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Esteem a Crepuscular and Learn a New French Word

Updated on October 4, 2023
Craan profile image

is a kids' author who speaks French! So, she composed easy tips to help her readers with popular French phrases.

In French, We Say 'Crepuscule', in English Crepuscular.

Have you admired a crepuscular today? You’re probably wondering, what is this cumbersome word? What does it mean, and besides why should I care?

The word crepuscular sounds like a creepy, cruel, black, and menacing place, if you don't recognize it! You’re probably wondering, how can I enjoy this thing, this oxymoron-sounding word. Is it truly something majestic?

A Sunset Is Crepuscular. This Blue Wave Contains a Bit of Yellow Hues.

Would you take the time to take in the awe of a glorious crepuscular?
Would you take the time to take in the awe of a glorious crepuscular? | Source

Admiring a Majestic French Sunset

A Crepuscule Is a Glorious Sunset in France, a Magnificent Twilight Glow with Burning Orange Hues.

Certainly, you noticed one and admired a magnificent sunset. If not, then you're probably too busy and not outside during dusk. You’re losing a fine opportunity to enjoy the luster of the rainbow empowered with the healing powers of sunset waves.

Have you ever thought about if we didn't have a natural sunset, a crepuscular, for some cause, or another, what would you do? You would miss it, right? What would a late-afternoon firmament look like?

Of course, the sun would faithfully shine during the daytime, but then it would abruptly disappear to give way to a dimming sapphire sky. Would the sky simply close in with light waves of azure hues getting darker as time goes by?

Why not regularly take time out in your day to look upward to the heavens to see what’s going on? If you are too eventful to notice, then you're also occupied with too many earthy matters! You desperately need a break and must slow down a chip to discern the grandiose nature around you.

The sky is a magical phenomenal piece of a moving art structure! It is continually modifying its shape as the earth spins on its axis. A full revolution every waking day happens, and we are gracefully becoming older, and hopefully getting more adept at living happier.

Taking the time to look at a glorious sunset, a crepuscular, will assist you to feel more serene and at ease. Not to mention the health benefits that come through staring at a sunset called sun-gazing. We are like tiny ants compared to our gargantuan universe. Nature communicates to us through our five faculties. Using your eyes and ears to take in the remarkable sounds and beauty of nature about you is rejuvenating. You’ll feel Placid, and more at ease when you become a part of a crepuscular in a tenderly gaping mode.

Sunsets Fall Until There Gone.

Will You Breathe in the Sunshine?

  • Admire a crepuscular, a glorious sunset.
  • Heed to the powerful, peaceful waves at the beach.
  • Walk along a sandy shore or on the greens of a grassy estate. Feel, the earthy ground. Does it feel warm, wet, or cold on your naked feet?
  • Breathe in the fresh fragrances of a manicured garden, and the life-giving oxygen.
  • Try to discern the differences between honey nectars when you admire a flower garden.

Set Out to Live in a Lovely Sunset

Determine to live your days by noticing the abundance about you! Be grateful for the costly life that is around you! Take time to admire a remarkable crepuscular! Don't miss out on majestic beauty. Your tender eyes will thank you!

Admire a Crepuscular, Today

Imagine if the splendor of the heavens were lacking, utter devastation  would dreadfully ensue.
Imagine if the splendor of the heavens were lacking, utter devastation would dreadfully ensue. | Source

Sunset Poll

Do you take a moment to admire the hues of a glorious sunset occasionally?

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Learn More French Words

French is a tender language, which expresses itself in ardent tones. When you visit France, there are several sweet-sounding French words you should know and familiarize yourself with.

Je veux manger- I want to eat.

Compléments au chef - show appreciation to a French Chef.

Je veux soupe à oignon, s'il vous plaît- I want French Onion soup, please.

Merci beaucoup- Thank you very much.

Le billet d'addition s'il vous plait - May I, please have the check.

Merci - Thank you.

Je t'aime - I love you.

J'ai faim - I am hungry.

Voulez-vous manger? - Do you want to eat?

Je suis votre ami. - I am your friend.

Let's Follow Sally and John in Paris

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2010 Sheila Craan


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