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Coronavirus Attack: Is It the Beginning of World War III for the USA?

Updated on May 9, 2020
emge profile image

A senior air warrior, graduate from the Staff College and a PG in military studies. He is qualified to write on war and allied matters


Distance, they say lends enchantment to the view. It also gives immunity and saves a country from war and destruction. America was lucky in this respect as for almost 2 /1/4 centuries America was insulated from any attack from anywhere in the world. Even the Japanese during World War II could just reach the island of Hawaii and were nowhere close to conquering or testing the might of the USA on home ground.

America fought many wars from World War 1 to Vietnam and Iraq but no enemy could hit the American homeland. Even the Soviet Union failed to unsettle America and ultimately collapsed like a pack of cards.

The first-ever attack on the American homeland took place during 9/11 when Islamic militants bombed the Trade Towers in New York and the Pentagon killing almost 4000 Americans. This was the first-ever attack on the American homeland and for once the Americans tasted what it means to be under attack.

The American leadership committed a fatal blunder because of its love for China. Initially, they supported the Nationalists led by General Chiang Kai Shek. Later they dumped the nationalists and changed tracks by recognizing Red China and getting it admitted into the Security Council.

The American think tank failed to realize the true nature of the Communist regime. They kept sitting on their haunches when China began to test atomic bombs and intercontinental ballistic missiles. The American think tank at that time was of the view that Communist Russia was the danger and it would be a good idea if they had a partnership with Communist China. They hoped that China would play ball with them and help them continue to dominate the world.

One fails to appreciate how the American think tank could reach such a conclusion. America began to aid Chinese research and there are reports that even the Wuhan laboratory received $3.7 million aid from America. Successive American presidents allowed trade with China to burgeon with the result there was a trade deficit of nearly $600 million in favor of China.

The American think tank failed to appreciate that China was keen to correct the historical wrongs which it had suffered at the expense of the Western powers.

Any visitor to China will be aware that the Chinese wished to set aside the historical wrongs of the western powers. The humiliation of the Opium Wars, lease of Hong Kong, special privileges in Shanghai and China, and the occupation of Manchuria by Japan rankles with them. They would like now to be the number one power in the world.

We do not know the exact mechanics of how the virus spread from China to the West. It may have been an accident but once it spread the Chinese decided to capitalize on it and failed to inform the West and America. They also forbade any western or independent observer to enter China for an investigation.

This itself is proof enough to show that the Chinese had an intention to cripple the western powers and I wonder if they have succeeded.

Word War III

At this critical juncture, the American president is Donald Trump. I am afraid he is not a nationalist leader and sees everything through in a business context. His bent of mind could be seen that one of the first leaders invited to his resort in Florida was Chinese President Xi. He followed up by visiting China even before he met the leaders of other Western nations. As an aside, I will mention that his daughter Ivanka Trump has been given 26 patents on beauty products by China and she must've been a pile of money.

Even when the virus broke out in America President Trump was going round praising China for doing a good job. All this evaporated in 24 hours when he realized the extent of the damage that was taking place in America. He was late in ordering a lockdown and at many stages, he was keen that the lockdown is lifted. He was of the view that it may be better for a few Americans to die so that the economy of America remains afloat.

To date, 78,000 Americans have died and if figures have a meaning one must remember that in 20 years of the Vietnam war the Americans lost just 47,424 killed in combat. In the Korean war, the Americans suffered 3836 dead over three years. In World War I, the American suffered about 53,402 dead in combat in a war that lasted two years. It is only in World War II that they suffered more deaths in the battle spread over four years.

In the present scenario, the Americans have suffered 78,000 dead within three months and I have a feeling that there may well be over 200,000 dead. The American president has not realized the gravity of the situation. He has started to blame China for this pandemic. The American Secretary of State Pompey continues to lambast China. Not to be outdone the Chinese are blaming the United States for the spread of the virus through their military contingent that came to Wuhan to take part in the military games.

China may or may not be responsible but one fact emerges. When the virus spread in China they gave out doctored figures of deaths and infected. It also did not warn the countries with which it had strong trade relations like western Europe and the USA. It did not attempt to help curtail the spread of the virus to these countries. On top of this, they have refused to allow any American or European scientist to enter Wuhan to investigate the cause of the coronavirus. Even to a layman, this will show that the Chinese have an ax to grind and also they have the military power to cock a snook at the United States.


