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Creativity comes from Diffused mode of Thinking

Updated on September 2, 2015

Having different perspectives or ideas from our past experiences and experimenting them without fear is the true art of creativity

Creativity needs I.D.E.A.S which is Inspiration, Dedication, Experimentation, and finding Solutions. People should get out of their comfort zone and should try new things which will give them new experiences and help them in gaining different perspectives or ideas to their problems. To be creative would take a lot of patience and time. 'Diffused mode' of thinking plays a major role in the art of creativity where we find ideas or solutions and then comes the 'Focused mode' where we apply our solutions in reality.

Take a Break and Relax!

Sit and re-think your solutions instead of recycling the same ideas and let your mind wander. Daydreaming opens our mind to different thoughts or ideas. When we are in a relaxed state our mind can freely wander and has the ability to come up with creative solutions or ideas. In order to achieve a relaxed state we need to create activities for ourselves which would help us to think from different point of view's.

Pomodoro Technique!

The "Pomodoro Technique" is believed to be the most effective method to achieve creativity as well as time management skills. It teaches you to work effectively along with giving yourself timely breaks to increase your productivity. To find any solution or to complete any large task we should break down the work into timed intervals where our brain focuses for a short period and then taking break would increase our concentration and helps in creating new ideas.

Creative Activities

Activities such as listening to music, drinking coffee or beverages or even walking turns out to be an effective method in creating ideas, building up self confidence, change in attitude or perspective and improving social skills. Studies has shown that music could trigger different emotions or memories which would often result in creativity. Make sure you remember your ideas because when we are walking or listening to music many ideas rush in our mind and most of the time we tend to forget them. So, having a pen and fresh piece of paper is enough to transfer our unique ideas.

Social Interactions

Socializing with our friends or colleagues is one more step towards achieving creativity. It is proven that social interactions helps us to think more efficiently by presenting our thoughts or ideas. It also creates opportunity for us to discuss our thoughts or ideas and getting insights and feedback from our superiors or friends.

Changing Environment with colors

Colors also play a vital role in boosting creativity among children and adults. Blue and Green colors are found to be effective in increasing creativity and productivity. Looking at pictures or wallpapers can be relaxing and would help in creating positive attitude.

"Try new things, Take Breaks and Work when others are resting "


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    • Bhagya k singh profile image

      Bhagya Kumar Singh 2 years ago from India

      Thank you!

    • thumbi7 profile image

      JR Krishna 2 years ago from India

      Well said..

      Thanks for sharing