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The Robinson Self-Teaching Curriculum: A Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide

Updated on September 13, 2014

When Dr. Robinson first put the award-winning curriculum together in 1997, the internet was still yet to become the vast information highway it is today. The classic materials he collected for the program are in the public domain, but are extraordinary and of very high quality. These materials can be found online free of charge, but if you were to try and purchase these works as original copies now, you’d likely have to pay a lot more than their original price. These items are now collector’s items worth lots of money today. For example, one site listed Tom Swift books upwards of $500! To have all of these timeless classics together in a CD format is well worth the cost of the curriculum, plus the informational booklet written by Dr. Robinson is an added bonus. What he has essentially created is a high-quality library. The only thing not included is a math curriculum, for which he recommends Saxon Math, and many homeschoolers do report success with its use. Others decide to use Singapore Math, which is also a good choice and is an award-winning curriculum as well.

For a short expose on the curriculum and more on the Robinson story, see:

The Robinson Self-Teaching Curriculum was created by biochemist Dr. Art Robinson and his 6 children. Due to his wife's sudden illness and death, he became a single parent overnight. Grief-stricken, Dr. Robinson wondered how he was going to care for his large family alone, but also how he was going to continue homeschooling them as his wife had done. The children ranged from 17 months old to 12 years of age at the time.

Miraculously, the children took charge after Dr. Robinson laid down some basic rules which included no added sugar, no television and insisted each day begin with a mathematics lesson. All the Robinson children faired remarkably well, in fact they went on to become scientists themselves, obtaining doctorate degrees in physics and chemistry. The program the Robinson family used was then packaged into a curriculum for homeschoolers now at roughly $200 for 22 compact disks containing everything needed for a stellar education. This is extremely economical, as it covers kindergarten through the 12th grade. The Robinson Self-Teaching Curriculum has received several awards in science and literature subject areas. Many parents are very satisfied with this curriculum. In addition to being used by homeschooling families, those sending their children to traditional schools out of a desire to enrich academic performance, find it highly suitable for their needs.

Save $$ With A Do-It-Yourself Version of RC

For those who are on a limited budget and cannot afford to purchase the curriculum outright, as is the case with many families these days, fortunately there is a solution. It is very possible to put this package together yourself at very little to no cost. You can also customize it to your purposes, if you wish. The most current version of the actual curriculum contains files in a tiff format and has not been updated since 2005. These files are huge and might be problematic to use, which is another reason people decide to put it together themselves. Also, some families want to include different books or find they don’t need all the grades because their children are older. It really just depends on your needs and goals.

Because the materials are in the public domain, most of the materials can be found on the internet for free; you can locate the texts and download them onto a flash drive or a Kindle for your child. You will have to put in some work and research to do this, but it can be done. Many homeschooling families are already doing this, and have even started discussion forums just for this purpose. Families exchange invaluable information this way.

If you are interested in putting this curriculum together yourself, start with learning about the various rules and information Dr. Robinson has on the official website for the product. This is important to read because it gives the rationale behind the rules and works in combination with the actual curriculum itself. After reading this information, you can decide what works for your particular situation.

Getting Started:

1) Read essential information on the Robinson Self-Teaching Curriculum website to familiarize yourself with the philosophy and educational approach.

2) Join an online support group for the Robinson Curriculum. Here are a couple to check out:

3) Purchase a flash drive or CD for storing the materials. Some people also purchase binders and/or a Kindle for their child. Binders are for containing the printed out books. Usin.g Kindles saves on printing costs tremendously



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