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Cute life quotes

Updated on June 29, 2011

cute life sayings & quotes

   Words, like nature, half reveal and half conceal the soul within.
  ~Author : Alfred Lord Tennyson Famous cute life Quotes

   Universities are of course hostile to geniuses, which, seeing and using ways of their own, discredit the routine as churches and monasteries persecute youthful saints.
  ~Author : Ralph Waldo Emerson Inspirational cute life Sayings

   The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.
  ~Author : Bertrand Russell Nice Quotes

   To overcome evil with good is good, to resist evil by evil is evil.
  ~Author : Prophet Mohammed Great Sayings

   We must not be hampered by yesterday's myths in concentrating on today's needs.
  ~Author : Harold S Geneen Meaningful Sayings

   She is not fair to outward view
As many maidens be;
Her loveliness I never knew
Until she smiled on me;
Oh! then I saw her eye was bright,
A well of love, a spring of light.

  ~Author : Hartley Coleridge Popular Sayings

   I wouldn't ever set out to hurt anyone deliberately unless it was, you know, important like a league game or something.
  ~Author : Dick Butkus Wise Quotes

   Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.
  ~Author : Kahlil Gibran Witty Sayings

   Tradition is laziness.
  ~Author : Gustav Mahler Motivational Sayings

   A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.
  ~Author : Henry B Adams Famous Quotes

   A happy life consists in tranquillity of mind.
  ~Author : Cicero Inspirational Sayings

   No one can avoid aging, but aging productively is something else.
  ~Author : Katharine Graham Nice cute life Quotes


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    • profile image

      wise 5 years ago

      The laws of probability, so true in general, so fallacious in particular. Edward Gibbon Popular Quotes

      Assumptions are the termites of relationships. Henry Winkler Inspirational Sayings

      Books must follow sciences, and not sciences books. Francis Bacon Nice Quotes

      Thanksgiving is a typically American holiday...The lavish meal is a symbol of the fact that abundant consumption is the result and reward of production. Ayn Rand Motivational Sayings

      If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it would probably be Labor Day Weekend. Doug Larson Meaningful Sayings

      Before you act consider; when you have considered, tis fully time to act. Sallust Famous Sayings

      In stirring up tumult and strife, the worst men can do the most, but peace and quiet cannot be established without virtue. Cornelius Tacitus Wise Quotes

      I am sure it is one's duty as a teacher to try to show boys that no opinions, no tastes, no emotions are worth much unless they are one's own. I suffered acutely as a boy from the lack of being shown this. A C Benson Witty Sayings

      Mental health increases as we pursue reality at all cost. M Scott Peck Great Sayings

      No man is ever old enough to know better. Holbrook Jackson Popular Quotes

      People unfit for freedom - who cannot do much with it - are hungry for power. The desire for freedom is an attribute of a "have" type of self. It says: leave me alone and I shall grow, learn, and realize my capacities. The desire for power is basically an attribute of a "have not" type of self. Eric Hoffer Inspirational Sayings

      All men have the stars, but they do not mean the same things for different people. For some they are guides, for others, no more than little lights in the sky. But all these are silent. You--you alone have the stars as no one else has them Antoine De SaintExupery Nice Quotes

      Life is a series of collisions with the future it is not the sum of what we have been, but what we yearn to be. Jose Ortega y Gasset Motivational Sayings

      We have learned that terrorist attacks are not caused by the use of strength; they are invited by the perception of weakness. And the surest way to avoid attacks on our own people is to engage the enemy where he lives and plans. We are fighting that enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan today so that we do not meet him again on our own streets, in our own cities. George W Bush September 7 2003 Meaningful Sayings

      Responsibility is the thing people dread most of all. Yet it is the one thing in the world that develops us, gives us manhood or womanhood fibre. Frank H Crane Famous Sayings

      If you wish good advice, consult an old man. Romanian Proverb Wise Quotes

      If we fall, we don't need self-recrimination or blame or anger - we need a reawakening of our intention and a willingness to recommit, to be whole-hearted once again. Sharon Salzberg Witty Sayings

      The cman does not permit himself to set up even in his own mind any comparisons of his friends. His friendship is capable of going to extremes with many people, evoked as it is by many qualities. Charles Dudley Warner Great Sayings

    • profile image

      Nice  7 years ago

      By the time we've made it, we've had it.

      ~Author : Malcolm Forbes Motivational Sayings

      Damn it, Pierre, what do you want me to do We'll go sit with empty chairs to get those guys back to the table. (To Pierre Trudeau, prime minister of Canada)

      ~Author : Ronald Reagan Famous Quotes

      The tendinous part of the mind, so to speak, is more developed in winter; the fleshy, in summer. I should say winter had given the bone and sinew to literature, summer the tissues and the blood.

      ~Author : John Burroughs The SnowWalkers Inspirational Sayings

      Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty.

      ~Author : John F Kennedy Nice Quotes

    • profile image

      scheng1 8 years ago

      I love that "tradition is laziness". I think it applies equally to corporate culture as well.