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Updated on February 20, 2015

It seems that contrary to popular perceptions, there are many people, including scholars, who question the probability of God’s existence. One popular assertion pertaining the existence of God questions that if the universe was created by God, then who is the creator of God? (Russell 47). There are also other skeptics who argue why or how the universe should have a designer who himself was not designed. According to such people, it makes no sense to them that the universe would have a cause while God does not need a cause (Davies 2003). Charles Darwin also presents another strong opposition on the concept that God created the universe. He came up with a theory postulating that different species that exist in the universe came into being through a gradual process of evolution.

A scholarly answer concerning the question on whether God is the creator of the universe may be explained using the intelligence design theory. This theory postulated by Halfon (2005) stipulates that the complexity existing in the universe require the work of an intelligent designer. According to Halfon, this designer could either be a supreme being, a deity mentioned in the scriptures or some form of extraterrestrial intelligence (75). Dawkins (1996) adds that many other scholars including lawyers, public policy makers, and philosophers, technical or scientific professionals also support the theory of intelligent design (76). Boudyry et al (2010), support this sentiments explain that the specified complexity and irreducible complexity presents intense assertions that specific features both informational and biological are too complex to have simply occurred from natural processes (2010)

The way in which the universe is designed; where most of the things are orderly and with purpose are enough to inform that there must have been a designer. Moreover, science or its development has not presented any threat to the idea on the existence of a creator. This idea is backed by many professionals who contemplate that it is really not possible that the world could have derived from nowhere.

Concerning the atheists who oppose the very existence of God in the universe, there is no doubt that wonders encountered in the world are real and can be attested by both believers and non-believers. In addition, these wonders make it possible for the existence of a designer who controls their existence. Skeptics questioning God’s creator should understand that by definition, God is the uncreated creator. This implies that the question on who created God is illogical. Concerning Charles Darwin’s views on evolution, it should be considered that his theory was highly influenced and personalized by the death of his only daughter. This death made him reject anything to do with God and seek alternative answers to pressing issues (Darwin and Lubbock, 15).


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