One cannot hazard a guess what is going to happen. The situation is grim for America which has been stung by its relative impotence against the spread of the virus. Donald Trump is blaming China but that's about all that he can do. He cannot declare war because the days of gunboat diplomacy are over. In addition, there is something called MAD and that is a deterrent because in case the Americans attack China the destruction America will face would not be cost-effective.

America is facing the third world war and they are likely to be more casualties than in World War II. America is faced with a Hobson choice because if the economy is opened and the virus spreads it could infect millions and hundreds of thousands will die.

Where there is a will there is a way. America will have to get its act together and the only option is to face China economically and bring it to its knees. Gunboat diplomacy is not an answer. China has very weak areas in its underbelly, notably Tibet and Sinkiang.

China is thriving on trade with the western world and the setting up of industries and outsourcing to China by these nations. In case all this is stopped China will have a tough time. Other options like the recognition of Taiwan as an independent state and Tibet needs to be followed up. In case the USA plays its cards adroitly and a good leader emerges World War three may well turn out to be the nemesis of China.


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    • emge profile imageAUTHOR

      MG Singh emge 

      12 months ago from Singapore

      Hi Ken, we are almost on the same footing. I agree that America missed the bus and has now allowed China to be the country that calls the shots. For this, the Americans have only themselves to blame. We were not there in 1964 but at that time Russia had withdrawn all technical help to China and the country was a sitting duck, for heavens I will never understand why Johnson never bombed the Chinese nuclear installations when the Chinese had nothing and USA had the B-52 bombers. It would have put China back by 3 decades. As far as the EU is concerned they are just ducks and surviving. They don't matter in world politics.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 

      12 months ago from Florida

      MG Singh

      Very well articulated counters, interesting points especially in regards to Russia's relationship with India.

      India is the counter force needed in the region, I can see America investing considerable effort to improve its relationships (business & military) with it.

      But I am not as confident as you are that America has the economic or industrial might to counter China.

      While its true that China has all those issues, China has strengthened its relationship with EU nations, and I have no faith in the EU... as I said, I think they would gladly beholden themselves to China, I think the leaders of the EU states, or the EU itself, are inflicting great harm to themselves and their future, whether its France or Sweden and the bulk of the rest of them, they actively engage in activity that is detrimental to their future wellbeing, be it cultural or economic.

      One cannot under-estimate the wanton self-destructive mindset that is fixed in the ideologies of those running most of the EU nations today, they are absolutely willing to marry themselves to China to their own detriment.

      Almost every nation in Africa as well. And a growing number of those in the Middle East.

      Canada is practically owned by China. They have their tentacles deep into Australia. China is far more entrenched into parts of the world where America has little or no influence than you seem to be giving them credit for.

      I don't have the confidence that you have, that other nations are competent enough to pull together collectively to restrain China, nor do I think they have the willingness to do so. The EU is made up of incredibly weak willed, self-loathing mindsets unwilling to challenge China... and the continent of Africa is all but controlled by them.

    • emge profile imageAUTHOR

      MG Singh emge 

      12 months ago from Singapore

      Ken, one small point further. This is India's relationship with Russia. Both countries have been close friends for 60 years. Putin and Modi meet every year and India has done a great balancing act between USA and Russia. and Trump knows it. China is also wary of this account as Russian weapons are in a big way in India. India is also getting the latest us weaponry as well and if the chips are down China knows that it will be surrounded.

    • emge profile imageAUTHOR

      MG Singh emge 

      12 months ago from Singapore

      Ken, I have read your comment, and it's interesting. You have overlooked one point in the USSR's disintegration. I don't think the population was a factor as most of the SSR republics had a very little population in other words they were sparsely populated except for Ukraine. It was basically the policy of Glasnost ushered in by Gorbachov that spelled Rusian doom.

      America may be divided house but this happens in a democracy and America has lived with it for 200+ years. Even during the Vietnam war, there was a lot of division with the anti-war movement. But I agree that America lost focus wrt China and that is what I have stated.

      China is in deep trouble. Japan has decided to remove all industry from China and $2 billion have been earmarked for it.South South Korea is moving its entire industry including Samsung to India.

      I am sure you are aware that 1000 American companies are stopping manufacturing in China and planning to shift to India where Indian government of India's biggest state Uttar Pradesh has completely overhauled the labour laws to help foreign industry shift to India.

      China was driving when all the manufacturing activities were being positioned there but this is not going to happen and it is already changing what have pointed out is just a tip of the iceberg and within six months from now guess what my December this year what.

