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Controversy: Birth Control Versus Birth Right

Updated on April 18, 2014


Controls Population Growth

First off, birth control is now a legitimate method of controlling population growth. For the most part, controlling birth is a voluntary event. By controlling population growth, societies may have the opportunity to enforce plans that will support the livelihoods of the communities, as a whole. Moreover, most developed countries do participate in these types of agendas.

Disease Prevention

Furthermore, another example--of an advantage of birth control--involves disease prevention. Condoms have been around for decades and have proven to be very effective, in relation to preventing both pregnancies and acts of spreading detrimental diseases (e.g. HIV; sexually transmitted diseases).

Cost Effective

Next, birth control has proven to be cost effective-in comparison to having society compensate for the birth and maintenance of an unwanted child. Frankly, an unwanted child could be an attribute to the probability of encouraging a single family, as a trend: an unethical burden on government and other agencies that are put in place, in order to protect family oriented interests (i.e. monies for food/housing/education).

Having Birth

People having birth has affected the pasts and the futures of humans, as far as one could imagine. Throughout centuries food sources have been affected and resources have been affected, as well. As a result, the populations have set restrictions and traditions; which incite to become controversial at all points. With that said, there are numerous advantages and disadvantages, in relation to birth control usage.


False Securities

Unfortunately, there have been decisions-in reference to birth control-that have discovered a number of disadvantages to its usage. First of all, there have been false securities that have led many astray. Conversely, even though birth control can prevent pregnancy from occurring, other detrimental episodes may occur. Example, having the ability to prevent an upset--of an unexpected pregnancy--may encourage more sexual intercourse among certain communities. Thereafter, other protective measures (i.e. condoms) may not be used.

Because of episodes like this, exposures to sexually transmitted diseases are more susceptible to happen. Ultimately, there will be more opportunities for blood to be exchanged during acts of intercourse, because of this.

Detrimental Side Effects

Moving right along, detrimental side effects have been labeled-as a result from using contraceptives. There have been complaints of physiological changes to occur, within the female body, because of the use of contraceptives. Moreover, according to sources, some females are not compatible with the usage of certain pills and devices. In relation, there have been cases where both the woman and the man were negatively affected by not being able to reproduce naturally; as a result, counseling has been placed as an important genre of recovery because of this type of 'unnatural' change.

Costs (Uninsured/Insured)

According to sources--in relation to expense--birth control can be bothersome. There are complaints that pertain to having to set a budget for protection (i.e. purchasing condoms, birth control pills, sponges, diaphragms, and paying for preventive surgeries: IUDs; implantable rod; sterilization implant (essure), etc. ).

Unfortunately, some health insurance plans will not cover these types of expenses. Apparently, the expense of avoiding pregnancy is detrimental to the modern day economics that specifically focuses on the livelihoods of individuals and families alike.

In conclusion, society's demand for science and control--of the population and its resources--has abundantly affected peoples lives throughout the past decades and centuries even. As a result, different opinions have been produced and outcomes continue to sway. However, the bottom line strays upon the judgements that involve finance and the community norms--both domestic and abroad.


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