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DUI Defense Attorneys for the state of WI

Updated on February 18, 2011

Having a DUI can land you in seriously hot water...


If you have the right attorney by your side, chances are (if you've learned your lesson and aren't a repeat offender) that you can manage to lessen your sentence, and/or the revokation of your license.

Being from Wisconsin myself, I have had one too many people in my life have to deal with this at one point or another. Over time, you tend to gather information, opinions, and tidbits of useful information. I've never had to use one of these attorneys, but in case I do, I am glad to know I can find them..right here!

Here is a list of what I believe to be some of WI better defense attorneys. Most of them specialize in DUI services, and may also specialize in criminal defense.

1. Van Wagner Wood

2. Andrew Mishlove

3. and finally the Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (WACDL)

The important thing is, lawyer or not, that you realize what you've done. Because, if you walk into the courtroom cocky, unrespectful, or in any way representing yourself in a unresponsible manner, not even the best lawyer in the world can save you. You are there, to begin with, because you were drinking and driving. You can pretend they aren't going to judge you, but everyone will. What you need to do, is show them that you aren't an idiot, that you ARENT willing to put other people in harms way. That it was a one-time accident you are sincerely (not fake-ly sincere either) sorry for. Sure, you may get community service, or you might get your license taken away. But, I am going to agree with the fact that its better to have been slapped on the hand, then murder someone by DUI or DWI and ending up in jail permanently.

I wish you luck, and I hope you've learned something from your mistakes, or the mistakes of your friends (if you are looking for someone else)


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