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Generating Ideas and How to be more creative

Updated on December 6, 2016
The writer at sixty
The writer at sixty

Generating Ideas and how to be more creative - the Non-dominant Hand

Are you literate? Can you read and write? You can? Then you have access to "Unlimited Creative Thought."

But, if you're like most of us, you sometimes get what writer's call 'mental block,' or what speech-writers might call, 'a lack of good ideas.' Does this happen to you?

Your problems are over. No more writer's block. No more speaker's lack of good speech ideas. No more, "I can't think of anything." For there is no such thing really: ideas and creativity are limitless. Yes, as limitless as the universe - and all of the universes which we can't see with our eyes or telescopes, or hear with radio telescopes. Infinite! And remember: what is possible for one person is possible for all persons.


Use of your non-dominant hand

How can we access these illimitable ideas? Easy. Easy- when you know how. And I'm going to tell you how:

Use of your non-dominant hand.


Use your non-dominant hand to receive and record the answers to any question you want to know about yourself, or any idea you want to receive. It's as simple and as difficult as that.

Oh, and don't knock it until you've tried it.

Switch to left-handed writing

Of course, it will take some practice if you, like most of us, have been using your right hand to write all of your life, to switch to left-handed writing. But persist. With me, it took a couple of weeks. I practised about fifteen mintutes every day; wrote about half a page. On the first day it seemed almost impossibly difficult; virtually no control, writing running all over the placed.  Use a felt-tipped pen or a fountain pen and the control will be that much easier. And write anything which comes to mind.   You're not trying to create a best seller at this stage.

Once you've mastered the technique to the extent that what you are writing is legible to you, you're on your way. Then begins the 'creativity' part in earnest. Taking a pen in each hand, use your dominant hand, i.e. your right hand if you're like most of us, and write out a question. Allow a little time- or go with the spontaneity, whichever is the case- and let the left hand write out the answer.

right brain

Yes, it works! It is allowing that part of your mind, which normally 'switch-boards' through the right-hand side of your brain, access to consciousness via writing. The predominantly 'creative' right hemisphere of the brain, which channels most of our imaginative processes, our sense of rhythm, spatial awareness, our daydreaming, colour and sense of dimension, our 'picturing' and visualizaiton, is thereby made available. The flow is through the right-brfain and down through that left hand.

Of course, non-dominant handwriting to obtain creative ideas is just the start of a great adventure into the 'self.' But as Rudyard Kipling said, "That is another story."

In practical terms, if you want your lack of ideas to be a thing of the past, give it a go. And persist. Be patient. It might take a few weeks. But you'll get there. Then lack of ideas will likely never be a problem again.

So give it a go. What have you got to lose?

Please let me know if you gained anything useful from Generating Ideas and How to be More Creative. It's nice to know one isn't simply wasting one's time...


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  • Tusitala Tom profile image

    Tom Ware 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Obviously if you're naturally left-handed your non-dominant hand is your right. The principle is the same, you are utilizing more parts of your body. This includes more 'overall' activity going on in your brain which is, I believe, the 'switchboard' for your mind. The more of the brain that can be used (due to the non-dominant hand practice) the more open it will become as a 'receiver,' to take in ideas from, to use a very abstract phrase, The Universe.

  • profile image

    jhon 5 years ago

    I've been using my non dominant hand since I was 14 yo. Now I'm 30, and there are some things that I feel I do better with my right hand. Am I smarter? Jury's out on that one. But I like having that ability.

  • JeniferRW profile image

    Jen 6 years ago from Couch

    Very interesting hub! What about people like myself who are left handed? Does it work the same way? Voted up/useful/awesome/interesting! Thanks for posting I like the ideas on here very much.