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Converting Fractions to Decimals

Updated on April 17, 2012

Ok so today we look at a proverbial recipe for converting scrumptious fractions of a cake into a much more easily digestible decimal.

Now I know for some of you this will be child’s play but for others this is something to be conquered so be patient guys!

If you follow this as you would a recipe for a cake you will always get a decimal answer for your fraction. So here we go I will demonstrate the process using 7/8 as an example:

  1. Divide 7 by 8. As you can see 8 goes into 7, 0 times with a remainder of 7, so we start our fraction as ‘0.’ Because 8 goes into 7 zero times.
  1. Ok so now we see how many 8’s will go into 70 (the remainder times 10). We can get eight 8’s into 70 (8x8=64) and as such we add that 8 to the end of our decimal to get ‘0.8’. We now have a remainder of 6 (70-64=6)
  1. Repeat the above process. So how many 8’s fit into 60 (remainder from above times 10). We find that we can get seven 8’s within 60 (7x8=56), thus our decimal now becomes ‘0.87’ and we have a remainder of 4 (60-56=4)
  1. Repeat the same process. So how many 8’s can we get into 40 (remainder times 10). This time we can get five 8’s into 40 (5x8=40) with no remainder. Now add the 5 to the end of the decimal to get ‘0.875’
  1. Because there is no more remainders we have finished our recipe for converting a fraction to a decimal and therefore we can conclude that 7/8=0.875

That was pretty straight forward wasn’t it? You should have ago at practising some more to master the technique.

Be aware that some fractions will require more or less of the above steps. In the case of changing 1/2 to a decimal it only takes two steps, for others such as 2/3 and 1/11 it will take an infinite amount of steps because they are recurring decimals so feel free to give up after a few steps and just use an ellipsis XD

As always any questions or comments drop them in the box below,

Thank You,



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