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Crazy Laws from Virginia and West Virginia

Updated on June 18, 2013

Since I had so much fun reading about crazy laws in Pa and Md I figured why not branch out and see who else has some crazy laws for us all to enjoy.


· It is illegal to ride on the handlebars of a bicycle

· It is illegal to skate down a sidewalk

· A man can beat his wife on the courthouse steps but only before 8 p.m. (From Stafford County)

· In Waynesboro, Va it is illegal for a woman to drive a car down Main st unless her husband is in front of the car waving a red flag (retribution for the previous one?)

· It is against the law to tickle a woman

· No washing your mule on the sidewalks

· It is illegal to kick your wife out of bed (ha-ha, guess it is legal to kick your hubby out of bed though)

· A man can get up to 60 days in jail for patting a woman’s behind

· You must honk your horn when passing another car

· Children are not allowed to trick-or-treat on Halloween (But how will I get any candy then?)

· Flipping a coin in a restaurant to see who pays is a violation

· Parking your car on the railroad tracks can get you jailed (Now where am I going to park?)

· Cussing about other people is prohibited

· It is illegal to own a skunk as a pet

· A woman is to be in the company of men after sundown and must also wear a corset

· There will be no spitting on sea gulls

· There is a statute that prohibits corrupt practices or bribery being done by anyone other than political candidates ( I think this one may still be in use)


West Virginia

Now onto a few more from West Virginia-

· It’s illegal to take a nap on the train

· If you swear in public you are to be fined one dollar per incident

· An unmarried couple that lives together may not “lewdly associate” with one another of they face up to a year in jail ( no wonder there is prison overcrowding)

· It is a misdemeanor to commit adultery and you can be fined up to twenty dollars

· You may not hold a public office is you have ever participated in a duel ( well there goes my big dreams)

· You are allowed to take home road kill for dinner

· Whistling while underwater is an illegal act

· You may not walk a lion, tiger or a leopard even if it is on a leash (well how am I supposed to walk them then?)

· It is illegal for a fireman to whistle at a woman who walks passed the fire station

· No clergy may not tell a joke from the pulpit (now that’s just ridiculous)

· It is illegal for anyone other than a baby to ride in a baby carriage

· Bestiality is allowed as long as the animal is under 40 pounds ( just ewwww)

· Children are not allowed to go to school with breath smelling of onion

Boy I wish we had that law where I grew up I could have gotten out of a lot of school then! I hope you enjoyed reading these I know I enjoyed finding them.


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