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Updated on April 11, 2016
I saw the clouds from both times all the time, my grand mother's house was in my body all the time as I live in a four-plex theater of my life. Mother, Father, Son, Ghost of my Heart, belief. You can visit the chamber,  two bullets missing. My Heart.
I saw the clouds from both times all the time, my grand mother's house was in my body all the time as I live in a four-plex theater of my life. Mother, Father, Son, Ghost of my Heart, belief. You can visit the chamber, two bullets missing. My Heart. | Source


I am not a dentist even though I have teeth and know that teeth are good for money when you fake smile your way through happiness. I have never pretended to be a dentist even though I brush my teeth sometimes and am a ex-nurse junky whore for humanity. The bitch of God. I guess I never smiled that much because I wasn't all that happy and no one was paying me millions of dollars to but my teeth on display. I did smile when I was happy but I have no upper lip, or a thin one. Dentists are relative to another symptom but that will be obvious as your life grows into the stages of illusion that the theater needs, life.

Ex-junky whore nurse, or wait that was ex-nurse junky whore label. I hate labels yet I need to use them to make a point about the loves of dentists. You know I told a friend once, a lover, that scaling your teeth was bad. Guess what? He did it anyways then ended up losing teeth to crowns. Never listened. I bleached my teeth to look pretty as a man once and then didn't listen when the said don't drink soda, I did and my teeth were fine just not so bleached. Another lover refused to let my imaginary two daughters eat candy from an elder couple, that were neighbors because of cavities. Guess what, that took their joy away and the treats for the children that never existed. I woke up to reality about dentists, sometimes doing nothing makes pulling teeth easier. They fall out anyways or get burnt in the ash crematorium. I guess you see teeth now, oops, notes on the keyboard of death for the ones who like censorship, the keyboards of computers.

Weird that keyboards could be teeth, like daggers into the emptiness of heartless people, but that is what teeth do they dig into flesh on electric highways for the re-vomiting acids of stole words. Rots your teeth, vomit. I guess the truth is there are so many dentists that were suicided by their career that they changed jobs with the dead. Get it? I think that computer writers are like the most interesting dentists, they can polish your smile, break your fake lives, shatter the of belief, give new hope for toothless junky whores and gum an issue to death. That's why my life was fake, like my smile that was put on when it wasn't candid. I am not a smile factory nor have I ever played one on television. Sometimes I think all the life is like a button fly jean 515 commercial or is that another tooth in your mouth of Hell? never know for sure. Put some crowns on those words mister, or madame. Yeah, especially if they are the red light district whores of mouth fun. Swish and spit, or swallow. I think many people swallow toothpaste.

Don't worry, one ex-nurse junky whore to another, not that were any like this want to be dentist, yet i was kind at the dentist too, I said no to scaling twice. You know two different dentists said two different things about scaling, one said do it and one not. I wonder what the price was? I have just started to break the first layer of the life of decay. Much of the filth on teeth comes from human life, eating, drinking, sleeping and our friends, organisms anaerobic and aerobic. That was too much information and one thing a dental student name John told me once "If you don't know look it up." John the Baptist, just for the reference. Christ's teeth, hell they didn't even brush two thousand some years ago. Wonder what they looked like. White and smiling, because everyone in object poverty of brutal landscapes was happy and white.

I hate the Christian reference but you see the movie picture with Christ at the dental office doing routine oral exams in the life of man. That comedy cast was set in each our own beliefs. Don't get me wrong if you believe in nothing then that is what yours cast is, nothing plus everything you do in your life that you don't believe in. Same with the betrayal of teeth. Some times candy doesn't give you cavities, sometimes they are baby teeth and soft or just happened anyways. See how candy with brushing, like a poodle, makes you teeth and the neighborly elderly people with no children happy, like a community of teeth. I like extracting teeth the old fashion way, with a bottle or a glass, that is how I chipped my front tooth. Smashed it on a glass of water, not an old fashion, I never knew how to make them, just straight up Vodka ice cold out of the freezer. That won't rot your teeth, you know why? You don't eat sweets. Well maybe it will if you are vomiting up bile acids for hours after drinking all night.

