw a dark haired woman with deep emerald eyes and black piercing eyes. When I asked who are you, beautiful woman?," she mentally said,

"I am Flame. I am Fire.

I set in motion the heart's desire.

I am an aspect or fragment of the 'great cosmic mother.' To you I shall be the mistress of your heart and your art. To you I am Dresda.

I wish to share Dresda's love and teachings and stories with others. My book God's Many Mansions has stories of Dresda's teachings, along with many of my other guides.

Please know that you are not alone! There are guides, angels and many star beings you can call upon. You can talk to God, and have your questions answered. You can talk to the grand holy Beloved Wise Powerful Ascended Masters and Members of the Great White Brotherhood, such as beloved St. Germain, St. Francis, (Kuthumi) El Morya, Lord Maitreya, Babaji, Parahansa Yogananda, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Hilarion, Serapis Bey and others.

You can talk to the beloved sisterhoods (there are so many) and holy mothers and sisters who can offer help and guidance on inner and outer planes. Mother Mary. Kuan Yin. Isis. Mary Magdalene and many others. You can talk with those currently incarnated upon the earth as well as those in Heaven or the spirit realms. You can even talk to and learn from your star family on other planets, and other dimensions, parallel worlds and distant realms.

Don't allow anyone to tell or convince you that you cannot with these loving wise spirits and beings. They can and will communicate back. You have but to shift your perceptions and develop your third eye or soul vision and Voila, you have access to them 24/7. I am no different than anyone else. If I can do it so can you. The good news is that many people are in constant touch with their guides or 'gang' as my one friend likes to put it.

I share because my cup runneth over! The lonely depressed suicidal little boy who has never felt at home in this world (and to some degree never will), has found some peace of mind and meaning in life even here on the earth.

We have chosen to be here on the earth for much needed healing, learning and growth. There is a reason for everything and things are often not as they appear. We can have answers and our dreams can come true. IF WE BELIEVE. REACH OUT. DO THE WORK. PRAY. Reach out and touch somebody.

I think of the Beatles song, "Let it Be." When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary speaks to me. Speaking words of wisdom. Let it be. Let it be".
When I publicly channeled her several years ago, she said that she inspired this song and wanted people to know she is available for counsel and guidance.

Beloved Kuan Yin, is also available to all of us. This holy beloved boddhisatva has chosen not to ascend into FULL BUDDAHOOD and return to Nirvana until the last human soul has made their way to love and the light.

This may be my destiny as well. For those of us who have been dealt a so-called bad play of cards (which is not true in the higher scheme of things), and who have experienced wrenching, god awful terrible childhoods, abuse and so forth, and survived, our hearts are tender and sensitive. Many of us are bound and determined to be there for others who are drawn to what we have to offer.

Namaste, to one and all. I salute your inner light and may we all heal our past hurts from this and other past lives, and come into the fullness of our divinity as we move into the new era of ascension to the fifth dimension Christ Consciousness and beyond.

As I was ready to edit this hub, I took my empty cup of lemon green tea and placed it on the kitchen countertop. I looked out the back yard window, and perched on a branch of a tree was a male and female (Lord and Lady) cardinal looking about. It was as though they were showing me that all shall come into sacred balance when it is the season. Male and female, yin and yang. Darkness and Light shall come into sacred balance.

As I beheld the cleansing falling rain and the leaves in colors red, yellow and brown, I know that all is on schedule. We are undergoing a major cleansing and purging on our beloved planet earth. Autumn is here to replace a very hot summer where much of America and the world experienced record breaking heat temperatures. Autumn is a time of reaping the rewards of our harvests. Autumn shall be followed by Winter and then Spring. As one of my poems says, "The life cycle continues from death to birth."

Please enjoy the channeling below and feel free to pass it on.


Your beloved Ariel, the WIND SINGER is feeling the energy of his beloved Arielle,this morning, instead of the other names we share, so that is to whom Dresda shall address this CHANNELING.

"My beloved sweet soul sister, Arielle,

It is with much joy and honor that I step into Ariels' vibration and energy to spend some time with you. You and he go back so far into the annals of time and cosmic beginnings that to even attempt to speak one for the other is almost trite because you both SHARE the SAME SOUL, and both of you knows what the other is saying needing, etc.

The illusion is the game of 3-d you both chose to enact and play out for your needed growth and soul evolution. As the old gospel song goes, "This world is not my home, I'm just a passing through." This is truth, but by the same token, by taking on 3-d third dimensional thinking, loving, loving and the physical vehicle that houses such limited restricted 'activity' shall I say, you engage yourself in a cosmic game of human proportions.

The good news is that in your soul and in your heart of hearts you know who 'you' truly are in your MERLIN ST. GERMAIN FULLNESS and WHOLENESS. So nothing that can ever transpire can really rock your boat or cause your jello to flop, to use one of the cute phrases that Ariel enjoys to say.

That you met each other back in 2004 is nothing more or less than the miracle and magic that was meant to stir. The recipe of ONENESS, of joining, of soul love and soul sharing and soul merging meant TO YET AGAIN come to fruition on the realms of terra where mortals reign.

Suffering is a theme that you both have chosen to explore on the realms of terra.
Of course, being the cosmic Jezebels that you, my beloveds are, you also choose

to learn to experience energy exchanges in ways unheard or non-believed by most people.

Actually the ways your SOULS DANCE, and yes there is more than one soul that

makes of the multi-faceted essence of your DIVINE GOD TOTALITY.

