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DIY self reliance and a disaster Kit.

Updated on June 8, 2015

Many have concluded that a 72 hour DISASTER KIT is really what most people need.

In suburbia or in the rural area of west TN the needs are the same. Protection from the elements. Water. Food. Prevention of heath issues and protecting whatever resources or people in your care. Most of the time, even in fairly significant weather events or civil disruption, help will arrive within 72 hours.

Most have a one day plan.

Most people have candles, blankets in the cabinet. Many keep a supply of nonperishable food, enough for several days. This is plenty for the occaisional grid shutdowns that are just part of modern life.

Covering the first 72 hours after a major disruption is the main focus of this resource.

After you have prepared for 3 days of needs, and if you are inclined, you can do some more in depth planning. Consider a kit, in a duffle bag, or heavy wieght back pack. Having something you can carry rather than with wheels can give more flexibility in an emergency situation. Wieght and space are the factors to consider first. H2O, protection from the elements, safety and security, and then food.

The BASIC list of what you may feel you need.

Water is heavy, so consider grabbing water for the first day or so, after that you will need some version of a water purifier. Shelter, and protection from the elements, stock several of the shiny emergency blankets. Also a tube tent or two, with rope to put the tents up with. Some way of making a fire, lighter, matches, fire starting device. Whatever version of personal protection you feel you need. Pepperspray, firearm, knife, all of these can be available for the emergency kit. Items will need to be multipurpose and light. A flashlight, radio and a small well made ax will be extremely usefull.

Hygeine will be critical.

Not containing bodily wastes while in an emergency situation will greatly complicate your health and the health of others in the area. A folding shovel is absolutely needed, A camp shovel is ideal, a folding trowel type shovel will work as well. When the need arises, bury any stool 4-6 inches deep. The contamination from improperly managed bowel movements will contaminate any water nearby and pollute your supplies, along with causing significant illness.

You will be in unfamiliar surroundings.

Water, food and your surroundings will be very different than your home. Diarhea and other issues will crop up. Pack some imodium type product in your kit. Dehydration from diarhea can make a few days inconvienance become a disaster due to dehydration.

Food can be simple or complex.

Energy food bars are handy, complete dehydrated meals are also available, expensive though.Put the food bars in the pack, then grab the bread, crackers and peanut butter on the way out. If you can carry a heatable container, even a coffee can, you can carry rice and beans with you.

No one wants a bad event to happen.

Bad events do happen, and they will happen in extreme cold or at night. A small amount of planning can really make a difference. Try to keep your supplies to carry to 45 or 50 lbs. Make it handy to grab, and place your items in the emergency kit over a few weeks to minimze expenses coming out all at one time.

When you have to leave your home.

Most people will wait out extreme weather issues or civil unrest in thier homes. This is prefered. Your family and assistance groups can find you if you stay put. You are out of the weather and even with no power or running water you are much better off to stay put. If you must leave, if safety is an issue, then your pack can really be a literal life saver.


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