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Music and Dance

Updated on October 25, 2016
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I had opportunities to visit or live in over one fourth of the world. I am writing about my experiences. Enjoy. Canita

Oomph Band, Train Station Munich, Germany

Oomph all brass band Munich, Germany
Oomph all brass band Munich, Germany | Source

Culture of music and dance

In almost every culture music and dance are a favored expressions of the arts. Culture is defined as the characteristics of a particular group of people defined by social habits, religion, language, food, and the arts. Defining art further - art is an outlet of expression usually influenced by culture. Arts includes; literature, culinary arts, novels, short stories, drawings, ceramics, paintings, sculpting, music, dance and theatre. The culture of dance and music can show up in little glimpses, in obscure places or we can seek them out in packages. This article gives a few glimpses and a few packages.

Glimpses of culture

In Holland (the Netherlands) the ligneous klomp or clog is used by cloggers in dances like the “Candy dance” or the “Tap or Jump Hakken.” The opportunity to learn of this culture was found in a museum in Holland, Michigan.

Germany is know for its Oomph music with its all brass bands and the polka or waltz dances such as the “Egerland Farmers Polka.” The Oomph culture was glimpsed in a train station in Munich, Germany.

Bali has their Barong dance and finger cymbal music. The Barong dance was enjoyed sitting Indian style on a temple floor in Denpasar, Bali.

Neat package of culture

Sometimes you can find culture of places in neat packages. Places like the Polynesian Cultural Center of Laie, Hawaii or the Pacific Island Clubs of Guam and Saipan. The highlights of each of these places is the night or dinner shows.


Polynesian Cultural Center of Laie, Hawaii

The Polynesian Cultural Center of Laie, Hawaii will introduce you to several cultures;

Hawaiian culture with food, dance and dramas. Currently showing at the Polynesian Cultural Center of Hawaii is the drama “Ha” (Breath of Life). Hawaiian culture gives us the lively stories with the hands of the hula dance, luaus and beautiful songs like the “Hawaiian Wedding Song.” or “Ke Kali Nei Au.”

Hawaiian Wedding Song;

This is the moment
I’ve waited for
I can hear my heart singing
Soon bells will be ringing

This is the moment
Of sweet aloha
I will love you longer than forever
Promise me that you will leave me never

Here and now dear,
All my love,
I vow dear
Promise me that you will leave me never
I will love you longer than forever

U-a, si-la
Pa-a ia me o-e
Koa-lo-ha ma-ka-mea e I po
Ka-’u ia e le-I a-e ne-I la

Now that we are one
Clouds won’t hide the sun
Blue skies of Hawaii smile
On this, our wedding day
I do love you with all my heart

It will also introduce you to;

Samoan with their fire-knife dances
Aotearoans or New Zealand and their purple Maori potatoes.
Fijian pottery
Tahitian hula mounds
Easter Island (Rapa Nui) carvings and more

There is days worth of learning and experiencing different cultures.

Information on Polynesian Cultural Center

Phone: 1-844-572-2347


Pacific Island Clubs

The Pacific Island Club of Guam's nightly shows are an excellent introduction to the culture of Guam.

When Guam was first visited by outsiders they were performing a dance that consisted of a group of twelve or thirteen women swaying their bodies in place, moving their hands in rhythm. Their right hand shaped like a half moon and their left hand holding a box of shells, which helped them keep rhythm. They would sing three-part harmony including falsetto. There we also dances with a combination of movements and slapping to rhythms.

Guamian culture

The Guamanians use imagery of the heart and soul in their hands to covey their story in song and dance. This is seen in the Polynesian dance preformed in the nightly shows. The official dance of Guam is the cha-cha. A favorite song in which to cha-cha is “The cha-cha Chamorro.”

Cha-Cha Chamorro;

Cha-Cha Chamorro… Baila I cha-cha

When it comes to dance cha-cha
Everyone is on the floor
It’s the #1 baila for the Chamorros
And after working all day long
Cha-cha is the song
In my native language “baihu kanta!”

Na namagof este, maolek I siniente
An man dana is Chamorro
Hu hongge na namagof este na baila
Metgot I guinaiya gi tanota este
I bailan I cha-cha

Cha-Cha Chamorro…Baila I cha-cha

I Chamorro yaniha este na baila
Este I cha-cha minagof niha
I man gachong man adana
Parahu fan gimen tamona
Ma celebra, ma bailay I cha-cha

“TaoTao Tano“, “Bailan Uritao“, a lively warrior dance of jumps, shouts, and crashing together of sticks, “Bailan Lina’ La” the dance of life, and “Pa’a Taotao Tana” which means the way of life of the people of the land are all celebrated by the Chamorro people.

Information on the Guam Pacific Island Club

Phone: 1-671-646-9171


Saipan culture

The Saipan Pacific Island Club has the same night show and the dances is primarily Polynesian. The people of Saipan are Chamarro or Carolinian thus the influence of Guam is upon the people and cha-cha is their dance of choice. The beaches are beautiful and the history is rich with the remains of WWII.

Information on the Saipan Pacific Island Club

Phone: 1-670-234-7976


Go find some culture

The Hawaiian Polynesian Cultural Center is a themed park, the Pacific Island Clubs are hotels, each has more to offer than is included in this article so check out their information. Go find your culture whether in a obscure place or in a package.

Serious about music and dance?

Are you including cultural music and dance in your routine?

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