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Create a Quiz in Sakai

Updated on July 28, 2015

Sakai Quiz: Getting Started

Before you write your quiz, you should have the following done:

  • You will need a Sakai User Id/Password.
  • You will need to be set up on Sakai as an instructor or 'Authorized User'. Only an 'authorized user' can create courses or quizzes.
  • In the course you created, you or your IT Department must have added the Test & Quizzes option to the course tool list.

Have all of that?

Then login to Sakai.

STEP 1: Click Your Course

Once you log into Sakai, you'll see a horizontal menu starting with 'My Workspace', your courses will be listed to the right side of the 'My Workspace' tab.

Your courses will often be listed by the Course Number such as BUS 101, PSYC 202 or Introductory Chemistry.

  • Click on your course title. In my visual example, you'll see my 2nd course is called Discussion 2. Once I'll click on it, it'll be highlighted in a color.

Whatever course you click on is where the quiz will be located so make sure pick the course you are currently working on.

Click the Course You Created


STEP 2: Click Test and Quizzes

  • Once you have logged in and clicked your Course Name, you're ready for the next step.
  • On the vertical Tools Menu, click "Tests & Quizzes".

See the photo below for reference.

Is this option missing? You have 3 possible issues.

  1. You are not set up as an instructor. Your campus IT will fix this.
  2. Your campus has renamed this feature as something else such as 'assessments'. Check with your local IT.
  3. The last option is that when your course was set up, the Test and Quiz option was not check marked. This is easy to fix. Just edit your Course Details and add this option.

Click Test and Quiz on Left

Step 3: NAME Your Quiz

  • Click Test & Quizzes
  • For this version, USE THE ASSESSMENT BUILDER should be clicked in the options.
  • Name the Quiz something distinctive. In my Example, I used Quiz 1 Sakai Demo as my quiz name.
  • Click CREATE.

This allows you to create a quiz where you write your OWN questions. If you are interested in adding a testing pool from a publisher, see the alternate test creation in my other Sakai QUIZ Hub.

Name the quiz

STEP 5: Choose Question Type-Multiple Choice

  • From the drop down menu, select your question type.
  • In this example, we'll deal with Multiple Choice Questions as they are the most popular type.
  • Add in a point value for the question (positive).

If your version of Sakai requests a 'negative' point value as well. This is how many points will be subtracted from the quiz total if the student gets the question wrong.

Explanation: If your quiz is worth 20 points and this question is worth five points. If the student gets the question right, they will get five points toward the total of 20. If they get it wrong, you can choose for them to get five points subtracted (or less).

  • View the pictures below. Write your question in the question box.
  • Enter each possible answer in the 'answer boxes' labelled A, B, C and D. Check mark the dot beside the correct answer.
  • Save.

Choose your Question Type


Multiple choice questions


When you are creating your MC questions, you'll have a couple of boxes that you can edit.

Randomize Answers-- Do you want the answers to be rotated so that Answer B on John's exam is Answer D on Sandy's exam. The question is the same, only the answer is rearranged.

Require Rationale-- Do you want your students to write an explanation of their answer? If you do, click 'Require Rationale'. The students will be required to enter an explanation of their answer.

Add to Question Pool--If you have created an empty pool or question bank, you can save your question to your pool to be used for multiple quizzes. You must create a Question Pool before creating the quiz. Don't have a pool? No worries, the quiz will work with out.

Correct Feedback--Want to provide answer feedback to your students? You can add feedback to be given to the students automatically by adding comments here.

STEP 6: Add More Questions

  • Once you have completed Question 1 in your Quiz, your screen will display the question you just created.
  • To create an additional question to this quiz, just click the drop down arrow 'Select Question Type' and choose your next question type.
  • Once you write your 2nd question, these 2 questions will be on the same quiz.
  • Continue adding questions until you have a full quiz.
  • The VIDEO button below is a link to a YouTube how-to video from Rutgers.

VIDEO Click Video to watch the Rutger's Sakai Quiz building video.

Add more questions


Step 7: Visible to Students

Your quiz isn't visible to students yet.

How do you fix that?

  • Click Tests & Quizzes on the left Tool Menu.
  • Your Quiz 1 that you just created will be listed in the middle bottom part of the screen.
  • Next to it, you'll see a drop down arrow, click the drop down arrow.
  • Click Publish on the drop down menu.
  • Click Publish button on the 2nd page.
  • Save.

Now you need it in the Gradebook.

Publish quiz


STEP 8: Add to Grade book

  • You should still be on Tests & Quizzes from the left side menu
  • Quiz 1 should still be listed in the middle bottom part of the screen.
  • You'll see 2 tabs above it. One is for 'Working Copies' and 'Published Copies'.
  • Since you have published, click the 2nd tab "Published COPIES'.
  • Click the drop down arrow next to the Quiz 1.
  • Click Settings.
  • The next screen will have multiple tabs, in the Gradebook Tab, you'll see an option to 'feed to the gradebook'.
  • Check mark this option.
  • Save and Publish.

Adding to Your Gradebook

Step 9: Check it

To check and see if it's in the Gradebook, just click the 'Gradebook' tab on the left vertical Tool Menu. The quiz should now be visible.

it is in the gradebook


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