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Critical Thinking in the 2lst Century

Updated on June 3, 2016

I know we have a lot of smart folks in here, and I was wondering what folks think of the education system as it is now...

Have we gotten too far away from critical thinking, and are we only teaching folks how to test and be drones in society....What do you think of standardized testing companies, and their role in our educational system.

How fair do you feel we are being to our teachers, and do you think most schools have modern enough equipment. Do you feel we don't give enough time to vocational education and the arts in terms of what we teach?

How much time do you think we give to studying politics, and current affairs. Do you feel that we teach enough about the minority involvement in the development of our country?:

Let's have an honest discussion about education and it's state in the 2lst Century..Who knows maybe we will solve some problems that need to be addressed.....Let's have a fun discussion but sincere discussion...


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