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Updated on November 7, 2010

Well...I always wonder what happen when am dead...Think about this... You are dead...then what?? END?? What will be there in our mind when we are dead....???Ah...Thinking about all these things will ofcourse bring fear in your minds....Right??

Am not sure about these things...When ma friends ask me something connected to Death, i used to tell them that "Guys...You know something??? Am Immortal...Immortal doesnt mean that i wont get hurt...that means i wont die...even if am hurted" But the fact is that i love to think in that way...coz.. u know if you are thinking that way...then you wont get afraid...and then if you are wrong then you wont be there to face it..... and if you are right then you will be there as the living proof...

Everyone loves to live.....atleast they will try...even suisiders will change their mind if you did talk to them...

Do ya believe in fate??? Doomsday depends upon religion....but thinking about doomsday and all that stuffs will ofcourse prevent us from doing crime...or even some pranks...

Wat will really happen if the world end tommorow morning?? When you wake up then you are dead....haha...thats really crap..its universal thoery (or something like that...) that everone should die oneday....otherwise there wont be enough space for all...haha...that might be the reason...Anyway lets see whats gonna happen....

Ma theory is that Live and Enjoy Life...Dont Ever think wats gonna happen...

live in the present...dont think bout always bring fear.... :)


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    • Shaan.S profile image

      Muhamed Shan 9 years ago from Doha

      i do agree...but u know am not an coming from a firm believer in Islam family..... and i do believe that doomsday will come one day...and we have to face it... but.. sometimes i do feel that its a crazy idea... but am not tat bold to tell everyone that "Oh u know tis is really crap....!!! its jez a crazy idea...." ...i jez told u guys that this always bring fear in our mind....

    • SrUMptiOUs profile image

      SrUMptiOUs 9 years ago from ANYWHERE

      i'm not really agree with u. we do need to enjoy our life but at the same time we do need to realise that we are someday going to die although as u said that it make us afraid but we do need to understand that god is giving us early warning so that we do not comit something againts moral attitude

    • Shaan.S profile image

      Muhamed Shan 9 years ago from Doha

      Thank you.... :)

    • quiet tracer profile image

      quiet tracer 9 years ago from South-Asia

      Good Answer to the request..

      Welcome to the community :)