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Creativity & Reading

Updated on July 30, 2017


As the perspectives from majority, the ability of thinking individually must be contracted with reading; in other words, the amount of reading contradicted with the creativity of oneself. In the personal opinion, it shouldn't be true because the accumulation of the knowledge was serving for the usage of creativity. Without massive amount of knowledge and information, the creativity would only be worthless.

Well, it still depends on the reason of reading with the various types of books. If the reading only became the tiresome pastime of the life with like mechanic works instead using, then the usage of the book was just serving for the anesthesia like poisons such as drug and alcohols. Then, it comes to the position of author, the author, or it should be artist, wrote book with idealism with sentiments such as the book for pastime and utilitarian, and the works of artist became the products of indulgences. The books with more erotic information could evoke more sentiments with the feeling toward the books, then the reason for pastime could be achieved: evoke one's feeling.


the origin of creativity

The information that stated in the book as the reflections toward the society with literature, and the experiences from the society constructed the creativity of the literature as creativity. Therefore, the positions of literature serving for the positions of civilians in the society, vice versa. In other words, if the works of literature were out of the zones of the structures of society toward the unimaginable dreamland, then there would be the problems of the continuous developments of the literature because that stated the relationship between civilians in the society has distracted through the vision of artists. In other words, if the society could only provide the safety need for the civilian instead of something else that could be stated in the work of the art, then the society failed to unite the civilians.
For the ideas above, the creativity would never be stimulated through the book from pastime because it only served for the pastime instead of serving for the current situation of the society. The illusion of dreamland that could be constructed in the book could only fail to provide more than pastime than something else.
The positions of the creativity and nerds would be ambiguous. The usage of information could state in the positions as the personal position. If the personal point of views toward certain problems could be stated as the creativity, then that could only be the work of mechanic system in the personal opinions because the using of the rigid information moving from one place toward another places could be ridiculous. From the bio-psychological perspective, we knew that the functions of brain were to stimulating the previous structures of early experience in order to embrace new information into the old structures. The provider of the old knowledge didn't serve for the rigid information with dogmas, but the old knowledge served a sort of system in the certain perspectives of the problems such as the logical procedures for the questions. Then, the incoming new information served into this model instead of been separated into another model. For example, the knowledge of the social structures of the society in the Middle Age could form an independent information as rigid knowledge in the mind, and the knowledge of the current social structures of the society in the modern age could form another independent information as rigid knowledge without contradiction of the previous information. Two separated knowledge could both exist without any interference between them, or the model of the society of Middle Ages and model of the society in modern age could form a contradicted relationships between both of them: the solution of the contradiction is the personal point of views toward the problems. Some questions could be: the religious belief could provide psychological needs for the society while it didn't provide in the modern society, the creativity will vanish in the pastimes of the Middle Age while it still exist in the modern society, and the stability of the society could form in the Middle Age while it didn't serve in the modern society.
The prevention of the usage of the information could form the nerd without the upraising of the creativity. In the revolution of the ideas, the information from the memory has nothing to do with the comprehensions.



The literature must be related with the social standard and critism of the society in that particular period for surely as the argument stated above. For example, Shakespeare wrote the drama out of the experiences and personal judgements of the standard of the society. The tragedy and comedy both reflected the illusion of the social standard at England. The dramas like A Midsummer Night's Dream, Romeo & Juliet, Richard III and so on relfected the different sets of point of views. During the late time of Shakespeare, the regime under James I had more social corruptions with the unsolved tension in the society. The failure of the humanism caused the style of literature became romantic in the work of Shakespeare. The romantic and illusive dramas came after he backed to his hometown, for it reflected the reflection to the development of modern society in his time period. The works of Shakespeare were no longer the weapons of the criticism of era while it became the self-taunt after all. Once the relationship between literature and society broke, the works of literatures couldn't reflect anything more than just creative product from pastime: the goals of art and literatures failed.

social media

social media

From the argument above, the reading with the work of the literature must be related with the majority instead of individuals with the tendency of the society. While the readings of books failed to become the first choice of the absorbing informations, the fashion of the crowds led through the social media with the imginable feelings and imagery such as TV, movies, varieties shows and so on. In the personal opinion, the social medias such as the spread of news are just the excreta of others because the subjective personal judgement is unavoidable for the writing, the tendency to spread in the social media distracted the objective spread of information with the different point of views. As personal judgement, only the objective point of views from the things currently could stimulate the association between things and structures of society. The strong showing with the sentiments and judgement from the social media could only distract the relationship between society and subjects because the logical procedures couldn't direct one with another one thing.


Reading is the conservation between modern people and past people in order to keep the treasure of human as one's own. The writing is the self-dialogue between oneself in order to exchange the wealth between people. The ideas with life won't be buried with the flaws and illusion of the structures of society. The criticism of the society must be continued with the flow of the ideas in order to create the artwork with profound meaning.

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