      China is very of India and there have been unarmed combat between Indians and Chinese soldiers at two points on the Indo China border in last two days.Indian and Chinese soldiers do not carry any weapons on the border because none of them wants a fight.But China is scared of India more so as India is into a strategic partnership with the United States.I do not agree with your view that everything is going fine in China because of what I have just written is just a small aspect of what is really happening.The Chinese are scared of the repercussions against them if they were all that strong they want to bother about it.

      .0060 zoom 60606

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 

      12 months ago from Florida

      Lt Col & MG Singh,

      Lets consider the Russians, or the USSR that you brought up, if you want to consider its collapse, there are 160 million people in Russia today, they were less 30 years ago when they collapsed.

      America is 320 million people, they were much less 30 years ago, by at least 70 million.

      China by comparison has 1.5 Billion people.

      What China does to Tibet or any other smaller nation is nothing. They have the manpower to put down any neighbor other than India itself. They can just overwhelm them with numbers, and are doing just that in various places.

      Russia on the other hand, didn't have the capacity to control as much as it did, they just didn't have the manpower to expand and control nations with hostile populations. Besides, America always opposed them.

      America does not oppose China, America ignores what they do in Tibet, or Hong Kong, or any of a dozen island nations near to China.

      There may be fractures within China, I would agree that there could be unrest. But that unrest will be put down, and those people will be imprisoned or slaughtered.

      America has never been more divided, America wants to war against itself, it hasn't been this bad since the Civil War.

      Do not underestimate this, you can see it somewhat in these threads, people are choosing sides, debate and compromise is no longer a desired result.

      The fact that the CCP controls the corporations and banks of its nation is a strength, not a weakness. The fact that China has less rights, and is a more militant society, is a strength not a weakness.

      China is unified, its people have national pride, its people have pride in being Chinese, and its people accept Party first over personal liberty... its the way they've been programmed to think since birth.

      China is building the best cities and best computers and best AI, today, now, they are ahead of America... all the while they realized they could not defeat America with their military, so they did it in other ways... by opening up their country so that they could take the best of everything that America had, and make it their own.

      So that they could sell America all the junk that it wanted and in return drain America's wealth.

      And in return China influenced American politics at the highest level, Bill Clinton's presidential campaign was funded in large part by Chinese businessmen, dozens of Senators are on their payroll, Colleges and media sources are influenced by them

      Products on all levels, from Apple to Ford are manufactured in China.

      This pandemic proved just who is the Super Power in the world today, the WHO catered to their whims, individual nations will knuckle down to China's economic might and intolerant government, especially the EU, the likes of France and Spain want to humble themselves to China's wishes, they are sycophant nations looking for someone to hold power over them.

      America is nothing at all like it was in the 80s or even the 90s.

      China is the economic giant of the world today,

      America consumes... China manufactures and innovates...

    • emge profile imageAUTHOR

      MG Singh emge 

      12 months ago from Singapore

      LT COL, thank you for commenting. Your comment is to the point and I have nothing to add to it.

    • profile image

      Lt Col Avtar Singh 

      12 months ago

      I just read the comments on this article. I would liken to add one point; China has very little chance of being a no 1 nation to lead the world. I have observed that Tibet is their Achilles heel. There are over 2.5 million Tibetan refugees in India to escape the boots of Chinese army torture. Over 3000 Tibetans have immolated themselves in protest in Tibet and India. India lost the plot when Nehru was PM. I am afraid for China, they cannot enslave an entire people and get away with it. History records otherwise. The USSR collapsed so why not China?

    • emge profile imageAUTHOR

      MG Singh emge 

      12 months ago from Singapore

      Ken, I love an informed discussion. Most of the things you have stated in your last comment have been stated in your earlier comment. Reading between the lines what you state is something similar to what I have stated. There is no debate that China is moving technologically ahead but I differ from you ".China is unified as one people with one governing body." On the face of it, yes, but I have pointed to the underlying problems and we shall see these emerge.

      I agree America has lost the plot to be no 1 mainly because the heads of states -the Chief executives are beholden to China and have a lot to lose with the collapse of China. Also, the American people have perhaps not realized the enormity of what they did in building up China. Last point, China leading a new world order? I will die laughing on a bed of nails.

      All the same, it's nice to read your comments some of which are to the point. Thank you.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 

      12 months ago from Florida

      Your perception of "America always had a fondness" and "America wanted to ally with" is misplaced.

      I may be repeating what I just said in the last post, but I will try again.

      America is not and never has been unified, there are elements WITHIN America (within the Halls of DC) that have had a fondness for China, and that wanted to develop China, but it wasn't America or more pointedly it was never in America's best interests.

