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Cultural Change Class

Updated on July 21, 2015

Reflection about Cultural Change Class

In my school and high school I had studied in pure science. Though I born in a certain society, I grow up in a certain society, and still I am living in a social environment but literally I didn’t have any knowledge about society, culture, social environment or cultural changes. In my Cultural Changes and Resilience class I came to know that what actually the culture is, which way people think or evaluate about other culture, how culture develop or destroy or influenced. The motivating thing is that, in the end of the semester I could able to write a research paper about cultural change.

If I speak about culture 1st I have to mention what the culture is which I make out from Edward B. Taylor, he said “culture is that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, laws, customs, and any others capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society.” So when individual cultures believe, art, laws, customs has influenced by others that time the individual culture becoming change. In my Cultural Changes and Resilience class I know that culture changes in different ways. I read lots of article about cultural changes in this class and I want to give some example from those articles and my research paper which I think demonstrate the cultural change concept cleanly. The 1st example is about my 1st interviewee Nazma Cultural Changes and Resilience class. She lived in a rural area in Bangladesh. After coming AUW, mixing up with other culture, her way of thinking, way of clothing, and way of speaking had been changed. Therefore I became know that new environment has a great influence in cultural change.

I took my second example about cultural change from “The ju/’Hoansi at the Crossroads Community and Changes in the time of AIDS” which is written by Rechard B. Lee. In this article the author mansion how the complex social and economical changes the Ju/’Hoansi of Namibia and Botswana have undergone. 1n 1980, AIDS which was affecting largely homosexual man but spread rapidly in Africa and the rest of the world and specifically this disease had become an epidemic at Namibia an Botswana and which has a terrible aspects on economy and society of Ju/’Hoansi as well as Namibia and Botswana. From this article I came to know that society or economy status depends on everything related on society.

I finish my research paper with some scholar ideas which I knew from my Cultural Changes and Resilience class. In my research paper I used two scholar ideas those are cultural ethnocentrism and cultural hybridization. For example, I asked my interviewee about women development and family structure change in the concept of cultural change; she answered privileging her culture which is related with ethnocentrism concept.

I inform before that I didn’t know about anything of culture and cultural changes but in class discussion of Cultural Changes and Resilience class I came to know about culture, cultural changes and influence has a great aspect on culture which helped me to write a research paper about cultural change. Another thing helped me writing research paper is peer editing. My editors are my two friends Twinkle and Shusmita. Both of them were focused on my problems of my research and they gave me solution how I improve my research paper. They not only focused on my fault but also appreciate my research paper though I didn’t complete my research paper completely.


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