You know what else rots your teeth apparently? Fists and meth. I guess the meth does it and then if you steal meth they knock your teeth out too. Everyone wins at the office. Remember the saying "If it is good enough for grand dad?" Well think who walked the Earth for thousands of years doing whatever the Hell he wanted in man's clothing and animal instincts. You got it, belief structures of wanna be dentists, pulling the crown of the Heavens down in their life emulating the life of God. He was a wild one that God, that first God.

Damn am I tell the dentist or "Kill Bill" in Sydney for the bank is empty in Australian kangaroo courts. I guess dentists have complicated extraction techniques in the keyboards of the mouth, for the motherboard of your face or highways on electric surf pads. Ebony and Ivory of back lit stages of PC mama or MAC daddy, ask the Oracle if the roll out face is heading for a brighter future on stage. Dentists, you know you have to go see them but you hate them if you are really tree monkeys, or just monkeys through feces at each other like the old forest denizens. "Your million dollar smile was made just for you." See how dentures and implants are the tool of the Devil. "Hahaha." Yes, dentists work like the neuropsychologists of mind control of listening tools what the government is at hand in your mouth. Especially like the tooth fairy, or the trash heap of "Fraggle Rock". Ruining freedom for all. They deserve the truth, teeth are for biting and masticating not listening tools for whores and assholes. Don't worry no one linked you into the community of assholes with tooth implants, or did they? Never know who is listening to their laughter. Never ask because they listen in spinal taps too. I guess that is the whoredom of Grace. Death to freedom.

Dentists love no freedom because they got paid to lie too. Xray memory doesn't lie. And a tooth missing and replaced is noted in on the motherboard of your storm. I liked being a ex-nurse junky whore dentist shopper, like a secret shopper seeing who would lie next in love. I guess they all did for the price on the street was either volunteer of dime bags of heroin for everyone. What junky addict wouldn't spy on someone for a fix or facts. You know dentist never see your eyes, because you usually have them shut. Mine are Hazel and brown with contacts, something about the light. Hey, guess what? Some dentists are paid to implant disease too with those scaling tools, going all the way to the root and introducing different levels of bacteria at different stages of -obic action. You know who hates the real dentists? Religious people. They hate the truth more than sinners. You know why? Sinners always believed in the what they believed, when the religious find out the truth, they have to change. Ouch or get their teeth extracted like the bibles they lied on. Well make sure you have insurance against the tooth Nazis. I think they come for you like the fairies and you think they are friends and they kill you, like the dentist did to my Heart, love.

Most of the time dentists blame the one eating and brushing their teeth. Ask the dentist the next time "How can I never get cavities besides removing all my teeth with Meh of getting implants." Well I would say 'Die." But that is just a nightmare that the illusion would wake you up to again in another dream sequence, and you might be younger or older, You never know, dentists are tricky magicians. I think most of their job is ordering high gents around, I mean hygienists. That was writer's humor, "Have any of you innocent righteous children eve heard of that or ...?" I guess it meant ask once until the Nazis came and stole my thunder.
Getting back to the magic of fake dentists. I think it all depends on if they are going o n vacation or not or house payments. If you go on a slow month you may get scaling or the implant of the community joke. "Knock, Knock, who is there? Molar 9." Funny right well as the Massed how they disappeared people in freedom? I mean they learned it from the gold tooth mines of Nazi Germany. "Haalaaaaa toilet ya." Get the connection? I do it is fun. I once told a who knew Rabbi, "I am never coming back to Temple Israel again." She said I needed an appointment. Maybe she was just the door lynch man. Rope home. Then I blessed them with the re-birth of six million Jews through the bread of Christ after their dead ashes fell from Heaven in clouds, to make bread and candy for the future gold diggers. I guess it make clients, in the Nazis that gave birth to the dead Jews. Christ got his entrance to the temple that day, fun land in reincarnated dead Ashes on a Thursday for what they extracted at camp more than x many years ago. They were not friendly pulling teeth back then. Not that I was in the camp of "I thought we were moving to another part of town?" Well ask the Ghetto brothers in Palestine how the towers fell? Same techniques that the dentists used in Japan, suicide attacks for the United Allies gave Israel, children a home again in their brother's land.

That extraction job for the dentist, the big dentist is going to be a Meth slide. Don't ask the Christians to do what the Jews and Muslims couldn't do for centuries. The Buddhist dentists, have you seen the old men in some villages? Pagan's now they know how to brush teeth. My friend Sarah, no names mean any Biblical reference for she was from the East Coast. I am not being racist, I think she pulled her own families teeth when she killed my family. We were family too her and I and by her I mean any Ladies name that has a mouth.