      International corporations saw the advantage of developing China, and using its billions of people as cheap labor (and to heck with the consequences so long as they got filthy rich).

      Globalists and Communists (plenty of whom have spent their lives pulling strings and making moves in DC) have done everything in their power to move things along to where they are today.

      Henry Kissinger certainly helped move America along to this point. "The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer." his concepts on what the world needed are well known.

      In the late 1970s, China began slowly opening to the West. This was due to Kissinger and Nixon. Change unfolded gradually but by the 1990s, the truly powerful wanted to bring China into the modern world, and China wanted to join it.

      Understand that China’s total GDP in 1980 was under $90 billion in current dollars. Today, it is over $12 trillion. The world has never seen such enormous economic growth in such a short time.

      China is now superior to the US. Not in terms of military might or nuclear weapons. But in terms of technology, Industrial capability, Genetics, AI, etc. it is as superior to America as Tesla is to GM in the race to capturing the EV marketplace.

      The fight is already over, America has lost.

      Today China is the world leader in number of STEM graduates. The World Economic Forum reported that China had 4.7 million recent STEM graduates in 2016, and India had 2.6 million new STEM graduates, while the United States had only 568,000.

      Those differentials have only increased, while more Americans get degrees in Social Justice or Self Identification (utterly worthless psycho-babble idiocy), the Chinese have around 7 million graduates this year in STEM fields.

      China, not America, will be innovating the new technologies of the world, they will be advancing mankind into a new future... Americans will be busy trying to identify where the lint came from in their belly-buttons and more importantly if it identifies as male or female or non-binary.

      It doesn't matter if China is unmasked, it doesn't matter because America is too self absorbed with itself, America is divided, and China is unified as one people with one governing body.

    • emge profile imageAUTHOR

      MG Singh emge 

      12 months ago from Singapore

      America always had a fondness for China. Earlier, they backed General Chang Kai Shek and his brood for three decades but when he lost they changed tracks immediately and decided to befriend Communist China. If the Americans were keen they would have never allowed China to go nuclear because when China tested its first nuclear bomb in 1964, its relations with the Soviet Union were at a low ebb and in case the Americans had destroyed the nuclear facilities nothing much would have happened. But the American think tank as confirmed by the Indian Ambassador to the China KM Panikkar the American wanted to ally with China as a partner to face the Soviet Union of whom they were mortally scared. The USA assumed that China would be their partner, a junior partner and not only help the American industry by giving a lucrative market but also allow America to dominate the world. They played into the hands of China which had its own priorities one of which was to displace the United States as the world's number one power. It is unimaginable to think that billions of dollars were poured into China by the American industry and trade with China was touching almost $700 billion. America is not having any such trade with any other country. They also tolerated a trade deficit of almost $600 billion in favor of China. Both the American contenders for presidentship this year Trump and Biden have a lot to answer for their contacts with China of their kith and kin and the dollars they have earned from there. The American think tank woefully underrated China and its intentions and all this has become apparent now after the Coronavirus broke out.

      The contention that China is a monolith country with one religion, one people, one race is a myth. The Chinese are extremely divided and one can remember that there is a lot of opposition inside China to the Communist government which came to the fore in the Tiananmen Square massacre when almost 8000 students were gunned down with tanks and guns.

      China is facing big resistance in Tibet and Sinkiang. They are trying to destroy the culture of these two areas. I will not go into details of this as this is available on the net.

      To say that China is the one nation to lead the world is something that is difficult to digest. I remember James Hadley Chase wrote " The way the cookie crumbles." Precisely that is going to happen to China. I have been observing China very closely and have seen first hand what all is happening there. It is a closed society where the workers have no rights and is a mockery when it claims to be following the principles of Karl Marx who talked of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

      At the moment China is under great pressure because it is seeing its grandiose schemes like the Belt and Road scheme and its devious plan to undermine the independence of small nations being unmasked. I have no doubt that China will implode from inside and America may lose its No 1 world power status but China is not the country to replace it.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 

      12 months ago from Florida

      I think this may be a misconception:

      "The American think tank failed to realize the true nature of the Communist regime. "

      We have to consider that much of the "leadership" in DC is working towards a NWO, Globalist, One World Government.

      Those who do so, work from the inside to sabotage America's strength and weaken support for the Constitution and national sovereignty.

