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Creative Thinking with Fluid Intelligence

Updated on January 9, 2012

In the technological and information age that we currently live in it’s starting to turn into not what you know but where can you find it. Intelligence is now shifting from a static form which can be referred to as crystallized intelligence but to a new adaptive form which is often referred to as fluid intelligence. These are not new concepts or theories they have been seen in many intelligent historical figures and are most contrasted when the ways of the old have out lasted their usefulness. I was watching a documentary on TV and a commercial came up for a new series based on a movie that was nearly ten years old now. I turned and said welcome to generation regurgitation. It seems that original thought and ideas are becoming scarce. I hope that I’m wrong but with Wikipedia and copy and paste there’s not much that sparks the imagination anymore. This is when having a fluid intellect can be very beneficial and can help improve your intelligence.

Take for instance looking back at an unpleasant experience, the thought always crosses our minds: what if i had of done this or i should have done that. I am in now way saying we cannot learn from the past but the problem is not that we think of the solution only when it is too late. The problem is that we imagine that knowledge is what was lacking. That is the incorrect approach. What makes us go astray is we are now attune to the present moment,insensitive to the circumstances. This is where having fluid intelligence allows you to break free of the norm and adjust to the present moment and yield the best results. More books,theories,and thinking only add to the problem.

To be truly fluid and stand out it is not by obtaining more knowledge but by being able to drop your preconceived notionsand focus intensely on the present moment. That is how creativity is sparked and opportunities are seized. Knowledge,experience and theory have limitations: no amount of thinking in advance can prepare you for the chaos that is life.

Think of your mind as a river: the faster it flows,the better it keeps up with the present and responds to change. The faster it flows, also the more it refreshes itself. Obsessional thoughts from past experiences (whether bad or good) and preconcieved notions are like boulders or mud in your minds river, settling and hardening and damming it up. The river stops flowing and stagnation sets in

In order to increase your intelligence and more specifically your fluid intelligence you must aware yourself of this process and fight the stagnation. Hopefully this little article will break the boulders and mud qnd inspire your creative side. How knows maybe intime an original screen play will comeabout from my words.

screencap from my playbook. where this hub was written from
screencap from my playbook. where this hub was written from


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    • profile image

      Fluid Thinker 6 years ago

      I thinks it's a great idea to put yourself in situations where you need to think quickly, this allows you to open up your creative process and like you said above think fluidly