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Curriculum Design Planning

Updated on December 23, 2012

Curriculum Design Planning

Curriculum Design Planning

1. The two international organizations that are of great interest to me are (the collaboration of University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate, the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board and the Ministry of Education) and the organization called HeyMath! It is important to note that, what appears to be three organizations that were placed in parenthesis above, actually functions in collaboration with each other in order to achieve the great results in work with students. The second organization, HeyMath! Is based in India. HeyMath! will be the organization of interest. Internet promotional materials from the HeyMath! company are quick to let us know that over half of Singapore’s best performing students had HayMath! on their side,while preparing for important exams. There is an examination in Singapore called the Singapore-Cambridge General Certification of Education (Ordinary Level) Examination. When students pass this exam they are awarded certificates. In 2008 36,640 school candidates took this exam. Of these, 36,596 or 99.9% have been awarded certificates. In 2007 there were 38,450 school candidates of which 99.9% were awarded certificates. These statistics have beentaken from a Ministry of Eduction, Singapore, report. Before attending the last weekend class sessions this writer had no knowledge of HeyMath! A free, unpublished paper called, "Bridging differences: Thoughts on a national curriculum," focused my attentionon Singapore, causing me to want to know more about causes for Singapore students’ superior performance in math and science. PRWeb Press Release noted that the Massachusetts Department of Education was exploring HeyMath! as a resource for teacher professional development and lesson planning. This caused me to want to know even more about how HeyMath! works.PRWeb notes that the HeyMath! E-learning program has been designed to benefit both students and teachers alike. Teachers go on-line to access a high quality curriculum that is mapped to state standards, and used by some of the world’s highest performing school systems. The program incorporates state of the art flash animation that creates innovative, interactive lessons, peppered with animation, graphics, real life problems and quizzes that are designed to help dispel the fear of math, improve student motivation, and lead to better results.


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