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Crazy like an ..Ant?

Updated on April 11, 2009

Raspberry Ants on the Move!


Crazy like a ....Ant?


Wait! Don't I mean fox? You aren't reading it wrong. There aren't any crazy foxes are to be found in this article. Instead the crazy ants and lots of them are wreaking havoc! Now ants are not a new thing. We have all seen ants. But until now you never had to worry they'd eat your computer or shut down your electric!

Laughing? I did too at first but read on and you will see this is a serious situation. All alone, each of these ants wouldn't be a threat other than an occasional unpleasant sting. They are very tiny, no bigger the fleas, but together they are ruthless. It’s not a new species of ants. No, they have been around but have only more recently come to the United States via cargo ships arriving in Houston, Texas.

These ants nicknamed "Crazy Raspberry Ants" get the name from the way they practically speed very fast in all directions instead of "marching together" like other ants. They are hairy and reddish brown in color and named after an exterminator named Tom Raspberry, one of the first that realized the challenge ahead. The ants have spread for about six years and chances of getting rid of them for good are doubtful. There are thousands in each colony and they feed on insects we would rather keep around like ladybugs. Another food for these worrisome critters is the newly hatched offspring of the AtwaterPrairie Chicken which is on the endangered species list as it is.

Worse they are strangely attracted to electronic equipment and can bring down whole power systems, computers and more .That could be a huge problem since they are most recently being found near NASA's Johnson Space Center and are proving to be resistant to many pesticides. Adding to the dilemma on just how to deal with these "super ants" is that each colony has several queens not just the one. Wiping out the colonies by killing a single queen won't work. Exterminators have asked for bans on more powerful pesticides to be lifted as the weather warms and billions of these ants are starting to swarm. Even when these ants die they are crafty.They have learned how to pile the dead ants up as a "bridge" to cross over areas that have been treated with ant killer products! Home owners have reported having to pay thousands of dollars to try to rid their homes and grounds of these invaders. They do have one redeeming thing. They eat fire ants! Now let's just hope they don't decide to join forces.

These Crazy Raspberry ants seem to be winning so far and are driving the human population...crazy!

crazy ants


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