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Creatures Wild, of Fur and Feather

Updated on October 12, 2011
All rights reserved by artist
All rights reserved by artist
all rights reserved
all rights reserved
all rights reserved
all rights reserved
all rights reserved
all rights reserved

Wild and Beautiful

Forrest creatures so wild and free, I can't understand, for the life of me,

How they suddenly materialize, and then seem to vanish before my eyes.

Of fur and feather, their beauty lies, just in beholding them, all give sighs.

The straw and leaves on all the trees, helps in hiding what a visitor sees.

They climb and burrow, blending in, all seeking shelter, beyond the glen,

Some to take flight in their escapes, all beautiful creations, in their shapes.

Above the clouds, soaring high up in the sky, the wild birds, then swiftly fly.

Some may scamper across the ground, others leaping, and away, to bound.

All creatures so lovely and of nature's kind, bringing satisfaction, to our mind.

shadows fall within the glade, while tall trees are towering there, giving shade,

Soon my time here, over for the day, As I gather my nap sack, to be on my way.

In sharing my life, just to be a part, I will hold this treasure deep within my heart.

All copyright laws apply, and copyrights are held by the author and artist.

Please enjoy this work, and with all of my best wishes.


Beauty Seen, Beauty Heard, we Behold

In our Vision and our Hearing,do Unfold.

all rights reserved
all rights reserved
all rights reserved
all rights reserved


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    • GinaCPocan profile image

      GinaCPocan 6 years ago from Chicago

      Thanks for sharing that. This was the best nature poem I have yet to see. It spoke loud had a lot of feeling in it, and that's what I look for. Thanks.