So you would naturally need to expand your vistas far and near even on the realms such as you are partially enjoying and experiencing on EARTH.

Beloved AWAKENER, ARIELLE, of course you are the beloved awakener. How can it be any other way. That is a role you play. A role so natural to you and for you that the masses of humanity will ask and need you to play that role. For you are also caught up in the web of illusion, the sacred MAYA DANCE as the Hindus refer to this HUMAN DREAM you are temporarily lost or caught up in shall I say.

So, yes, beloved awakener, the SUFFERING MODE is a modality from which you have learned much, and have that internalized learning to refer to at any moment during your sessions with those seekers who shall come to you for guidance, healing and assistance.

But Dresda, your sister reminds you that SUFFERING IS NO MORE REAL than

any other human emotion, illusion or experience you choose to partake of at any

given moment in time which of course, TIME is one of the greatest illusions that

fool mortals. But TIME is a useful tool and learning tool so it's okay to set your


Play with it. Dance with it and know that it is only a fading dream.
Row row your boat song from childhood says it so very well.

You are on track with following your creative urges to pursue this

teacher, this TYBERONNN around the country watching and observing hi

doing his thing, teaching, sharing, remembering, and YES HE HAS A HUGE

But that is all good and well. TYBERONN is a mirror for your own greater being.
Nothing more and nothing less. He is a master adept, mage and sorcerer.
His wisdom runs deep and is very ancient, but it is NOT REALLY HIS WISDOM

for TRUTH with a capital "T" let me add, belongs to NO ONE. It is what it is.

Free flowing energy and information, taken in and absorbed and utilized by

people who are aware of its power.

Yes, the grand TRINE...FATHER SON HOLY GHOST UNION is something you seek deeply. The TOTAL MERGING with the HOLY MALE ASPECT OF DIVINITY. TYBERONN mirrors some of that wholeness that you are endeavoring and needing to experience and internalize.

So, dear one, flip out that magic wand. GO TO EGYPT FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY and let TYBERONN GIVE YOU HIS SACRED BLESSING and whatever else you would wish and request on levels subtle, conscious and otherwise. It is good to see manifested on the "OUTER" that which you have already named and claimed on the inner realms. This reminds you of what your soul 'inner knowing/self' know that:


Due to some arrogance and EGO, you have danced the dance with many souls.

You have enjoyed many energy exchanges and sometimes you took more than you should have. Other times you gave to the point of sheer exhaustion.

This lifetime, like that of your beloved ARIEL, is one to come into the FULL CIRCLE MEDICINE WHEEL HOOP as your beloved NATIVE PEOPLE term it.
This is to be the lifetime of temperance, moderation and balance when it come

to the physical expression of who you partially be.

Joan of Arc is in your vibration. She said BRING BACK THE NIGHT.
HELP and REMIND THE SISTERS of what they need to remember.
It is time for the MOTHER FLAME to BURN BRIGHTLY. For so much

hurt is being inflicted upon her children on TERRA.

Claim and become your POWER...EMBRACE AND BE ONE WITH IT.
SO YOU can make a difference in this world in ways you have NOT
Be willing to brave, daring and bold. LET GO OF THAT WHICH DOES NOT

Embrace your Ariel and let him sing to you again. Let him court you

and court him as well as you did in times past. He will not hurt you again.

He has died, resurrected and been reborn out of the ashes of his own

soul agony and suffering.


Take what light he will give you and give back what you are drawn to.

Know that your beloved KAEDEN is always nigh!

Your ONENESS can never be severed. No need to even go there.
You shall be rewarded AGAIN AND AGAIN with his physical presence

as you fulfill your ancient PRIESTESS PROMISES to serve humanity


the heavy dark soul fragments feed off such energy.


Just this morning, as I woke your beloved ARIEL, I told him it was OKAY

and right to let go of this person/this tortured person/he/she in Colorado.

He tossed all of the emails and said, I give it to you GREAT MOTHER....KALI....KUAN YIN. Take away that which does not serve me.

He feels peace of mind and if he hears from this person in Colorado,

HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED, as his friend JAMIE, says,

because this soul does not KNOW WHO HE/SHE IS. This can be ver

dangerous to those he/she attracts.
Ariel, said I claim and give my heart to total full surrender to my heart.

And leave the rest to DESTINY and so forth.

Dresda takes her leave now beloved soul sister, ARIELLE.

I love you as Ariel loves you and Kaeden and Joan

I am forever more in your hearty service,


Michael Dennis is the author of "Halfway to Heaven" Dawn's Kiss" (Love/ metaphysical poetry, Morning Coffee With God and God's Many Mansions.

which are available on

For more about Michael , please visit his website.


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    • Mike Dennis profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dennis 

      7 years ago

      Thank you for your kind words, Gary. Yes, I have a lot of pain deep in my soul, but a lot of light and love too. And I have humor, thank goodness, or I'd be in a loony house with the crazies. YES, rainbow colored lights. Very nice. I love rainbows and I love the purple flame. I chant a lot of the VIOLET FLAME decrees and love beloved ascended master St. Germain of the violet flame. Cheers, to you..

    • qlcoach profile image

      Gary Eby 

      7 years ago from Cave Junction, Oregon

      I feel your pain and I see your Light. You have much to say to those who have eyes and see; those who have ears and listen. I believe there are infinite rainbow-colored lights inside of us and all around us. Sending you the purple flame today....Gary.


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