      In order to usher in this globalist NWO another nation is needed to make it happen, America has moved the world a great way down the road towards this destination... but it is ill suited to complete it, the nature of Americans to be independent and resistant to authority makes the populace ill suited to this task, and America's constitutionally protected government with its division of authority between the three branches makes it too slow to respond and too unreliable and too uncontrollable.

      Clearly China is much better suited to the task of ushering in a NWO and controlling the world.

      China controlled by a single party and a single purpose. China is not a diversified group of people and political ideologies and parties, it is a unified culture controlled by one party and one race.

      China has the largest population, is one of the largest nations and when one adds in its close ally which is reliant on it (Russia) China has control or access to the worlds largest resources of power (oil, gas, etc.) and raw materials (metals, lumber, etc.).

      If one truly wants to set up a One World Order, then the goal is to weaken America from the inside, let its divisive nature tear itself apart, feed the division, help push the political extremes... while at the same time allowing the wealth of America flow to China, all its Industrial might, technological secrets, all its advanced research until China is superior to America on every level and capable of defeating America economically, technologically, and politically internationally.

      As I have always said, Trump has merely slowed the inevitable.

      Americans are too divided, too focused on their petty issues to see the bigger picture. To determined to right old wrongs, seek out justice for sins of the past.

      America is flooded with tens of millions of people who have no loyalty to America, and have no history or loyalty to the nation. Which is just the opposite of China... China as a nation is militant in its determination to be the best, to beat America, to restore its position in the world as its leader, as its center of authority.

      The Third World War has been waging for decades... and America is losing on all fronts that it is being fought.

    • emge profile imageAUTHOR

      MG Singh emge 

      12 months ago from Singapore

      Thank you Fran Rocks, Your comment is incisive.

    • emge profile imageAUTHOR

      MG Singh emge 

      12 months ago from Singapore

      Muralikrishna, thank you for commenting. Astrologically also Chian is in for a tough time but with weak leadership, India will not be able to take any advantage. Even yesterday there has been a scuffle and 11 soldiers are injured in a clash with China at Natu La in Sikkim. Sign of a weak APPROACH to China by India.

    • powers41 profile image

      fran rooks 

      12 months ago from Toledo, Ohio

      Very informative. Thanks for your insight. I believe Trump is only about the center stage for himself and has no empathy for the public. And yes, Ivanka and her dealings with China!!! Perhaps Jared can solve all Trump's problems!! He has so much experience. They are all Trump's lapdogs.

    • hmkrishna profile image

      Halemane Muralikrishna 

      12 months ago from South India

      What you have pointed out is really correct. Now to make up the bad remarks China is ready to do any compromise with world leaders in order to let the trade go on. Had a very informative reading of your article, Mr MG Singh.

    • emge profile imageAUTHOR

      MG Singh emge 

      12 months ago from Singapore

      Ruby Jean, thanks for your comment. I had a lot of unease also as I studied the death figures.Trump looks a little lost and losing his old bluster. It's going to be tough further.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      12 months ago from Southern Illinois

      I must say that reading this made me have a feeling of uneasiness, although it is well written and informative. All I can say is that we better get Trump out of the Whitehouse. ( He hasn't a clue ) I do like your research and reporting on these matters. Thank you.

    • emge profile imageAUTHOR

      MG Singh emge 

      12 months ago from Singapore

      Thank you Chitra, these are trying times. Do take care.

    • emge profile imageAUTHOR

      MG Singh emge 

      12 months ago from Singapore

      John, well commented. China is in a corner and all nations have a question to ask of China and I don't think they have answers. There is a lot of grey area in the conduct of China but until the world unites against China, nothing much will happen.

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 

      12 months ago from New Delhi, India

      Nice insightful article and some well made points. As of now, the situation is so uncertain and disturbing, whether it is US or anywhere else in the World. Of course, the figures in the US are frightening.

      There is no doubt that the spread of this deadly virus, points towards China.

      Let’s see how things shape up in the future.

      Thank you for sharing this well written article.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      12 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Good article MG. The Australia Government also said there should be an independent enquiry into how the virus started and if the Chinese covered up etc. China have retaliated by indirectly threatening trade sanctions. However, if they do that they maybe sorry as that will put China in a precarious situation as we are by far their biggest supplier of iron ore, meat and dairy products, and there is really nothing we get from China that we can't access elsewhere. They have also said offhandedly that Chinese students and public may see Australia as unfriendly and choose to go to other countries to study and vacation. That remains to be seen.

      China has also been flexing its muscles in the South China Sea and trying to intimidate other countries who may have interests there. It seems as though the original spread of this virus did support ulterior motives, whether accidental or not.


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