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Coronavirus Attack: Is It the Beginning of World War III for the USA?

Updated on May 9, 2020
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A senior air warrior, graduate from the Staff College and a PG in military studies and Law. He is qualified to write on this subject.


Distance, they say lends enchantment to the view. It also gives immunity and saves a country from war and destruction. America was lucky in this respect as for almost 2 /1/4 centuries America was insulated from any attack from anywhere in the world. Even the Japanese during World War II could just reach the island of Hawaii and were nowhere close to conquering or testing the might of the USA on home ground.

America fought many wars from World War 1 to Vietnam and Iraq but no enemy could hit the American homeland. Even the Soviet Union failed to unsettle America and ultimately collapsed like a pack of cards.

The first-ever attack on the American homeland took place during 9/11 when Islamic militants bombed the Trade Towers in New York and the Pentagon killing almost 4000 Americans. This was the first-ever attack on the American homeland and for once the Americans tasted what it means to be under attack.

The American leadership committed a fatal blunder because of its love for China. Initially, they supported the Nationalists led by General Chiang Kai Shek. Later they dumped the nationalists and changed tracks by recognizing Red China and getting it admitted into the Security Council.

The American think tank failed to realize the true nature of the Communist regime. They kept sitting on their haunches when China began to test atomic bombs and intercontinental ballistic missiles. The American think tank at that time was of the view that Communist Russia was the danger and it would be a good idea if they had a partnership with Communist China. They hoped that China would play ball with them and help them continue to dominate the world.

One fails to appreciate how the American think tank could reach such a conclusion. America began to aid Chinese research and there are reports that even the Wuhan laboratory received $3.7 million aid from America. Successive American presidents allowed trade with China to burgeon with the result there was a trade deficit of nearly $600 million in favor of China.

The American think tank failed to appreciate that China was keen to correct the historical wrongs which it had suffered at the expense of the Western powers.

Any visitor to China will be aware that the Chinese wished to set aside the historical wrongs of the western powers. The humiliation of the Opium Wars, lease of Hong Kong, special privileges in Shanghai and China, and the occupation of Manchuria by Japan rankles with them. They would like now to be the number one power in the world.

We do not know the exact mechanics of how the virus spread from China to the West. It may have been an accident but once it spread the Chinese decided to capitalize on it and failed to inform the West and America. They also forbade any western or independent observer to enter China for an investigation.

This itself is proof enough to show that the Chinese had an intention to cripple the western powers and I wonder if they have succeeded.

Word War III

At this critical juncture, the American president is Donald Trump. I am afraid he is not a nationalist leader and sees everything through in a business context. His bent of mind could be seen that one of the first leaders invited to his resort in Florida was Chinese President Xi. He followed up by visiting China even before he met the leaders of other Western nations. As an aside, I will mention that his daughter Ivanka Trump has been given 26 patents on beauty products by China and she must've been a pile of money.

Even when the virus broke out in America President Trump was going round praising China for doing a good job. All this evaporated in 24 hours when he realized the extent of the damage that was taking place in America. He was late in ordering a lockdown and at many stages, he was keen that the lockdown is lifted. He was of the view that it may be better for a few Americans to die so that the economy of America remains afloat.

To date, 78,000 Americans have died and if figures have a meaning one must remember that in 20 years of the Vietnam war the Americans lost just 47,424 killed in combat. In the Korean war, the Americans suffered 3836 dead over three years. In World War I, the American suffered about 53,402 dead in combat in a war that lasted two years. It is only in World War II that they suffered more deaths in the battle spread over four years.

In the present scenario, the Americans have suffered 78,000 dead within three months and I have a feeling that there may well be over 200,000 dead. The American president has not realized the gravity of the situation. He has started to blame China for this pandemic. The American Secretary of State Pompey continues to lambast China. Not to be outdone the Chinese are blaming the United States for the spread of the virus through their military contingent that came to Wuhan to take part in the military games.

China may or may not be responsible but one fact emerges. When the virus spread in China they gave out doctored figures of deaths and infected. It also did not warn the countries with which it had strong trade relations like western Europe and the USA. It did not attempt to help curtail the spread of the virus to these countries. On top of this, they have refused to allow any American or European scientist to enter Wuhan to investigate the cause of the coronavirus. Even to a layman, this will show that the Chinese have an ax to grind and also they have the military power to cock a snook at the United States.


One cannot hazard a guess what is going to happen. The situation is grim for America which has been stung by its relative impotence against the spread of the virus. Donald Trump is blaming China but that's about all that he can do. He cannot declare war because the days of gunboat diplomacy are over. In addition, there is something called MAD and that is a deterrent because in case the Americans attack China the destruction America will face would not be cost-effective.

America is facing the third world war and they are likely to be more casualties than in World War II. America is faced with a Hobson choice because if the economy is opened and the virus spreads it could infect millions and hundreds of thousands will die.

Where there is a will there is a way. America will have to get its act together and the only option is to face China economically and bring it to its knees. Gunboat diplomacy is not an answer. China has very weak areas in its underbelly, notably Tibet and Sinkiang.

China is thriving on trade with the western world and the setting up of industries and outsourcing to China by these nations. In case all this is stopped China will have a tough time. Other options like the recognition of Taiwan as an independent state and Tibet needs to be followed up. In case the USA plays its cards adroitly and a good leader emerges World War three may well turn out to be the nemesis of China.


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