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Conversational Hypnosis and the Power of Language

Updated on March 27, 2014

Conversational Hypnosis

Hypnosis should not be a mystery.
Hypnosis should not be a mystery.

Hypnosis can be used by anyone

Many people think they know what hypnosis is that could not be further from the truth. And for a fact most people have no idea what Conversational Hypnosis is. They are from the same discipline but are quite different because of situation and emphasis. The Conversational hypnosis technique is utilized in everyday situations and conversations and there really is no mystery what it is and how one does it once they become familiar. Conversational Hypnosis is a set of strategies and techniques that allows you to capitalize on language and use the power of suggestion on others. This is a very powerful skill and comes in handy in personal or professional settings.

This should be no mystery and yet it is. Hypnosis is an art where certain skills need to be honed in order to be effective at using it on others. The skills that you acquire will determine how good you become at this. Don't be worried it is relatively easy to learn and to master the simple techniques that are needed to hypnotize other people. You can learn all of it in a relatively short time with the proper training materials.

There are some things you want to keep in mind when attempting to put someone under trance. One of the most powerful things in your arsenal is your power of observation. You need to see and test the mood of the subject before you begin and in order to be successful the following steps are recommended.

  • Get the subjects focus and try to immediately build rapport with them.
  • Defeat the subjects skepticism with the special language to get them on your side.
  • Make them respond unconsciously using the simplest of techniques.
  • Have suggestions prepared for your subject so you are ready if successful.

To this point you have been let in on some secrets of conversational hypnosis and it may seem like anyone could think of this - well anyone did. The takeaway here is that the things you need to master in order to acquire this skill are quite simple. If you are able to grab focus, defeat skepticism, make them respond unconsciously and know what suggestions you want to implant then you could become the next hypnotic master. This is quite possible.

Your end goal can be accomplished much easier once you learn a couple intermediate techniques. By using a content that is mixed up, and the tonal qualities of your voice you will be able to handle the conversation and massage the subconscious mind to implant suggestions without anyone's knowledge. I believe that people doing hypnosis like this should be doing good with it and not bad things. This is extremely powerful.

With hypnotherapy you can assist people with weight problems, phobias, and even help chronic smokers quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. Also, you can always learn by practicing with people by testing your skills on friends and family - of course they won't know. Hypnosis is supposed to be for the betterment of a person and one can even learn how to self hypnotize. This is just an overview of what conversational hypnosis is and how it can help you as well as exemplify how simple it is to learn.

Learn to Master Hypnosis

5 Myths About Hypnosis

1. You won't reveal your deepest darkest secrets

People sometimes think hypnosis is a way for someone to gather information from you that you would never want to reveal. First of all with hypnosis that we are covering here is nothing like that. People will however let their guard down and become hypnotized and maybe not even realize it and then wake up after a demonstration of the technique. During the hypnotic state the person is fully cognizant of what is going on around him although open to suggestion. You won't reveal secrets unless you want to.

2. Hypnosis does not cause memory loss

People who are hypnotized do not awake from a trance and suddenly do not remember their names or where the live. They actually become hyper-aware of everything because that is one thing conversational hypnosis is supposed to do. Since we want them alert and aware they will be more likely to give into subtle suggestion. Actually hypnosis can be used to recover memories.

3. Cannot get stuck in a trance

No one that I know of or heard of has ever been "stuck" in a trance. The Hypnotist has the power of over subjects only to a point and people never go deeper than they actually allow. This is very unlikely to ever occur although people still think this is possible.

4. Hypnosis is not mind control

Believe it or not a hypnotist is not controlling a persons mind. What he is actually doing is impressing upon them the power of suggestion. They do this by observing the subject, probing and then finally slipping into that place where the subject is in a suggestible state of mind. The hypnotist could not control and tell them to commit a crime the person would know right from wrong and not do that. Hypnosis is not mind control.

5 Only weak people can be hypnotized

This is not exactly the case. People are susceptible to other people who have wit, wisdom and can mesmerize with words phrases and tone of voice. It does not take much for people to allow themselves to be hypnotized. Even the biggest and strongest guy can fall into a trace if a skilled hypnotist attends to that person. On the other hand some people can refuse to play this game - depends on the person.


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