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Daily Quest for Knowledge.

Updated on June 18, 2013

Daily Quest for Knowledge.

In today's technology advanced society we have so much at our fingertips. Whether you randomly browse Wikipedia, watch TED talks, or view educational YouTube videos we have access to all of this and more every day. Personally I am the type of person that didn't do very well in a school setting, but on my own researching a topic of interest has more of an effect on my personal growth.

A question I have been wondering about is how this vastness of available knowledge is affecting our educational systems. The main effect I have noticed came from either personal experience, or observation of close friends and relatives. Personally when I was in vocational training where my instructor was rarely able to assist me due to the fact that they had not been trained yet in the areas I was studying, I would have to locate and figure out the information on my own. In another instance of modern vocational training I know of someone that their instructors would have them research everything on their own and did not instruct them at all. I know that sounds very close to doing a research paper; however this was the entirety of the class. No teaching whatsoever, on top of that the main source that the instructors suggested to use was Wikipedia. I am a firm supporter for Wiki, but as a source for education that you are paying for I would not trust it solely without confirming that the items on there were fact.

How traditional university's and college's are being affected I know there is an overwhelming push to complete some form of higher level education once completing high school, or even completing a G.E.D. program, is it necessary with all of this knowledge available. I think so, depending on the area that you feel is your life calling. This question is a very difficult one to answer especially in the state of the job market, and the economy right now. All in all it is circumstantial in my opinion. If someone's lifelong dream is to do a job that for instance that would not need any higher education per say, but rather could receive onsite training is something to take into consideration. I am all for higher learning, however I do not believe it is for everyone.

I tried to include about as many options as possible on the below questions. As always feel free to correct, comment, and answer the questions below.

Should everyone attend an institute for higher education?

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Are vocational schools that focus on one main job set a good thing, or a bad thing?

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Which option did you choose post grade school?

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To do it all over again which would you choose?

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A discussion topic I thought of for the comments section. What is the site that you use most to gain personal knowledge, or to stay current on what is knew and interesting to learn?


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