"Do I sound any bit bitter?" Well I am not, I blessed the damned and the righteous for being innocent children of God. Innocent with dirty filth rotten teeth, but I loved them anyways. dentist did too because they had masks on and couldn't smell the putrid filth that some bacteria make as they are released from the teeth. No worries on my Earth we were animals smelling each others asses, muffs, heads, armpits, and many more red door visits. I mean the painted red door below the belt. That was that ancient curse of availability on the chair and the dentist office. They used the same tools, suction, water, spitting, screaming, numbing their hearts to the change. I thought they were in service of Women, that who ran everything women and look how they were at the office, not pretty. No blame, I am my mothers son so they taught me all the ropes of life. Especially dental school techniques for cutting out the decay of love and desire out of my house. They did that for free, no charge.

Dentists are expensive. Bleaching, while not an arm and a leg is expensive and then the restrictions on food and beverage consumption. I guess they got to all of them. I guess the other truth, I woke up from nightmare after nightmare in Love and imaginary love of dentists that said "I love your [Steven]" I would have put smile in there but the mood struck me that double stating my words was poetic license. I guess the anvil struck the nail not the smithy. Or was that a hammer in Odin's house.

It takes a long time to set up a dental clinic too. I think the biggest clinic was the Earth once, the toilet of Heaven. I think it pissed down light and people swished and spit like religion did once. I like religion though because it does what it was meant to do. tells you what to do and not to do. In my world it makes you question and think about almost everything. Reaching for the crest of heaven or the gate. Pearly whites or shades of lighter colors of innocence. I think they scoped out much of the enamel and Floridians. It was Mother's errand to cap the teeth in silver, not the just as good composite. Wow, you know for not being a dentist, I listened. Novacaine, Marcaine, Lidocaine, and big needles on the gum lines.

Getting to the other issue at hand, and that was your birthday present. Well that damn Hindu God, you know he was such a pain in the ass once. They feed him knowledge and he returned it in kind or was it the other hand of the father, the red and blue stripes. I guess they gave me the damn republican trash and my Ex the Democratic garbage for the lesson of children. I think it fair views for all since i always listened to both sides and slept with everyone like the bee in the Garden. Fair that the ex-nurse junky whore ends up in her world and her in mine, it was all fake anyways, a set up and that was the down fall of dental school. Linked in radio trance services. I hope the garbage is known about the cost of life and dental school. It cost me my life and the theater of the white toilet bowl that you spit in is life.

I think the next student, their are no more muses for the dentist on either side. I killed it. Want to hear a joke? "A Buddhist, a Christian, and a Jew sat on a bed talking for Bollywood theaters in the Queen's ugliest court, Kangaroo land, and argued about the meaning of religion. Everyone ate from the fountain of desire and one argued them all the most. Guess who lived? The witch." Guess who that was? I wasn't there, no the four-plex. I was guiding all three of them in Spirit. I hated myself that much I died a witch so the ugliest roots could live. Abraham knows he fell from that brach too. I told the big dentist that Magic always wins because they all were little witches praying to themselves to find their fourth heart was their own belief. That may have made the price of extracting the truth more expensive and no films would ever be revealed on the hygienist's involvement in the nerve damage it did to the spirit of freedom and liberty. Oh they took liberties with your life. Well as long as the dime bags were free for the needy. George was not even a girl, not even real. I had no children and they were never real in that school, the fake life of cavity searches and rinsing after a good hard scrubbing. Not that you got bubbles after your brushed, just suds. I think dentists are much like junkies, they have all the right sexual lingo as the nurses do. Except "Bend over, this won't hurt." Wait, those are people's words in any private talk.

