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Curing Tinnitus with White Noise and No Medicines Involved

Updated on November 13, 2012

Tinnitus is one of many ear-related ailments which has gained the reputation of also being the most annoying kind. Just imagine going through your day to day tasks as a mysterious sound continues to ring in your ears. Tinnitus can be a high-pitched sound which could have you grinding at your teeth or it could be a low-pitched hum which is not necessarily annoying, but can affect your hearing at a certain degree. Either way, it is a highly disturbing condition which has no definite cure.

Many have said that tinnitus is cured by therapy, but there are simply so many varied cases of tinnitus, some of which are incurable through hospital methods. Fortunately, according to some experts, all varieties of tinnitus may be solved by white noise.

What is White Noise and what are its proven benefits and effects ยป

The use of white noise to cure tinnitus is called "white noise therapy" and it simply requires consistent use of a white noise machine. White noise does not repair the interior of your eardrum like surgery would; however, it is a masking method which trains your subconsciousness to be more resilient against the symptoms of tinnitus. In other words, through white noise therapy, you are teaching your brain to protect itself from various symptoms of tinnitus or make these symptoms less noticeable.

White noise therapy is only considered effective because it offers quick relief from tinnitus without the need for surgery or various medicines. It is a painless, drug-free method which is affordable and works for almost all cases of tinnitus.

White noise therapy is also useful in preventing tinnitus while helping you maintain your concentration on certain tasks. In fact, white noise machines today are highly used in corporate offices and similar environments where cases of human-produced noise are common. Corporate professionals use white noise machines during travels, as well, to help them rest properly even while on the road.

You don't always need to go under the knife to solve any health issue. If you can help it, opt for knife-free and drug-free methods to answer your tinnitus woes, but don't ignore the advice of medical experts if you feel your tinnitus has not improved or has worsened.


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