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Prepare for Back to School! How to Start

Updated on September 13, 2011

The Most Organized Mom in the World??

I am not one of those super organized moms that you read about in Better Homes and Garden magazine. Chances are good that on the first day of school my son will still have crusty globs of continuous spray sunscreen in his hair. The best I can hope for is a belly full of Life cereal and pants that don't come to his knee caps! The summer growth spurt has put a hurtin' on my back to school budget! I am actually giving myself big props, it is not even August and I am preparing for school now (school starts August 18 or is it the 19th? Not sure I lost the paper they sent home.

The summer started with me working a full-time job at an auto repair shop. I put my son in camp at the local school. Summer camp isn't cheap and I had other ambitions besides working at a desk all day banking calories for a rainy day. Now I am home with my son and while the stress of working is gone, the stress of paying for the life I live and sleeping an hour later each morning are dangerous! Especially if I want to be primed for after school. So starting today I am committed to a smooth start.

First thing I need to do is start setting my alarm clock for 6:30 am. Wait, hold on, before that, the first thing I will do each night is set up the coffee maker to have midnight black, extra strong java ready by 6:20am!! Once the Coffee is in place then set alarm clock for 6:30. The first day of school in my town is early August 17 (or 18?) so if I can start getting my lazy butt out of bed now it will hurt less on opening day!

The next thing I need to do is put the red wine away by 9pm each night. If I keep hanging out with the neighbors until 11:30 every night I will not be able to drag my hungover tired ass out of bed at 6:30 am every morning! Go to bed by 10:30 your not in college your a MOM for God's Sake!

I am well on the way but if I am going to be getting up every morning at 6:30 a.m. for no good reason I need something to do with that time. Something that will even further prepare me for back to school! What should I do?? No one is doing anything interesting on Facebook at 6:30 am except reading posts from friends in foreign countries plus the morning news is too depressing! After I drink my liquid crack otherwise known as coffee!! I will do some minor reorganizing. NOT CLEANING. I repeat no cleaning allowed. I will make a couple of lists and folders for any needs through out the year for example, school supplies needed, playdate phone list, sports info, permission slips etc I'll put the folders in a my cabinet marked "Son's Stuff". I also have very professional folders labeled "dog stuff" "husband stuff" and "car stuff" one of my folders just says BILLS with a sad face next to it. Really it doesn't need to be fancy!

Almost there, now I need to figure out what this child of mine is going to wear to school. All of his pants were riding up to his ankles. The poor kid looked like Huck Finn on his way to meet with Tom for a day of fishin'! I made my boy think I am actually a talented seamstress because I transformed each pair of pants into board shorts with a pair of kitchen shears! Well I can't shop for him so I will just tell the Grandma's to go to Penny's and pick out stuff in size 8! My own mom was never allowed to pick clothes out for me but she is a genius at picking out shirts my son refuses to take off! With the money I save I will shop for fun stuff! Maybe some books or music for my ipod. I could use some meditation inspiration to get my early mornings off to a good start!

Now I am feeling proud, I am on the right track for back to school! Oh wait my neighbor just called, Margarita night by her new pool!!! Maybe I'll start back to school prep next week! Happy Monday everyone!

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    • profile image

      Chris  7 years ago

      So cool! I like your style! Pass the Merlot! ha ha

    • swapna123 profile image

      swapna123 7 years ago from India

      :) It's been one month that my little one's school started and i haven't got used to the schedule yet. I still need my alarm to wake me up and packing up breakfast and lunch and seeing her off on time for the bus is more important than anything else in the world for now !

    • Nicole Winter profile image

      Nicole A. Winter 7 years ago from Chicago, IL

      Happy Monday, to you, too, ecomama! This is a great read, thanks for taking the time out to write it, I completely relate to this. I love the link to the shop, too, thanks for sharing it. I have to get up with my daughter around six in the morning, too, so I commiserate with you!