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Corrupt School Systems

Updated on December 6, 2017

What about the future of America?

Schools today are not like they once were. You are getting about half and half of a true education. Half of the system simply does not care if your child receives the tools they need for the future. School used to be a dream for kids. It used to be a great learning experience and a way for those to get a better life than those before them. It was how some achieved the great American dream. It was the foundation of America. The school system used to help build this country, but now it seems to be helping destroy it. Schools cannot be fully blamed for everything though. Parents are also to be blamed and the children themselves are to be partially blamed when they are old enough to think for themselves and when they can determine right from wrong. So what is the problem that I speak of? Why are your children possibly not getting the education they deserve? Continue reading to find out!

Will Your Child Truly Graduate?

You may be wondering what I mean by this title. This may even apply to yourself? Did you or will they truly graduate or will they simply be pushed through the system? Today, too many kids are simply looked over and pushed through just to get the school's graduation rate higher. It makes the school itself look better and in the end gets it more money. Yes, there are kids who do great in school. Those who have a great upbringing and are lucky to have help and support to successfully graduate. They seem to have a bright future ahead of them since day one. I was one of those kids. Sadly, I seen others who weren't like me. I saw those who had no support at home. Luckily, I went to a great school. Majority of teachers actually cared for their students. They would help those who were in need. The students saw their compassion and wanted to get out of their lives at home. They took the opportunity to learn from those caring teachers and graduated with success.

You are still probably wondering what the problem is. Not all schools were like mine. I see it even more now that I'm a little bit older. Many schools do not even bother to help those who are failing. Some teachers may try once, but then they give on that student. The student does need to put in some effort on their part, but they have to see a point in trying. They need an end game. There are parents at home who have never shown a care in the world for their child. They simply only acknowledge that they exist. They do not receive support or discipline from their parents. Their parents never taught them anything. They either learned on their on or from a caring teacher at school.

So what happens when both the parent and the teacher only acknowledge that child's existence? What happens when everyone seems to give up on that child? If that child doesn't commit suicide first, then they will simply rebel or act out. They could care less about school, because they don't see a point in it. They have no will to succeed in life, because they have always been told that they won't. The school does see this as a problem, but they give up on them too. They get frustrated and probably simply don't know what to do. They don't want to hurt themselves, so instead they let the child graduate. Some students this may surprise. It may be their way to success, but more than likely it won't be. If they caused trouble in school or at home, then they are very likely to cause trouble once they get out on their own. They may possibly end up in jail over and over again. Almost like a recurring cycle. Which takes our money to keep up the jail system. We end up feeding and sheltering them. They end up thinking it's better there. They have everything they need. They are being cared for.

Have you heard the saying that time repeats itself? Well, that is a very true statement. These so called "adults" now go on to have kids of their own. They see what their parent did. They follow in their footsteps and end up exactly the same. Now do we want to start caring for these students now when they are home and in school or do we want to care for them later when they are in prison?

What Can Be Done?

I have a friend who became a teacher. She is very caring, but she also doesn't know what to do with these troubled kids either. She can call an administrator, but they never truly deal with the problem. They brush it off or just keep the kid out of class for awhile which doesn't help them in the end. These problems can range from students throwing things across the classroom and lying to their teachers to escape class to physical fighting and kids running away/going missing. A lot of students these days also dabble in drug and alcohol use and eventually have an addiction. We even see kids murdering other people or bringing weapons on campus.

What can we do to fix this issue? Communities need to get together on this. They need to offer up ideas. Maybe there can be a volunteer after school program meant to help those students in education or perhaps they need an online space they can go to for help or just someone to talk to. They need someone to give them support and to care. I believe they need role models and they also need to be introduced to those who never succeeded in life. They need to be shown hard working women and men of America, but they also need to be shown those who have ended up in jail or those losing everything they owned. The lives that they have seen lost.

Teachers I ask you to take one day out of the school year to ask your students what they expect out of life? Where do they see themselves in the future? What do they wish to accomplish? Have them fill out a form and turn it in. Put on a movie with some snacks and pull kids out of class one by one to have a conversation with them about their future and choices. Ask them how they plan to get where they want to go. Help set up goals for them to strive for. Offer an award after every goal they reach. Try your best to help these students and get others to help too. You are only one person with a class full of students who need help. Get everyone on board. Students used the fight and protest to be part of a school. Now, they don't even want to be in it. Don't give up on these great kids of America.

Be A Voice!

Do you think the school system should be allowed to simply ignore and push troubled students through the system?

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© 2017 Kayla Adams


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      Amber MV 6 weeks ago from Greater Seattle Area

      I agree :(