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Controlled On Global Warming Due To Lockdown

Updated on April 28, 2020
Tayyaba Qadir profile image

My self Tayyaba Qadir, I’m from Karachi, Pakistan. I have completed my matriculation from Karachi board and I’m a student of Arts.

Global warming is the process that causes the Earth's temperature to rise and makes the Earth warmer and this the reason behind the climate change. The evolution in climate is the biggest challenge faced by humanity and effect all the living things on earth. Global warming is the biggest cause of change in climate and we are the one who is responsible for that. Human activities are major cause of climate change.
If we put a glimpse on to a situation, we can clearly see that how our environment has been changed in few days how our air is getting less polluted, these all are because of human beings are bounded to stay indoor which mean human beings are contributing to increase global warming.

“Causes Of Global Warming”

Global warming cause due to greenhouse effect. Increased level of carbon dioxide and nitrogen gases do not let the heat escape from earth. This cause the melting of ice sheet, rise of sea level, and ocean acidification. Human activities are responsible behind these all. As per NASA, 97% of climate scientists agreed that climate warming trends over past century are very like due to humans activities. Deforestation is the second largest leading cause of global warming.

How Lockdown Brings A Drop In The Pollution

As we all are quarantine and we are forced to stay at home due to corona virus all human beings are bounded to remain indoors.

  • The limitations imposed on transportation of all over the world, that has led to a cleaner atmosphere and environment is getting much better than before, the air is less polluted even in the most polluted cities
  • The work in the industrial places has been stopped which is the also reason of decrease in the rate of pollution and the quality of air is better now a days.
  • Due to industrial work has been stopped so the waste of industries are not dumped in a seas which helps in less water pollution and provide a great advantage to the marine life.


    Pope Francis

Ways To Overcome Global Warming

As we all know that we cannot overcome the global warming only in just few days. After this quarantine period everyone will get busy in doing the same things as they do before lockdown, people will start doing deforestation, the pollution created through transportation will create again.

So here are the ways that we can follow to over come “Global Warming”

  • Conserve electricity and fuel.
  • Use recycle material.
  • Dispose the garbage carefully.
  • Safe trees, avoid deforestation.
  • Raise awareness among people through social media and social events
  • Try to use alternative source of energy like solar energy and wind turbine.

“We have a single mission:

To protect and hand over the earth to the next generation”

Francois Hollande


Earth is the only planet that has life and we don’t have planet “B”. So it’s our responsibility to take care of it and we should be that much responsible to perform our duties toward it.


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