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Cyber Bullying Statistics And How to Stop Bullies

Updated on October 10, 2013

Cyber bullying statistics are extremely high these days, with at least 95% of teens who have already witnessed some types of bullying online. An astonishing 21% of teens who see any type of cruel behavior online will join in with only about 15% people who are trying to stop the bullying.

With most kids and teens these days, it is extremely difficult to stop them in their tracks unless you turn off their computer. Cyber bullying has lead to many suicides. Teens are just learning about their life and they only look at things in black and white. Adults on the other hand will know that if they have any type of trouble with cyber bullying, they can seek help or stop it immediately. They don’t need to be afraid of telling a parent because they are the adult and they already know that authorities can help them. It’s not the same way with teens.

Let’s say for example, there is a sixteen year old girl who became very drunk at a party she was invited to. Someone had taken pics of her, passed out in her bra. Unfortunately, there are some very messed up people in the world. Doing this is a criminal offense because you are invading the other person’s privacy. Now she is confronted with an anonymous e-mail showing her the pictures. This e-mail say’s that if she doesn’t dump her current boyfriend, that they will post the pictures on Facebook. Little does she know that it is his jealous ex-girlfriend who is the one that is cyber-bullying her.

Different types of bullying


This type of bullying will often involve some type of message that threatens another kid or teen in some form. For example, a bully may post an anonymous message through e-mail to you. The message will say something to scare you like “I’m going to kill you” or “Watch your back”..


When a group gets together and talks in capital letters or uses angry emotions in a chat room, this is called flaming. They often single out one person. You’ll see this happening all the time in chat rooms. Often, the person being flamed will type a few things and then sign off because they are outnumbered.


Even though leaving a single person out may not seem like much, this is still a form of bullying. For example, there was only one girl in the class who had not been invited to a girl’s party. That night she was contacted online by the group of girls who had been invited, and they had laughed at her on the computer.

How to stop cyber bullying

Did you know that by stopping cyber bullying, you could prevent someone from being emotionally hurt, physically hurt or even stop a suicide from happening? The emotions of kids and teenagers are very delicate, especially when it comes to bullying. Don’t let someone you know become a victim of bullying. Even if they are a stranger, you should set other teens or kids straight anytime another person is being bullied. Think about if you were on the receiving end of bullying. You would want someone to do the same for you. This can mean a lot to the person who is being bullied and will often stay with them as an adult. Here are a few tips on how to stop cyber bullying.

  • Tell a parent immediately when you see cyber bullying going on.

  • If the bullying is done on a social site such as Facebook, report it to Facebook. Often, messages that are either considered hateful or violent will need to be removed as a condition of Facebook’s TOS.

  • Anytime a minor is exploited online, notify the chat administrator so that way the bullies IP address can be banned.

  • If you have a friend who is receiving threatening e-mails, have the e-mails checked out immediately. Call the police. They will have a computer tech available who can trace the location or confirm an identity.

  • In the case that bullying is happening right in front of your eyes, tell everyone else to stop. Who cares if it means risking your reputation. You may be saving someone’s life or even preventing a violent fight.

The Bully Poll

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Effects of cyberbullying

The effects of being teased, ridiculed or even laughed at can last a lifetime. It leaves permanent psychological scars. Have you ever heard of the ten year old boy who had brought a BB gun to school to scare off bullies? About one year ago he had been made fun of for wearing ankle braces and a group of boys even threw him into the trash can. Roughly a year after, he still remembered this kind of abuse and wanted to protect himself. One of the bullies saw him and he said to the bully that if he told about about the gun, he would shoot him. The kid obviously thought the gun was real. To get an idea on the effects of bullying, here are a few below:

  • Withdrawal from people in general

  • Always trying to avoid certain activities or even school

  • Stomach aches or even ulcers

  • Extreme shyness

  • Panic attacks that can last up to 3 minutes or more

  • Trouble sleeping at night with nightmares

  • Constantly exhausted due to stress

How to stop bullying in middle school

Other types of bullying in school

We bet you’ve seen other types of bullying on your school campus that is similar to cyber bullying, right? Some of the same bullies who are online will also be on campus. Here are other types of bullying that can happen in the middle of school:

  • Being teased due to appearance

  • Blackmail from something a teen or kid said/did

  • Constant gossip is also considered bullying

  • Physical fights that break out

  • Being pushed, shoved, spit on or disrespected

  • Having other kids laugh or point at another kid

We’ve all been there and seen this at one point. There are even times that bullying gets so bad that a kid will need to leave the school. We’ve seen many kids drop out this way, especially in high school. However, others will just move on (with mental scars) after their mother or father has home schooled them.


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