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Cuba: Pope Francis: President Obama: decades later: a new future of Hope

Updated on December 27, 2014

A more normal existence for Cubans

There is something wrong about the way the Cuban people have had to live for more than 50 years, because of a stand-off between two global powers.

I was on Cuban soil, once, as a young person, and I enjoyed my time there. I would like to go back again, under better circumstances.

I was always impressed with Cuban baseball players (since I was once a fairly good, left-handed baseball pitcher, myself, as a young man, was asked by a college to pitch for them). My father was a light-heavy weight boxer, whose career was ended early because of a concussion he received from a blow to the head. He highly respected Cuban boxers (and Mexican boxers too, by the way). And Cuban cigars are world famous, as we all know (my dad talked about smoking a few of them when he was visiting Cuba, back in the old days).

However, Cuba is also known for agricultural products (I will mention sugar canes, just to name one other crop besides tobacco). And tourism is wonderful in Cuba.

Cuban citizens, for the most part, are very wonderful people, who enjoy life to its fullest, and they enjoy seeing people visit their country.

It is difficult to understand how politics tend to, sometimes, somehow or other, screw up every thing, making life more difficult for people than it should by trying to help make things better in the wrong way. I have seen it too many times, that is, I have seen politics "mudding the water," making problem solving, and common sense approaches to a greater Peace, more difficult.

I don't like seeing an ugly situation becoming even more ugly because of old men, fighting old wars, that have been hidden deep within their hearts, eating away at them like cancers at their souls. "Let it go, I say!" Let it go! Try to be bigger than hate. Give Love a chance, for a chance.

I am an Apolitical person, by Nature, who tend to write apolitically. I don't care about politics. I just care about what is right and what is wrong. Politics tend to get too dirty, too fast, for my good.

I wish that I did not feel impelled to write at all, some times. I feel that I have to write something about the Hatefulness and bitterness and shameful events that I see unfolding in the world everyday, even though I would rather not have to do it. I must write, however, especially since so many people read my work and depend on me to try to make some sense out of this "mess."

The truth is, "Cuba is a wonderful country," and a fine place to visit. The Cuban people are wonderful people, as good as any within the greater, global community. And I love them. To me, they are just decent "sons and daughters" of our Father in Heaven, just like the rest of us, living within the greater, global community.

At this point, I have said enough about how I feel about Cuba, Cubans and about how we should think about Cubans. Sometimes governments, that is, so called, "Law-makers," get in the way of decent, common sense, straight-forward approaches to progress.

Sometime, common people, like myself, have to speak about what is right and about what is wrong. Dwelling within my heart and soul is a theological mind-set, that asks the question, "Would God approve of all this ugliness, hatefulness, and down-right meanness, toward each other and toward fellow creatures, out there, somewhere, that do have anything to do with any of this mess?" Of course, Not! God don't like ugly! this is the appropriate answer.

My dad used to say, "We are all going to Hell in a hand-basket!" I never knew what he was trying to say to me until I started getting old myself.

Right is right, and wrong is wrong. Even a fool can see it.

Peace to all.


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    • Dr. Haddox profile imageAUTHOR

      Dr Freddie Haddox 

      3 years ago from a Franklin, Tennessee native, who travels globally.

      Very well said, flpalermo. You are so correct in your assessment of Cuba's future.

    • flpalermo profile image


      3 years ago

      Cuba will become the greatest economy in the Caribbean within 10 years.

      Remember what Donald Trump did with Atlantic City, New Jersey. From a dead city to a “Las Vegas” type economy.

      I see good coming to Cuba. Its people are hungry for a free economy. Some of my Cuban friends grew up in complete poverty, and today they are Bankers, teachers, businessmen, educators and hard working.

      I definitely would like to visit Cuba in the future.

      Very soon, the old generation of dictators will be gone and the new generation will eventually see the good in a free economy. With the low price of oil, Russia cannot supply Venezuela, and Venezuela cannot supply Cuba to stay in control anymore.

      Wallmart, Sears, Wallgreens, Target, and many other Corporations will be established in the island together with McDonalds and Burger King. (and Pollo Tropical too).

      Cuba will be free again.


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