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Creation Stories from All Over the World

Updated on September 4, 2011

That's Just Funny

I will work very hard on this hub. What had started out as an in depth study to find anything remotely resembling a quorum on creation and evolution, as a dually existing reality has turned up things I never expected to find. So what was going to be one hub on Creation vs Evolution, became two hubs. This one is Creation/Evolution, the other is Destruction.

Now I like to stay on the up beat side. So there may be some tongue in cheek stuff, like the photo to the right. I did the destruction hub first to free myself up and get back to spreading hope, and fun.

First off are some really great videos of the creation story from cultures around the world. I hope you will enjoy these stories.

As creationists and evolutionists alike are very familiar with the Biblical account, I offer these other stories that have been handed down word of mouth. There are many more that I could not conceivably fit them all into one hub.

Unfortunately, the one video I was looking for has eluded me, so I will tell it, as I remember it from the documentary I cannot find. If anyone knows the one I am speaking of, please let me know so that I can add it!

Chinese Creation Story

The Chinese Creation Story

In Fairness I tried to put these videos in alphabetical order. After viewing them all I must admit that my favorite is the Chinese version. It is so beautiful. Please, while your are here anyway, pull up a chair and set a spell. Relax with this vision, so aptly told, the music so fitting. If you read nothing more, but watch this video instead, I will be happy. I think you will too. I especially like the part about fleas. Watch, you will see what I mean.

Greek Story of Creation

Contrasting Indian Creation Stories

Greek Mythology? Or another Word of Mouth Story?

I have been a lover of Greek 'mythology' since I was introduced to my first story. That of how Hercules killed a serpent in his cradle with his own bare hands, saving not only his own life, but that of his brother.

In the Chinese story, there is Chaos, after Pan kku emerges from his egg; in the Greek version creation starts with Chaos. We find that there was much in the way of power struggle between the Gods, before man was even created, and that the creation of mankind was for th entertainment of the Gods. The Gods, still at odds, then fought over mankind.

The contrasting Indian views are varying, the universe was already here, or it was created. To these religions, it doesn't matter. It is what we do, while we're here, that matters. The ages are defined in the Jain religion, ironically, the fifth age sounds like now (as described) and the next age that is yet to come, the sixth, will be worse. Buddhism cares little for creation, or God, but is more concerned with enlightenment. While in the Hindu religion there is no argument between creation and evolution, but both exist simultaneously.

Mongol Creation Story

The Mongol Story of Creation

While it is short, the Mongol creation story is my second favorite. It encapsulates creation and evolution together as one. In this story, everything, living and non-living, has a spirit. it reminds me of the song "Colors of the Wind" from Pocahontas, the Disney Animated feature. Even though it is not a "creation story" I have added it, so you can listen and hear the similarity.

Man kind can fight over any subject or piece of land, or race, creed, or religion. The truth remains, we come from the earth. Even in the Genesis account, and throughout these others, if Earth is our Mother, then we are killing her.

If you are a mother, or a father, surely you must hear that. When your children are fighting, isn't it like tearing a piece of your heart away? Don't you do whatever it takes to restore the order and peace. If the Earth is lashing out at us with Earthquakes and Tidal Waves, shouldn't we start listening? 

Maya creation Story

Impressive Views of The Vatican

The Maya Creation story

The Mayan Story is told through pictures. As there are no Mayans alive today, there could be arguments as to the "validity" of this as a story that has been handed down. Yet in spite of the fact that there is no "written record" it is included here due to similarities to both the Genesis account and the Egyptian account.

As you may already know, the Egyptian account is similar to both Greek and Christian beliefs. It is the similarities that make it considered a possible seat of religion.

Even the Vatican has an Egyptian Obelisk towering over it, the whole of which acts just like a sun dial, and could be seen as a "modern day" Stone Henge". If you look, you will see. Unfortunately, while the video is impressive, it is meant to call Christianity, Sun Worship, so if you are worried about that, please disregard the video. It is again, only here to enlighten. Perhaps the builders of our ancient wonders passed secrets down through the generations, as well as creation stories.

Reasonable Description of Evolution

Evolution Explained

Evolution, once a Theory, Now a Fact

To end the wasted time in debate the theory of evolution has come down to provenance. In science, whenever a theory is presented, it is tested over and over, until it can be proven. Evolution is a proven fact. People have "adapted" over the ages and there is no reason for debate.

Approximately seven years ago, I had the opportunity to work with a man who was born and raised in Israel. He was not religious, but he had studied his religion growing up. He and I differed on our beliefs, but he talked about evolution, rather than "shoving it down my throat". I came to terms with reality on that day. Evolution has nothing to do with whether man started out as a man, or a frog, or an ape. Evolution is about change.

Just as Genesis means beginning. Evolution means change. Plug your ears all you like but there is no denying that man has changed, indeed every species on the planet has changed. Evolution has nothing to do with creation. Evolution takes place as a matter of course.

If you would like proof that man has evolved, go to a museum and try on a suit of armor. Unless you are a child, or shorter than average, it will not fit.

Case in point. Everyone has seen the photos of Abraham Lincoln. He was a very tall man. In reality he was suffering from a disease, probably Marfan Syndrome. He was 6'3.75". by contrast the average height of Englishman in Lincoln's time was 5'6. Abraham Lincoln was tall to them, but in the present day, while he would still be taller than the average American male, 5'9" at the time, the difference would not be so great.

The reason attributed to our growth is better nutrition and possibly a wider gene pool. Do you feel like a Hybrid? Neither do I and yet the evidence is clear. When the colonists left Europe they were of similar stature, no one got thrown out because they were too tall. Within a few hundred years, the difference was up to 4".

Along with evolution, there comes extinction. Once the adaptation takes place, new species emerge, and old ones die. For an amazing read on extinction, please read Figment's hub. It is well written and took a lot of research. 

I suppose I have taken up a good deal of your time. If it were not such an age old argument, or that I am a Libra, and therefore incapable of decisions, this might have bee two or even three hubs. I hope you have enjoyed your stay, and that you understand, there is no reason to debate. Solutions to real problems facing humanity today, might be a better way to spend our time.

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