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Daily Hassles and Uplifts in Life

Updated on December 17, 2017

What Are Hassles?

Hassles are “little stressors, including the irritating demands that can occur daily, that may cause more stress than major life changes do” (Wood, Wood, & Boyd 311).

What Are Uplifts?

According to Richard Lazarus, uplifts are “positive experiences in life which may neutralize the effects of many hassles” (Wood, Wood, & Boyd 311).

Stress Factors

As a college student, I am aware that balancing between the daily responsibilities and hardships of school and family life can be stressful at times. I think that labeling a day consisting of both hassles and uplifts as either a good or bad day differs according to the individual.

What I may find to be uplifting may be a hassle for another person or vice versa. For instance, I may enjoy reading some of the chapter from my course textbook but another person might consider that to be a hassle.


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