See how we sexualized the world and no one even thought that the words we pillow talk in the dentist chair is fine but people are offended in small talk between "Friends." That was a joke of course because the righteous have no friends they are too good for the lies they live with other students. That is why I forgave the innocence. Who knew we were animals too? And lifeless corpses in the stages of life. Never ask a dentist when you are out "Was I out for long?" they may say "I don't remember, let me look at my watch." The show goes on where you think you died or not. Those that remember, just remember it as a dream or a nightmare, and those that think they are awake may just be in another dream state that is illusionary. Like Stefano from "Days of Our Lives." Dorothy would love that if she wasn't being such a bitch. I guess she forgot Christ's lesson too, be kind to the Devil in nature or all life dies. Nature did build that penned Mother, Mary. I met him once, he had obsessive compulsive disorder and would not let me see his house, he lied too. I like the dentist lies the best because often they study their own lie, through others. "Am I the dentist or the client if we are all one?"
Why do I even bother talking about the religions when I am speaking about pulling and cleaning teeth? I guess the irony is they had clean teeth and rotten hearts that talked sweet hearts but could not live the Bible that man wrote 2000 years ago, nor the Buddhist's hell levels. I guess Magic saved my heart, thanks Grand mother. You too Dorothy, you were so Magical and you didn't even see your beauty. That goes for the father too. You had them all in your act of life in school of the dentist. Car accidents, and fractured teeth. Lots of Perks for that pain. "How much pain do you have on a scale of 0-10?" response." 20." Written subjectively, "20, cannot follow instructions. Did not listen." Story of my life in school with the rest of humanity, never listened to each other that much, until it was too late. I was a pig, I only looked for filth where filth was, and I could smell it out like the pain life was. Hallelujah Christ for the Christian Hell of freedom. I felt you in my life, and I am your dentist now extracting truth because I am Christian too, just a Rebel and Witch and a Buddhist. Get back on the Cross, you suffered human life long enough, more than 2000 years of dentistry for this? Holy Hanna, please send it back to the Heavens. No shame, we never saw our own dentists in the Garden walking with us until we met them in truth as others. Shiva and Vishnu, two of you in Christ too, and that Religion of "be a leaf" and die was the foundations of their temples or the plaque they tried to clean off dirty teeth, perfectly human teeth, even cats and dogs. Hell guardian spirits used trees once and sand to clean their teeth. Ask who you are now? Weird right? You never know what side of the braces you are on. Or if a water pick is just as good as the vibrating brushes of love gone bad. Keep the insurance, my mouth was in every whole damned to life, including the Earth. No disrespect and it means not the physical either, think about it. Love, I was always nature.

Pray that you know that the cost of being animals is humanity and humanity being animals. I want my next teeth to be of the storm that falls on the Earth like the static discharge of flat lines and in the Conchae shell (like the ear of my mother) that was the crabbiest of them all I would see the remains of the day on the walls of toothless computers, granted they do have a Do It Yourself video on killing the spirit of just about any faith available. Granted those were God's chosen people, nature and it gave the teeth room to bleed and smile. The Alchemy Eagle and the Phoenix, are like what they mean in the table that no woman sits at, that would be they are not a table, they are then what they know not of. And that was a distant dance that one may know in a nature that is not on land per say. Let them torture man again, in my body, I have so lived and now can speak freely. It is my house in my mind after all where the united religions are working on their issues of Judged lives and love. Be well to know that Buddhists to have habits that are not of the dentists liking. Take that to mean we all are habituated to the psychology of our own desires and want. The projection of our thoughts on others to validate our own faces, and existence in the world, real or imagined. I see teeth because they are called teeth otherwise they are keyboards for knuckles, of keyboards for the lifeless in black and white penned dragons, Uther was a man too in a mind's eye. I see dead people as the life we shed as we move time at the dentist's office to touch our innocence to think we are so arrogant to be our life, in spirit or the physical. Undo the meaning of time in space and know what the end of the bee would mean to the mindless parasites that feel and think on many levels never heard. It was that once the spit bowl was the fountain that nature drank from. Ladies in the court ask your Mother what the court never sees in the dark or what the film camera knows that the digital doesn't.

I heard copy and paste works for the Newspapers or campaign trails of the others, have it all it is a gift and I am just my tool for my Ghosted Heart, belief. It was always in the Rich that stole ideas from free writers and spirits, the free chalk boards of life and I never cared. I loved the thieves too, Be they blessed in memory of their work too, like me. I took music from everyone on the internet that I could listen to freely. I loved sharing so much, that my heart was invaded by the people who are like their own writers and poets, I love that I learned from others too, I don't read now so I speak from my own heart and I would read you if asked.

Steven Philip Lindquist, any spelling they hated Steven as my name that much. I was Stevie, Steve, then Steven the dead Father. Son, Father, Unholy, then the Ghost of walked belief.


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